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Sage Seth - The Green-And-White Guru
Coping with triumph and disaster in the FA Cup
Jon Seal has been rooting around his attic and looking in his old programmes again for more words of wit and wisdom from Sage Seth - the green-and-white guru.... Jon writes:

On Weymouth beating Yeovil 1-0 in the F.A. Cup 4th qualifying round second replay 12th November 1973:

I was distraught, my child’s world crumbling around me. The thought of yet another season coming to an end on a wet Saturday afternoon in November, whilst having to endure Weymouth’s name being read in the first round results on Grandstand. The world was a dark and grim place and we were not famous anymore. Worse still, they might be. Yet the Green and White Guru’s words were uncannily prophetic. I have the programme before me now and can make out my pencil notes, oddly streaked with tears. But the Sage said;

"You’re all of a fluster now and they’re the top dogs, blowing their horns and ringing their bells up the Dorchester road. And you’re thinking that’s it but who knows in twenty years time, they’ll be playing in some down in the mouth league with a ground on the edge of a trading estate and wind blowing through rusty, metal stands and the sea peeling off their disgusting pale blue paint." The Sage took another sip from his oxo and added this philosophical twist. "And will you be glad ? Maybe you’ll think you will. Maybe you think you’ll be leaping up and down. But is that what you want? Your most hated enemy to be so down in the heel that it’s not worth hating them anymore? In a rum kind of way you’ll feel sorry for them."

On beating Brentford 2-1 in the F.A. Cup First Round Nov 18th 1972.
Many will remember the incredible euphoria at the end of this match. The Green and White Guru stood at the top of the C Block as the crowd danced on the pitch, held his stick aloft and spoke this hymn as a hallowed silence fell across the Huish Turf:

"Yes, yes, yes.
Stop the world now,
I want to get off.
Pay the driver his fare.
Throw the ferryman in the river.
Yes, yes, yes
Johnny Clancy is a god
Send him to Mount Olympus
Freeze the frame
Steal moment
This is heaven
And it is green and white

More of the thoughts of Sage Seth - the Green and White Guru will be revealed as the season progresses.

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