Match Details: Morecambe v Yeovil Town
Match Details: Morecambe v Yeovil Town

Match Details: 29/12/2017
Morecambe 4-3 Yeovil Town
EFL League Two

Yeovil Goals: Jake Gray (1), Otis Khan (17), Omar Sowunmi (84)

Yeovil Line-Up: 1. Artur Krysiak, 3. Nathan Smith, 4. Matt Worthington, 5. Bevis Mugabi, 7. Otis Khan, 8. Connor Smith, 10. Jake Gray, 13. Francois Zoko, 14. Sam Surridge, 17. Omar Sowunmi, 23. Tom James,
Subs: 6. Keston Davies, 12. Jonny Maddison, 15. Jordan Green, 24. Olufela Olomola, 25. Sid Nelson, 30. Alefe Santos

Substitutes Used: Olufela Olomola for Francois Zoko (70 mins), Jordan Green for Otis Khan (74 mins)

Bookings: Nathan Smith (Handball, 63), Artur Krysiak (Ungentlemanly Conduct, 79)

Match Report:

Yeovil Town threw away the chance of a third consecutive League Two win on Friday night, as a last minute goal from Morecambe's veteran striker Kevin Ellison secured a 4-3 win for the Lancashire club. The Glovers held the lead for the majority of the match, with Jake Gray scoring in a move that came straight from the first half kick-off. They seemed to be cruising when Otis Khan doubled the lead, but in the final 18 minutes came an extraordinary comeback. Vadaine Oliver and Callum Lang netted in quick succession to pull the scores level, and although Omar Sowunmi headed home from a corner, Lang got his second of the night almost instantly. Then came Ellison's injury time winner, leaving the Glovers heading back down the M6 having most definitely thrown away all three points.

The Glovers went into the match making two changes to their starting line-up. One of them was known in advance, with James Bailey's knee ligament injury putting him out of action, with Connor Smith, who had played almost a full 90 minutes at Cheltenham, taking his place in the side. Another absentee was Ryan Dickson, who was ill and didn't travel, and his place was taken by Bevis Mugabi, with the defence swapping around to put Tom James in at left-back. Morecambe's line-up featured former Glover Michael Rose, in now favoured position as a defensive midfielder.

Morecambe took kick-off, but somehow contrived to find themselves behind just 22 seconds into the match. Their long ball was collected by Omar Sowunmi, with the ball being put into the path of Jake Gray by Francois Zoko. He took the ball just inside the box before firing home for an ultra-early lead in the match.

The home side recovered quickly with Andy Fleming's shot being saved by Krysiak, whilst Kevin Ellison failed to keep a shot down. Then Vadaine Oliver seemed to surprise everyone as he tried an early shot that came off the goalpost with the keeper beaten. However, with Yeovil's second goalbound attempt they doubled their lead. Otis Khan's run through midfield saw him exchange passes with Jake Gray. The winger then reached the edge of the box before delivering a wonderful looping shot into the far left corner of the net. 0-2 up and merely 17 minutes on the clock.

Morecambe had a problem on their hands when defender Max Muller's persistent fouling threatened to get him sent off - he'd already been booked when replacement referee Darren Handley gave him a final warning, forcing the home side into an early substitution. But they were still in the game in terms of chances, with Vadaine Oliver heading over a Michael Rose free kick, whilst at the other end Francois Zoko also cleared the goalframe with a shot. The visitors though enjoyed the best possession, and bar Oliver's surprise long range shot had enjoyed the best two chances when the half time whistle blew. So far, so good.

Right from the outset of the second half, it was clear that Yeovil were now facing a different Morecambe side. Vadaine Oliver fired wide again, whilst Andy Fleming screwed a shot inches wide of the post. Artur Krysiak had to sae a Sam Lavelle header from a Michael Rose cross, before another Oliver shot was saved. Yeovil were creating very little, and they had to withdraw Francois Zoko, with 20 minutes remaining, with tonight's captain feeling his hamstring a touch just before he came off - Nathan Smith took the armband.

