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Yeovil Town Exiles Database New Entry
Yeovil Town Exiles Database New Entry

For an absolute age, Ciderspace have been threatening to set up a database for all those Yeovil Town fans who support the club from afar. Particularly for away matches, there is a huge contingent of supporters who come and watch the club and we are always amazed at the numbers of supporters who we get messages from who live around the country and quite often outside the country!

The purpose of the database is to create a greater awareness around the Internet of Yeovil Town's exiled supporters and to hopefully bring people together for meet-ups, car-shares and other such nonsense. Although it is largely aimed at Yeovil Town fans living a long distance from the ground there is nothing to stop supporters from Somerset and Dorset entering their details onto the database.

Supporters are welcome to add their own information to the database, using the form below. The more information you supply, and the more supporters that submit their details, the better the database will become and the more chance you have of other supporters finding you. Please bear in mind that the database will only be refreshed every day or two, so don't panic if you submit your entry and can't find it on a search - wait a day or so and it should land on there.

The Basic Details

First Name :

Last Name :

Nickname :

NOTE: This could be used to hold the nickname you may have amongst supporters or the name you tend to post under when you are on the Ciderspace Fans Forum etc. Your choice!

E-Mail :

NOTE: Your email address will not be distributed to anyone outside Ciderspace without your consent. In the near future, we will create a second form to enable database members to contact each other, but will use Ciderspace to channel initial contacts from supporters to ensure your privacy is maintained.

Now Give Us An Idea Of Where You Live

Country :

County/District :

Town/Area :

Now add any free text you want to go against your profile

Now add any comments you wish to make that will not go against your profile - ideas for Ciderspace etc

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