Match Details: Yeovil Town v Fleetwood Town
Match Details: Yeovil Town v Fleetwood Town

Match Details: 13/12/2011
Yeovil Town 0-2 Fleetwood Town
FA Cup Second Round Replay

Yeovil Goals:

Yeovil Line-Up: 2. Luke Ayling, 4. Bondz N'Gala, 5. Paul Huntington, 7. Andy Williams, 8. Ed Upson, 9. Steve MacLean, 14. Max Ehmer, 18. Kieran Agard, 20. Paul Wotton, 24. Gareth Stewart, 37. Conor Clifford
Subs: 10. Gavin Williams, 11. Anthony Edgar, 15. Kerrea Gilbert, 16. Oli Johnson, 17. Alan O'Brien, 19. Curtis Haynes-Brown, 23. Billy Gibson,

Substitutes Used: Gavin Williams for Conor Clifford (46 mins), Alan O'Brien for Steve MacLean (73 mins), Billy Gibson for Paul Wotton (83 mins)

Bookings: Bondz N'Gala (Foul, 43), Paul Huntington (Dissent, 52), Ed Upson (Foul, 62),

Match Report:

The Glovers went into the match making three expected changes, with Rene Gilmartin, Gavin Massey and Jonathan Obika all blocked from playing in the FA Cup by their parent clubs. The incoming trio of Gareth Stewart, Steve MacLean and Andy Williams were equally no surprise. On the bench, Anthony Edgar, Oli Johnson, Curtis Haynes Brown and Billy Gibson benefited from the ability to select seven substitutes.

The game opened with Yeovil looking bright, and Kieran Agard served up the first chance of the night, as his left wing cross was met at the near post by Steve MacLean, but his attempt to flick the ball into the net with his first touch didn't quite connect properly and Scott Davies was able to easily save. Gradually though, Fleetwood began to find their feet with Jamie Vardy getting room down Yeovil's left flank, putting in a cross that Andy Mangan wasted by heading over the bar.

Gradually though, it was Fleetwood who took the advantage. In the second half of the tie at their Highbury Stadium they targeted Yeovil's left flank and particularly Max Ehmer, with the stand-in left-back looking uncomfortable as the Fylde Coast side doubled up on him. They got the opening goal in that area of the park as well - although this was down to collectively poor marking, rather than any sort of running at full-backs. Peter Till received the ball on the corner of the area, and his pass to Jamie McGuire was passed into the corner of the net for what was a deserved lead for the visitors.

Yeovil's game went to pot at this point. Forced into putting a second player onto the left flank to cover Ehmer's channel, Conor Clifford's central midfield creativity and bite was sacrificed , meaning that whilst they closed up that flank, they in turn lost control of the centre. Matters were made all the more complicated as Bondz N'Gala was booked for a foul on Jamie Vardy, and then followed up with a far more aggressive challenge on Jamie McGuire just two minutes later, with referee James Adcock giving the centre-back a firm final warning, using captain Paul Wotton as a witness to his firm statement.

All in all, a poor first half, and one that deteriorated badly and it was no surprise to find Terry Skiverton making a half time change with Gavin Williams being introduced to the fold - although perhaps Conor Clifford was a little unlucky to be sacrificed. Fleetwood opened up by forcing Gareth Stewart into two parried saves from Fleetwood front pair Andy Mangan and Jamie Vardy, with the goalkeeping coach beating the ball out well away from his goal.

At the other end, Bondz N'Gala almost atoned for his first half discipline as he forced Scott Davies into a save, having nodded at goal from a Gavin Williams free kick. In the crowded goalmouth, Yeovil had a couple of other attempts to bundle the ball home, with Paul Huntington almost getting in, only to find the ball deflecting out for a corner.

The game was getting somewhat fractious, with Paul Huntington lucky to escape with a yellow when his boot landed on Jamie Vardy off the ball, whilst Ed Upson picked up his customary booking. So perhaps it was a little unlikely that the game would end with 22 men on the field. And so it proved - Bondz N'Gala bumped into Jamie Vardy - the striker went down like a sack of spuds, and referee James Adcock kept to the promise that he had made just before the half time break. The centre-back was off the field, in one of the easiest to predict sendings off of the season - there was no way N'Gala was going to survive a whole 45 minutes without a foul.