Two minutes later, and the cracks began to show. A long ball up the left flank saw Artur Krysiak race out to the side of his box when he probably didn't need to. That left him out of position when Callum Lang's shot to the near post was parried up in the air. Kevin Ellison tried to stab the ball home, but had his shot cleared off the line, before Vadaine Oliver headed home the third attempt from close range.

Seven minutes later, and Morecambe had pulled it back from 2-0 to 2-2. A deep cross by Michael Rose from the right flank, saw Artur Krysiak over-commit himself, and Callum Lang was able to plant a header home from a narrow angle for the equalising goal - the same pattern of play that had seen Yeovil lose a two goal lead in the return fixture at Huish Park.

But there was more drama to come this time around. After a Tom James free kick had been parried for a corner, Jake Gray's set piece saw Omar Sowunmi make a perfectly timed run to get a free plant of his head on the ball, and with just six minutes remaining give Yeovil Town a 3-2 advantage.

Unfortunately, they held that for under a minute. A long ball into the penalty box saw Omar Sowunmi's header drop to Kevin Ellison. The striker turned and squirmed a short pass through to Callum Lang who fired home the 3-3 equaliser from 10 yards out, and to lift the home support once again.

Then came Kevin Ellison's moment. Having scored against Yeovil Town in four out of the last five meetings between the two clubs, with many of those being winning goals or ones that denied the Glovers a win, he has been a thorn in their side over the past two years. As the Somerset legs seemed to flag, the legs of a 38 year old had no such problems. Having already been involved in Morecambe's second and third goals, he rose the highest to a ball pumped into the box by Alex Kenyon, and his looping header took the ball over Krysiak from 15 yards out, for the dramatic 92nd minute winning goal, and a 4-3 defeat to end Yeovil Town's year. There can be no doubt, this was three points completely tossed away.

Link: 2017-18 Latest League Two Table.

Final Score: Morecambe 4 Yeovil Town 3.

Scorers: Jake Gray (0-1, 1 min), Otis Khan (0-2, 17 mins), Vadaine Oliver (1-2, 72 mins), Callum Lang (2-2, 79 mins), Omar Sowunmi (2-3, 84 mins), Callum Lang (3-3, 85 mins), Kevin Ellison (4-3, 90 mins).

1 Barry Roche
16 Sam Lavelle 22 Max Muller 5 Steven Old
2 Aaron McGowan 8 Andrew Fleming 24 Michael Rose 14 Luke Conlan
9 Vadaine Oliver 11 Kevin Ellison
29 Callum Lang

4 Alex Kenyon (40 mins for Max Muller) 7 Garry Thompson (86 mins for Andrew Fleming) 10 Adam Campbell 12 Danijel Nizic 17 Mitchell Lund 21 Elliot Osborne 27 Luke Jordan

Yeovil Town:
1. Artur Krysiak
5. Bevis Mugabi 17. Omar Sowunmi 3. Nathan Smith 23. Tom James
10. Jake Gray 4. Matt Worthington 8. Connor Smith 7. Otis Khan
14. Sam Surridge 13. Francois Zoko (Capt)

12. Jonny Maddison (GK) 6. Keston Davies 15. Jordan Green (74 mins for Otis Khan) 24. Olufela Olomola (70 mins for Francois Zoko) 25. Sid Nelson 30. Alefe Santos

Morecambe Bookings: Max Muller (foul, 27 mins), Kevin Ellison (excessive celebration, 90 mins), Michael Rose (foul, 90 mins)

Yeovil Bookings: Nathan Smith (handball, 63 mins), Artur Krysiak (timewasting, 79 mins)

Morecambe Match Statistics: Possession: 51%; Shots: 17; Shots On Target: 8; Corners: 2; Fouls: 13.

Yeovil Match Statistics: Possession: 49%; Shots: 8; Shots On Target: 4; Corners: 5; Fouls: 13.

Referee: Darren Handley. Assistants: Chris Isherwood (Lancashire) and Barry Cropp (Lancashire). Fourth Official: James Mainwaring (Lancashire).

Attendance: 1,124 (with 92 Yeovil Town supporters).
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