Match Details: Yeovil Town v Barnsley
Match Details: Yeovil Town v Barnsley

Match Details: 19/07/2008
Yeovil Town 2-0 Barnsley

Yeovil Goals: Gavin Tomlin (40), Lloyd Owusu (81)

Yeovil Line-Up: 1. Josh Wagenaar, 2. Lee Peltier, 3. Nathan Jones, 4. Terry Skiverton, 6. Terrell Forbes, 7. Marc Bircham, 8. Darren Way, 10. Gavin Tomlin, 11. Danny Schofield, 14. Paul Warne, 17. Aidan Downes,
Subs: 5. Aaron Brown, 9. Lloyd Owusu, 12. Craig Alcock, 13. Corrin Brooks-Meade, 16. Andy Kirk, 18. Keiran Murtagh, 19. Jordan Street, 20. Hayden Tinto, 21. Conrad Smith, 22. Stéphane Robinet, 23. Owen Irish

Substitutes Used: Stéphane Robinet for Darren Way (66 mins), Conrad Smith for Danny Schofield (66 mins), Hayden Tinto for Aidan Downes (66 mins), Keiran Murtagh for Marc Bircham (66 mins), Andy Kirk for Gavin Tomlin (66 mins), Craig Alcock for Lee Peltier (66 mins), Lloyd Owusu for Paul Warne (66 mins), Aaron Brown for Terry Skiverton (66 mins), Corrin Brooks-Meade for Josh Wagenaar (68 mins), Owen Irish for Nathan Jones (84 mins), Jordan Street for Terrell Forbes (84 mins)

Match Report:

Yeovil Town gained an impressive 2-0 win over Championship side Barnsley this afternoon at Huish Park, despite visiting manager Simon Davey bringing down a strong looking side to Somerset. The Glovers went into the match without Scott Guyett (ligaments) and Rob Fitzgerald (thigh) and with Nathan Smith being rested after picking up a minor knock on Thursday night.

A slow start saw little in the way of goalmouth activity from either side during the opening 20 minutes, but the Glovers grew into the game more than the visitors did - carving open the large majority of the first half chances. The game began to open out, with firstly Danny Schofield cutting inside the Barnsley right-back and squaring for Gavin Tomlin but a sliding challenge by a Barnsley defender cut the ball out at the last second. Then Schofield received a ball from a poor Barnsley clearance - shot left-footed but the attempt was wide of the target.

However, five minutes before the break, the Glovers got a deserved reward for the efforts. A Paul Warne run down the right was crossed into the box, and with Danny Schofield's first time volley being only parried by Letheren, allowing Gavin Tomlin the chance to mark his debut with the opening goal of the game, reacting first to the rebound.

Barnsley created probably their first chance of the half just before half time but in reality they had been fully outplayed more and more as the half had gone on, and it was little surprise to find Davey introducing the experience of Brian Howard and Jon Macken to their second half line-up.

The Glovers stayed unchanged, both in terms of personnel and in terms of game pattern. Midway through the second half a mass of substitutions saw nine new players take to the field, including trialist goalkeeper Corrin Brooks-Meade who was replacing Josh Wagenaar. The revised line-up for the next phase of the game in a 4-4-2 formation read as follows:

Corrin Brooks-Meade
Craig Alcock Aaron Brown Terrell Forbes Nathan Jones
Hayden Tinto Kieran Murtagh Stéphane Robinet Conrad Smith
Andy Kirk Lloyd Owusu

Barnsley had their best chance of the match when Brian Howard struck the crossbar from a free kick, but they couldn't break the Glovers down in open play, even with the mix of trialists and late youth team substitutions that made for an entirely new team.

Instead it was the Glovers who sealed the game, when Trinidad international Hayden Tinto broke up the right wing and planted a ball into the path of Lloyd Owusu, who chested the ball down and planted the ball into the net and in off the post for a 2-0 scoreline.

Owusu could have made it 3-0 in the dying minutes but he failed to get full control on the ball as he bore down on goal, whilst Andy Kirk nearly got in on the act but skied his chance. However, this was an impressive performance by the Glovers, showing that whilst there may be justifiable concerns about the size of the Yeovil Town squad for this season, the basic shell that has been set up so far isn't too shabby.

Final Score: Yeovil Town 2 Barnsley 0.

Yeovil Town: (4-2-1-3/4-4-1-1)
1. Josh Wagenaar
2. Lee Peltier 4. Terry Skiverton 6. Terrell Forbes 3. Nathan Jones
7. Marc Bircham 8. Darren Way
10. Gavin Tomlin
17. Aidan Downes 14. Paul Warne 11. Danny Schofield

5. Aaron Brown (66 mins for Terry Skiverton)
9. Lloyd Owusu (66 mins for Paul Warne)
12. Craig Alcock (66 mins for for Lee Peltier)
16. Andy Kirk (66 mins for for Gavin Tomlin)
18. Kieran Murtagh (66 mins for for Mark Bircham)
19. Jordan Street (84 mins for Terrell Forbes)
13. Corrin Brooks-Meade (goalkeeper) (68 mins for Josh Wagenaar)
20. Hayden Tinto (66 mins for Aidan Downes)
21. Conrad Smith (66 mins for Danny Schofield)
22. Stéphane Robinet (66 mins for Darren Way)
23. Owen Irish (84 mins for Nathan Jones)

Barnsley: Letheren, Hassell, El Mounir, Foster, Moore (Howard 45), Souza (Butterfield 67), Colace, Leon (Smith 52), Campbell-Ryce, Hume (Macken 45), Odejayi.

Attendance: 1,501
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