Huish Park Top Attendances
Huish Park Top Attendances

Date Opposition Competition Attendance

125/04/2008 Leeds United Coca Cola League One9527
204/01/2004 Liverpool FA Cup Third Round9348
304/01/2015 Manchester United FA Cup Third Round9264
426/01/2018 Manchester United FA Cup Fourth Round9195
531/12/2005 Bristol City Coca Cola League One9178
612/02/2005 Bristol Rovers Coca Cola League Two9153
721/09/2013 Queens Park Rangers Football League Championship9108
822/10/2005 Nottingham Forest Coca Cola League One9072
904/11/2006 Bristol City Coca Cola League One9009
1011/05/2007 Nottingham Forest League One Play-Off Semi-Final First Leg8935
1121/04/2001 Rushden and Diamonds Nationwide Conference8868
1207/05/2005 Lincoln City Coca Cola League Two8855
1306/05/2006 Colchester United Coca Cola League One8785
1401/05/2004 Hull City Nationwide League Division Three8760
1513/03/2004 Bristol Rovers Nationwide League Division Three8726
1610/08/2013 Birmingham City Football League Championship8717
1702/01/1993 Arsenal FA Cup Third Round8612
1823/12/2005 AFC Bournemouth Coca Cola League One8178
1906/05/2013 Sheffield United League One Play-Off Semi-Final Second Leg8152
2026/04/2003 Chester City Nationwide Conference8111
2112/01/1999 Cardiff City FA Cup Third Round8101
2205/12/1992 Hereford United FA Cup Second Round8085
2321/09/2004 Bolton Wanderers Carling Cup Second Round8047
2425/03/1997 Enfield ICIS League8007
2508/02/2014 Leeds United Football League Championship7984
2627/09/2003 Torquay United Nationwide League Division Three7718
2726/10/2013 Nottingham Forest Football League Championship7612
2822/02/2005 Scunthorpe United Coca Cola League Two7598
2916/03/2004 Doncaster Rovers Nationwide League Division Three7587
3008/10/2005 Swansea City Coca Cola League One7578
3105/04/2003 Telford United Nationwide Conference7558
3217/04/2010 Southampton Coca Cola League One7484
3311/03/2006 Swindon Town Coca Cola League One7451
3423/04/2005 Wycombe Wanderers Coca Cola League Two7421
3514/02/2004 Oxford United Nationwide League Division Three7404
3626/12/2004 Cheltenham Town Coca Cola League Two7320
3731/08/2013 Reading Football League Championship7306
3803/01/2005 Shrewsbury Town Coca Cola League Two7250
3929/03/2005 Notts County Coca Cola League Two7221
4021/12/2013 Blackburn Rovers Football League Championship7179
4124/08/2013 Derby County Football League Championship7047
4228/03/2003 Scarborough Nationwide Conference7008
4312/04/2014 AFC Bournemouth Football League Championship6931
4409/09/2006 Nottingham Forest Coca Cola League One6925
4529/12/2007 Brighton and Hove Albion Coca Cola League One6881
4619/10/2013 Brighton and Hove Albion Football League Championship6873
4720/12/2014 Colchester United Skybet League One6837
4829/09/2007 Nottingham Forest Coca Cola League One6818
4914/04/2006 Scunthorpe United Coca Cola League One6759
5012/11/2005 Huddersfield Town Coca Cola League One6742
5119/10/2002 Doncaster Rovers Nationwide Conference6674
5206/09/2003 Swansea City Nationwide League Division Three6655
5329/03/2008 Bristol Rovers Coca Cola League One6654
5410/04/2004 Cheltenham Town Nationwide League Division Three6613
5510/03/2015 Bristol City Skybet League One6591
5623/08/2008 Leeds United Coca Cola League One6580
5729/03/2014 Barnsley Football League Championship6579
5805/03/2005 Leyton Orient Coca Cola League Two6545
5926/12/2007 Swindon Town Coca Cola League One6539