Yeovil tried a succession of formation changes - 4-4-1, 3-4-2 but never quite looked comfortable with trying to push forward in numbers whilst having a man short at the back. Alan O'Brien came on and briefly livened matters up with his pace but the game was becoming incredibly stretched, with Jamie Vardy almost putting the ball on a plate for an incoming Fleetwood striker as he zipped the ball across the face of the box, only for everyone to miss the ball.

There was a chance for one more twist to the tie, as the game became 10 vs 10, with Steve McNulty getting his marching orders after he bundled over Andy Williams who was on a break up field, with the slow centre-back having been booked 15 minutes earlier. That livened the Huish Park crowd up for the final fling, and the golden chance came when Alan O'Brien put in a great left-wing cross allowing Gavin Williams to fling himself at the ball, just failing to keep his header down, as it lifted over the bar.

As the game tipped over into five minutes additional time, Fleetwood polished off the tie, as danger man Jamie Vardy got the ball into space inside the Yeovil half with the Glovers having pushed numbers up. Able to run at sole defender Paul Huntington, who didn't dare tackle in case he reached the same fate as his defensive partner, Vardy weaved his way in and out and finally shot through Gareth Stewart and into the back of the net. 91 minutes. 0-2. Game over. A good few hundred Yeovil supporters chose to leave their seats and head for the car park with the tie well and truly over.

In the end Yeovil got what they deserved, and Fleetwood got what they deserved - a home tie against Fylde coast neighbours Blackpool. This wasn't a non-league side playing backs-to-the-wall football to scrape out a jammy win. This was a side who outclassed a team two leagues above them, and turned them into a petulant and often disorganised side who were outplayed in midfield. The big question will be why Bondz N'Gala wasn't substituted to save himself, but that was only part of the problem, with the Cod Army well on top even before the Glovers ended up with 10 men on the field. A poor showing tonight, and made all the worse by it being witnessed by the television cameras.

Final Score: Yeovil Town 0 Fleetwood Town 2.

Scorers: Jamie McGuire (28 mins, 0-1), Jamie Vardy (90 mins, 0-2)

Yeovil Town: (4-1-2-1-2)
24. Gareth Stewart
2. Luke Ayling 5. Paul Huntington 4. Bondz N'Gala 14. Max Ehmer
20. Paul Wotton
37. Conor Clifford 8. Edward Upson
9. Steve MacLean
7. Andrew Williams 18. Kieran Agard

10. Gavin Williams (46 mins for Conor Clifford) 11. Anthony Edgar 15. Kerrea Gilbert 16. Oli Johnson 17. Alan O'Brien (73 mins for Steve MacLean) 19. Curtis Haynes-Brown 23. Billy Gibson (83 mins for Paul Wotton)

Fleetwood Town:
1. Scott Davies
2. Shaun Beeley 5. Steve McNulty 6. Nathan Pond 13. Alan Goodall
15. Keith Briggs 18. Jamie McGuire 26. Peter Cavanagh 11. Peter Till
14. Andy Mangan 33. Jamie Vardy

28. David Stevenson (GK) 12. Junior Brown 7. Sean Clancy 10. Magno Vieira 9. Richard Brodie 23. Kieran Charnock (86 mins for Peter Till) 32. Charlie Wassmer

Yeovil Bookings: Bondz N'Gala (foul, 43 mins), Paul Huntington (off the ball incident, 52 mins), Ed Upson (foul, 62 mins). Red Card: Bondz N'Gala (second bookable offence, 70 mins)

Fleetwood Bookings: Richard Brodie (kicking ball away, 34 mins), Steve McNulty (foul, 68 mins). Red Card: Steve McNulty (second bookable offence, 85 mins)

Referee: James Adcock (Nottinghamshire). Assistants: Brett Huxtable (Devon) and Adam Hopkins (Devon). Fourth Official: Darren Sheldrake (Surrey).

Attendance: 3,276 (including 290 Fleetwood fans)
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