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Yeovil Town Exiles Database : Search Facility
This page allows you to find out who is on the Ciderspace Exiles Database for Yeovil Town Supporters. Not only can you generally browse your way round, but you can also restrict the output down to specific areas, such as the region that you live in.

Bear in mind that if you are searching for people outside England, the numbers are quite small at present, and so entering a Region or County is irrelevant and will be ignored anyway. Maybe once we find 50 Yeovil supporters in Australia it might be worth regionalising the country but until then ......

Choose the Country, Region or County that you want to restrict your search on. Note that if you choose conflicting search criteria, the search will always opt for the most detailed part of your search. Hence if you select Denmark and Cheshire it will opt to search in Cheshire. There is only really practical sense in searching on one criteria.

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