6028/12/1992 Bath City GM Vauxhall Conference6488
6101/03/2003 Hereford United Nationwide Conference6487
6203/05/2014 Middlesbrough Football League Championship6477
6301/10/2013 Leicester City Football League Championship6476
6409/04/2005 Mansfield Town Coca Cola League Two6471
6516/11/2002 Cheltenham Town FA Cup First Round6455
6608/08/2006 AFC Bournemouth Coca Cola League One6451
6716/12/2014 Accrington Stanley FA Cup Second Round Replay6373
6816/08/2003 Carlisle United Nationwide League Division Three6347
6922/03/2014 Bolton Wanderers Football League Championship6344
7005/04/2010 Leeds United Coca Cola League One6308
7130/12/2016 Portsmouth EFL League Two6306
7224/01/2004 Leyton Orient Nationwide League Division Three6299
7311/01/2014 Burnley Football League Championship6293
7404/02/2006 Southend United Coca Cola League One6289
7523/01/2010 Exeter City Coca Cola League One6282
7602/04/2011 Bristol Rovers npower League One6281
7719/03/2005 Bury Coca Cola League Two6269
7828/04/2007 Doncaster Rovers Coca Cola League One6253
7908/03/2014 Sheffield Wednesday Football League Championship6251
8010/04/2009 Millwall Coca Cola League One6230
8128/08/2012 West Bromwich Albion Carling Cup Second Round6228
8206/10/2006 Cheltenham Town Coca Cola League One6220
8324/08/2004 Plymouth Argyle Carling Cup First Round6217
8423/12/2006 Bradford City Coca Cola League One6208
8527/10/2007 Swansea City Coca Cola League One6207
8622/01/2005 Cambridge United Coca Cola League Two6204
8721/01/2006 Bradford City Coca Cola League One6186
8815/11/1993 Fulham FA Cup First Round6180
8923/04/2011 AFC Bournemouth npower League One6150
9021/03/2008 Doncaster Rovers Coca Cola League One6149
9110/11/2013 Wigan Athletic Football League Championship6149
9225/08/2003 Northampton Town Nationwide League Division Three6105
9326/12/2016 Exeter City EFL League Two6086
9429/08/2005 Chesterfield Coca Cola League One6079
9507/12/2013 Charlton Athletic Football League Championship6053
9620/02/2016 Portsmouth Skybet League Two6051
9718/02/2014 Watford Football League Championship6042
9822/04/2006 Gillingham Coca Cola League One6040
9903/05/1997 Chertsey Town ICIS League6013
10017/03/2007 Blackpool Coca Cola League One6012
10118/08/2012 Coventry City npower League One6006
10227/03/2004 Mansfield Town Nationwide League Division Three6002
10324/02/2007 Swansea City Coca Cola League One5984
10410/09/2005 Walsall Coca Cola League One5979
10506/12/2003 Barnet FA Cup Second Round5973
10620/03/2010 Bristol Rovers Coca Cola League One5968
10702/10/2004 Northampton Town Coca Cola League Two5944
10816/10/2010 Sheffield Wednesday npower League One5927
10925/11/2006 Scunthorpe United Coca Cola League One5921
11011/03/2014 Ipswich Town Football League Championship5920
11121/04/2014 Huddersfield Town Football League Championship5903
11224/09/2005 Port Vale Coca Cola League One5901
11315/08/2015 Bristol Rovers Skybet League Two5895
11425/09/2010 Exeter City npower League One5886
11521/04/2007 Rotherham United Coca Cola League One5878
11609/08/2005 Rotherham United Coca Cola League One5856
11728/09/2010 Southampton npower League One5854
11826/11/2005 Oldham Athletic Coca Cola League One5852
11920/11/2004 Southend United Coca Cola League Two5839
12004/09/2004 Swansea City Coca Cola League Two5826
12103/02/2007 Millwall Coca Cola League One5810
12210/01/2004 Rochdale Nationwide League Division Three5806
