Match Details: AFC Bournemouth v Yeovil Town
Match Details: AFC Bournemouth v Yeovil Town

Match Details: 04/10/2011
AFC Bournemouth 3-2 Yeovil Town
LDV Vans Trophy 2nd Round

Yeovil Goals: Steve MacLean (63), Max Ehmer (88)

Yeovil Line-Up: 1. Jed Steer, 4. Bondz N'Gala, 5. Paul Huntington, 14. Max Ehmer, 15. Kerrea Gilbert, 16. Oli Johnson, 17. Alan O'Brien, 19. Curtis Haynes-Brown, 20. Paul Wotton, 21. Gavin Massey, 23. Billy Gibson
Subs: 3. Nathan Jones, 9. Steve MacLean, 11. Anthony Edgar, 12. Abdulai Bell-Baggie, 18. Kieran Agard,

Substitutes Used: Steve MacLean for Kerrea Gilbert (46 mins), Anthony Edgar for Oli Johnson (77 mins), Kieran Agard for Alan O'Brien (79 mins)

Bookings: Max Ehmer (Foul, 53)

Match Report:

Yeovil Town crashed out of the Football League Trophy tonight, despite giving hosts AFC Bournemouth a late scare at Dean Court as they threatened to come back from three goals down at half time. Two strikes from Marc Pugh and a Curtis Haynes-Brown own goal threatened to turn the game into a riot, but a Steve MacLean second half goal, followed by a late Max Ehmer tap-in at the right end created an exciting late finish during which MacLean almost grabbed an improbable equaliser.

With this being viewed as a minor cup tie, the Glovers made five changes to Saturday's line-up, with two of them forced. Luke Ayling and Ed Upson were suspended, and so Kerrea Gilbert and Bondz N'Gala came in as replacements, with Max Ehmer moving into midfield. Curtis Haynes-Brown got a chance at left-back, displacing Nathan Jones, whilst strike pair Oli Johnson and Gavin Massey got the nod in preference to Steve MacLean and Kieran Agard.

The first half started reasonably quietly, in an even opening 15 minute period that saw few chances for either side. The pattern of the game changed though with the opening goal - the Cherries had just been building up a head of steam leading up to that, and a left-wing cross from Warren Cummings was nodded down by Steve Fletcher. The only player to react to this simple move was Marc Pugh who fired home, in off the turf and past Jed Steer for a 1-0 lead.

At this point, a Glovers side who have been looking rather low on confidence in the last couple of games, crumbled, with their play disintegrating across a 30 minute spell that was car crash football. On 25 minutes Bournemouth doubled their lead when indecision between Kerrea Gilbert and Jed Steer saw the goalkeeper make a rare error, with Marc Pugh robbing him of the ball and planting the ball into an empty net for a dreadfully soft goal.

Five minutes later and things got worse, as Marc Pugh got a hat-trick of sorts - his cross into the box saw Curtis Haynes-Brown put under pressure by Bournemouth's big striker Steve Fletcher, and the Glovers defender ended up flicking the ball off his head and into the back of the net for an own goal. 3-0 down and only 30 minutes played and this was looking very messy indeed.

The Glovers switched to a 4-5-1 formation, pushing Oli Johnson into a right-wing position, whilst Billy Gibson moved into the centre. Having only one up front wasn't likely to get them back into the game, but it served as damage limitation as the extra man swamped the midfield and at least shored things up a touch. There was still another blow by half time though, with Kerrea Gilbert going down with what appeared to be a hamstring strain - he just about limped through to the break, but with Steve MacLean already stripped off when the referee's whistle blew at the end of an awful 45 minutes, it was obvious what was planned.

McLean's second half arrival meant that Max Ehmer switched into a right-back slot to cover Gilbert's absence, and the second period was a far quieter affair, with players from both sides going through the motions a touch, and the Cherries making a number of substitutions, doubtless to save their players legs, with the tie seemingly already won. Just past the hour mark though, Steve MacLean gave Yeovil a small glimmer of hope as he received possession from Gavin Massey; turning and shooting well inside the box to bring the deficit back to 3-1 with 27 minutes remaining.

The Glovers gradually managed to build up a collection of goal attempts, albeit without truly threatening to find a route back into the match. Anthony Edgar and Kieran Agard were introduced as late substitutes, and things began to warm up a touch, with the perspective of the game firmly changed on 88 minutes when Max Ehmer converted Steve MacLean's cross from close range, as Ehmer stayed in the box following a set piece. Suddenly two minutes left, and game on at 3-2!

What had seemed impossible on 45 minutes and improbable on 85 minutes suddenly became possible, as the Cherries defence panicked for the first time in the match. In the 90th minute, Steve MacLean struck the woodwork inside a crowded box, and Anthony Edgar had a shot blocked for a corner, as the temperature was turned up. MacLean went down in the box amidst one goalmouth melee, sparking a spot of handbags between the players, which referee Fred Graham either couldn't work out the origins of, or decided to just calm things down. Three minutes of injury time couldn't quite force an equalising goal that in truth wouldn't have been deserved, but at least that final period of play restored some pride in a Glovers side that at one point in the match looked as though it was on the brink of total collapse.

Final Score: AFC Bournemouth 3 Yeovil Town 2.

Scorers: Marc Pugh (16 mins, 1-0), Marc Pugh (25 mins, 2-0), Curtis Haynes-Brown (30 mins, og, 3-0), Steve MacLean (63 mins, 3-1), Max Ehmer (88 mins, 3-2)

AFC Bournemouth:
1. Shwan Jalal
19. Stephen Purches 28. Warren Cummings 5. Adam Barrett 40. Stephane Zubar
7. Marc Pugh 4. Shaun Cooper 15. Steven Gregory 11. Jaime Peters
14. Lyle Taylor 33. Steve Fletcher

23. Darryl Flahavan (GK) 22. Joe Partington (56 mins for Stephen Purches) 24. Michael Symes (69 mins for Jayden Stockley) 29. Jayden Stockley (46 mins for Lyle Taylor) 36. Josh Carmichael

Yeovil Town: (4-4-2):
1. Jed Steer
15. Kerrea Gilbert 4. Bondz N'Gala 5. Paul Huntington 19. Curtis Haynes-Brown
23. Billy Gibson 20. Paul Wotton 14. Max Ehmer 17. Alan O'Brien
21. Gavin Massey 16. Oli Johnson

3. Nathan Jones 11. Anthony Edgar (77 mins for Oli Johnson) 12. Abdulai Bell-Baggie 9. Steven MacLean (46 mins for Kerrea Gilbert) 18. Kieran Agard (79 mins for Alan O'Brien)

AFC Bournemouth Bookings: None.

Yeovil Bookings: Max Ehmer (53 mins, foul)

Referee: Fred Graham (Essex). Assistants: Ryan Atkin (London) and Philip Knight (Kent). Fourth Official: Harry Lennard (East Sussex).

Attendance: 3,265 (including 213 Yeovil fans)
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