Match Details: Leyton Orient v Yeovil Town
Match Details: Leyton Orient v Yeovil Town

Match Details: 17/09/2016
Leyton Orient 0-1 Yeovil Town
EFL League Two

Yeovil Goals: Tom Eaves (76)

Yeovil Line-Up: 1. Artur Krysiak, 2. Liam Shephard, 3. Nathan Smith, 4. Matthew Dolan, 6. Alex Lacey, 7. Kevin Dawson, 9. Tom Eaves, 10. Otis Khan, 16. Matt Butcher, 23. Ryan Hedges, 26. Darren Ward,
Subs: 6. Bevis Mugabi, 8. Alex Lawless, 12. Jonny Maddison, 14. Josh Ezewele, 17. Omar Sowunmi, 19. Tahvon Campbell, 28. Ben Whitfield

Substitutes Used: Bevis Mugabi for Otis Khan (89 mins)

Bookings: Matt Butcher (Foul, 26), Nathan Smith (Foul, 35), Kevin Dawson (Foul, 55)

Match Report:

Yeovil Town ended their Football League losing run this afternoon, after a single goal from Tom Eaves saw them secure all three points against Leyton Orient. In what was a typically dogged away performance, the winning goal came when Matt Butcher put in a cross that Eaves headed in from six yards out. Both sides had their chances, with Orient going closest in second half injury time, but Kevin Dawson was stood on the goal line to block a late attempt from home substitute Jay Simpson, helping to lift his side up to 21st in the table.

The Glovers went into the match making just one change to their starting line-up, with club captain Darren Ward making his first start of the 2016-17 season following a succession of knee problems. Alex Lawless was the player to head to the subs bench, with Matt Butcher moving up into his normal midfield position. Izale McLeod was absent with a knee injury. In the Orient line-up, Tom Parkes, Gavin Massey and Harry Cornick were all rather familiar faces.

The first half was a relatively even affair, with neither side truly threatening the goalkeepers, even if there was the sense that Orient were creating the better ones. The Glovers were operating with a slightly deeper formation than usual, with Tom Eaves operating as the most advanced strikers, and with the suggestion that Otis Khan and Ryan Hedges were there to keep a closer eye on Orient's familiar wingers of Gavin Massey and Harry Cornick.

Gavin Massey had an early shot saved by Artur Krysiak before Liam Kelly stuck a shot over the crossbar. Then Harry Cornick also cleared the goal frame from a narrow angle. Yeovil took around 25 minutes to create their first decent effort of note, with a Ryan Hedges effort deflecting off an Orient defender's leg, but Alex Cisak did well to cover the change in direction. Overall, a 0-0 at the break was pretty much what both sides deserved, with the goalkeepers mainly dealing with crosses rather than hard shots.

The second period threatened more of the same, with both sides fairly inert. But gradually Yeovil began to get on top as Orient's forced half time substitution began to expose a weakness down their right flank. Nicky Hunt had suffered a block challenge just before the break, and he didn't reappear, with Aron Pollock replacing him for the second period. That seemed to suit Yeovil, with Nathan Smith almost turning himself into a wing-back as the Glovers put pressure on that flank.

The danger signs were there for Orient when Smith made a smart turn to skin the full-back, before putting in a cross, which unfortunately saw Tom Eaves head into the goalkeeper's arms. But with 14 minutes remaining another cross from that area produced gold. A short corner from Otis Khan saw Matt Butcher produce a quick cross that flipped over Alex Cisak's head, and that gave Eaves the simplest of conversions at the from six yards out, for a 1-0 lead.

That inevitably meant that Orient tried to push forward in the closing stages, and there were a few jittery moments in the final minutes. Gavin Massey had a shot blocked by a superb full body slide by Alex Lacey, who in theory is still nursing a broken arm, but showed no sign of fear as he threw his body across the box. Then two minutes into injury time, substitute Jay Simpson beat Artur Krysiak with a shot from inside the box, but Kevin Dawson was stood on the goal line and he managed to clear the ball to safety to ensure three very valuable points. Sometimes it was scrappy, sometimes it was nervy, but based on the last five league matches, any Yeovil fan will take three points whichever way they come.

Link: 2016-17 Latest League Two Table.

Final Score: Leyton Orient 0 Yeovil Town 1.

Scorers: Tom Eaves (0-1, 76 mins)

Leyton Orient:
1. Alex Cisak
16. Nicky Hunt 37. Yvan Erichot 6. Tom Parkes 3. Callum Kennedy
20. Harry Cornick 4. Liam Kelly 8. Robbie Weir 11. Gavin Massey
21. Jordan Bowery 10. Paul McCallum

9. Oliver Palmer 12. Charlie Grainger 15. Nigel Atangana (63 mins for Robbie Weir) 18. Ulrich N'Nomo 22. Sandro Semedo 25. Aron Pollock (46 mins for Nicky Hunt) 27. Jay Simpson (63 mins for Jordan Bowery)

Yeovil Town:
1. Artur Krysiak
2. Liam Shephard 6. Alex Lacey 26. Darren Ward (Capt) 3. Nathan Smith
7. Kevin Dawson, 16. Matt Butcher, 4. Matt Dolan,
10. Otis Khan, 9. Tom Eaves 23. Ryan Hedges.

Substitutes: 12. Jonny Maddison 6. Bevis Mugabi (89 mins for Ryan Hedges) 8. Alex Lawless 14. Josh Ezewele 17. Omar Sowunmi 19. Tahvon Campbell 28. Ben Whitfield

Leyton Orient Bookings: Yvan Erichot (foul, 60 mins)

Yeovil Bookings: Matt Butcher (foul, 26 mins), Nathan Smith (foul, 35 mins), Kevin Dawson (foul, 55 mins)

Leyton Orient Match Statistics: Possession: 55%; Shots: 16; Shots On Target: 6; Corners: 1; Fouls: 7.

Yeovil Match Statistics: Possession: 45%; Shots: 8; Shots On Target: 2; Corners: 7; Fouls: 13.

Referee: Darren Deadman (Cambridgeshire). Assistants: Andrew Aylott (Bedfordshire) and Stephen Finch (Suffolk). Fourth Official: Nigel Lugg (Surrey).

Attendance: 4,557 (with 272 Yeovil supporters).
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