12323/02/2016 Plymouth Argyle Skybet League Two5788
12420/09/2008 Bristol Rovers Coca Cola League One5748
12530/10/2004 Chester City Coca Cola League Two5741
12611/12/2004 Grimsby Town Coca Cola League Two5733
12720/12/2003 Scunthorpe United Nationwide League Division Three5714
12813/08/2005 Blackpool Coca Cola League One5698
12928/02/2004 Cambridge United Nationwide League Division Three5694
13019/04/2003 Burton Albion Nationwide Conference5691
13118/10/2014 Swindon Town Skybet League One5679
13213/09/2003 York City Nationwide League Division Three5653
13326/12/2003 Kidderminster Harriers Nationwide League Division Three5640
13419/11/2011 Exeter City npower League One5635
13521/11/2009 Charlton Athletic Coca Cola League One5632
13631/12/2011 AFC Bournemouth npower League One5632
13717/12/2005 Barnsley Coca Cola League One5620
13806/04/2002 Burton Albion FA Trophy Semi-Final5614
13929/03/2013 Walsall npower League One5594
14005/01/2007 Huddersfield Town Coca Cola League One5554
14103/12/2013 Blackpool Football League Championship5530
14219/12/1992 Bromsgrove Rovers GM Vauxhall Conference5495
14307/01/2006 Hartlepool United Coca Cola League One5480
14428/03/2009 Swindon Town Coca Cola League One5476
14521/10/2006 Oldham Athletic Coca Cola League One5471
14618/09/2004 Oxford United Coca Cola League Two5467
14704/12/1993 Bromsgrove Rovers FA Cup Second Round5462
14808/04/2006 Doncaster Rovers Coca Cola League One5456
14925/03/2006 Tranmere Rovers Coca Cola League One5409
15009/04/2016 Exeter City Skybet League Two5394
15120/01/2007 Brentford Coca Cola League One5373
15223/11/2004 Darlington FA Cup First Round Replay5365
15301/01/2007 Northampton Town Coca Cola League One5361
15423/09/2006 Crewe Alexandra Coca Cola League One5333
15511/03/2003 Leigh RMI Nationwide Conference5330
15604/12/2007 AFC Bournemouth Coca Cola League One5321
15716/10/2004 Macclesfield Town Coca Cola League Two5313
15820/04/2013 Crewe Alexandra npower League One5293
15921/10/2003 Huddersfield Town Nationwide League Division Three5274
16031/01/2004 Macclesfield Town Nationwide League Division Three5257
16115/11/2003 Southend United Nationwide League Division Three5248
16226/09/2006 Brighton and Hove Albion Coca Cola League One5243
16308/09/2012 AFC Bournemouth npower League One5238
16402/05/2009 Colchester United Coca Cola League One5237
16509/08/2014 Doncaster Rovers Skybet League One5235
16605/12/1998 Northampton Town FA Cup Second Round5218
16715/09/2007 Leyton Orient Coca Cola League One5217
16801/02/2011 Plymouth Argyle npower League One5208
16919/03/2013 Swindon Town npower League One5207
17009/04/2007 Leyton Orient Coca Cola League One5206
17125/01/2005 Rochdale Coca Cola League Two5180
17214/08/2004 Boston United Coca Cola League Two5178
17317/04/2004 Bury Nationwide League Division Three5172
17417/02/2007 Tranmere Rovers Coca Cola League One5168
17507/03/2006 Brentford Coca Cola League One5137
17610/08/2004 Darlington Coca Cola League Two5116
17720/09/2005 Millwall Carling Cup Second Round5108
17830/09/2003 Boston United Nationwide League Division Three5093
17928/08/2004 Rushden and Diamonds Coca Cola League Two5088
18018/08/2007 Port Vale Coca Cola League One5071
18126/03/2002 Boston United Nationwide Conference5061
18226/12/2009 Wycombe Wanderers Coca Cola League One5055
18308/11/2003 Wrexham FA Cup First Round5049
18414/02/2006 Milton Keynes Dons Coca Cola League One5048
18514/10/2003 AFC Bournemouth LDV Vans Trophy 1st Round5035
18612/02/2008 Northampton Town Coca Cola League One5001
18727/08/2011 Sheffield United npower League One5001
18826/12/2008 Cheltenham Town Coca Cola League One4989
18901/09/2007 Tranmere Rovers Coca Cola League One4985
19026/12/2011 Charlton Athletic npower League One4977
19112/12/2009 Norwich City Coca Cola League One4964
19221/12/2002 Stevenage Borough Nationwide Conference4940
19315/03/2003 Burscough FA Trophy Quarter Final4934
19422/02/2014 Doncaster Rovers Football League Championship4934
19509/12/2006 Gillingham Coca Cola League One4933
19619/01/2008 Oldham Athletic Coca Cola League One4905
19718/10/2003 Darlington Nationwide League Division Three4892
19829/11/2003 Lincoln City Nationwide League Division Three4867
19928/12/2002 Barnet Nationwide Conference4850
20023/12/2017 Exeter City EFL League Two4834
20126/08/2006 Port Vale Coca Cola League One4827
20202/03/2013 Tranmere Rovers npower League One4826
20302/02/2008 Huddersfield Town Coca Cola League One4823
20423/02/2008 Southend United Coca Cola League One4820
20502/10/2007 Luton Town Coca Cola League One4818
20605/09/2009 Swindon Town Coca Cola League One4807
20731/01/2017 Plymouth Argyle EFL League Two4788
20812/04/2008 Crewe Alexandra Coca Cola League One4785
20902/10/2012 Portsmouth npower League One4769
21013/10/2007 Carlisle United Coca Cola League One4757
21108/02/2003 Kettering Town Nationwide Conference4738
21224/03/2007 Chesterfield Coca Cola League One4735
21305/10/2002 Southport Nationwide Conference4727
21413/04/2010 Millwall Coca Cola League One4713
21512/08/2006 Carlisle United Coca Cola League One4709
21620/01/2001 Southport Nationwide Conference4705
21708/12/2007 Hartlepool United Coca Cola League One4694
21801/01/2003 Forest Green Rovers Nationwide Conference4692
21930/10/2010 Swindon Town npower League One4671
22028/12/2015 Oxford United Skybet League Two4661
22116/11/1991 Walsall FA Cup First Round4653
22205/02/2011 Charlton Athletic npower League One4651
22301/05/2001 Hereford United Nationwide Conference4639
22407/12/2004 Kidderminster Harriers Coca Cola League Two4639
22508/03/2008 Cheltenham Town Coca Cola League One4588
22619/01/2009 Leicester City Coca Cola League One4569
22728/04/2012 Chesterfield npower League One4563
22818/11/2000 Colchester United FA Cup First Round4552
22903/04/2015 Chesterfield Skybet League One4520
23009/08/2008 Walsall Coca Cola League One4518
23101/05/2010 Oldham Athletic Coca Cola League One4513
23206/04/2013 Shrewsbury Town npower League One4473
23322/02/2003 Northwich Victoria FA Trophy 5th Round4469
23411/02/2014 Millwall Football League Championship4463
23516/02/2002 Dagenham and Redbridge Nationwide Conference4458
23615/11/2005 Macclesfield Town FA Cup First Round Replay4456
23713/09/2008 Brighton and Hove Albion Coca Cola League One4451
23817/09/2011 Sheffield Wednesday npower League One4445
23911/03/2008 Millwall Coca Cola League One4439
24024/01/2015 Coventry City Skybet League One4422
24110/10/2009 Brighton and Hove Albion Coca Cola League One4412
24218/11/2007 Gillingham Coca Cola League One4408
24329/10/2002 Bath City FA Cup 4th Qualifying Round Replay4393
24403/01/2001 Forest Green Rovers Nationwide Conference4361
24518/01/2003 Morecambe Nationwide Conference4353
24608/08/2009 Tranmere Rovers Coca Cola League One4349
24729/11/2014 Preston North End Skybet League One4343
24817/10/2009 Carlisle United Coca Cola League One4333
24918/04/2009 Hartlepool United Coca Cola League One4332
25025/10/2008 Leyton Orient Coca Cola League One4320
25108/01/2008 Walsall Coca Cola League One4319
25207/04/2018 Luton Town EFL League Two4316
25321/02/2015 Gillingham Skybet League One4293
25409/11/2002 Dagenham and Redbridge Nationwide Conference4289
25514/03/1992 Macclesfield Town FA Trophy Quarter Final4269
25626/09/2009 Brentford Coca Cola League One4249
25728/01/2012 Preston North End npower League One4245
25804/03/2017 Luton Town EFL League Two4194
25918/08/1990 Colchester United GM Vauxhall Conference4169
26013/03/2010 Hartlepool United Coca Cola League One4169
26116/02/2013 Scunthorpe United npower League One4163
26207/05/2016 Leyton Orient Skybet League Two4163
26321/02/2009 Oldham Athletic Coca Cola League One4150
26430/11/2002 Margate Nationwide Conference4147
26529/12/2014 Leyton Orient Skybet League One4132
26625/04/2015 Port Vale Skybet League One4127
26707/08/2010 Leyton Orient npower League One4126
26822/09/2012 Sheffield United npower League One4117
26919/01/2016 Carlisle United FA Cup Third Round Replay4114
27030/01/2010 Huddersfield Town Coca Cola League One4110
27102/02/2013 Brentford npower League One4106
27214/01/2012 Tranmere Rovers npower League One4083
27325/03/2016 Carlisle United Skybet League Two4074
27402/04/2016 Newport County Skybet League Two4063
27511/08/2015 Queens Park Rangers Carling Cup First Round4058
27624/03/2012 Hartlepool United npower League One4033
27721/03/2009 Milton Keynes Dons Coca Cola League One4028
27820/02/2001 Dagenham and Redbridge Nationwide Conference4025
27917/01/2015 Bradford City Skybet League One4009
28004/10/2008 Southend United Coca Cola League One4008
28123/04/2016 Northampton Town Skybet League Two4008
28224/09/2002 Woking Nationwide Conference4003
28315/11/2008 Peterborough United Coca Cola League One4001
28404/10/2014 Milton Keynes Dons Skybet League One4000
28530/08/2014 Barnsley Skybet League One3991
28601/02/2003 Morecambe FA Trophy 4th Round3984
28720/09/2014 Peterborough United Skybet League One3970
28811/04/2015 Notts County Skybet League One3947
28923/08/2014 Scunthorpe United Skybet League One3943
29003/03/2012 Brentford npower League One3930
29107/03/2015 Oldham Athletic Skybet League One3917
29214/11/2009 Southend United Coca Cola League One3906
29307/03/2009 Carlisle United Coca Cola League One3892
29431/03/2009 Northampton Town Coca Cola League One3884
29521/04/2009 Hereford United Coca Cola League One3870
29602/01/2016 York City Skybet League Two3866
29711/08/2009 Norwich City Carling Cup First Round3860
29807/04/2012 Rochdale npower League One3859
29913/02/2010 Gillingham Coca Cola League One3853
30027/02/2010 Milton Keynes Dons Coca Cola League One3844
30114/04/2015 Sheffield United Skybet League One3841
30201/03/2011 Brighton and Hove Albion npower League One3832
30322/08/2015 Luton Town Skybet League Two3830
30427/08/1990 Kidderminster Harriers GM Vauxhall Conference3828
30522/08/2009 Leyton Orient Coca Cola League One3827
30607/02/2015 Crawley Town Skybet League One3807
30704/05/1996 Enfield ICIS League3804
30830/04/2011 Colchester United npower League One3797
30920/01/2018 Chesterfield EFL League Two3792
31013/03/2012 Scunthorpe United npower League One3767
31127/08/2013 Birmingham City Carling Cup Second Round3767
31226/08/2017 Coventry City EFL League Two3754
31312/03/2011 Walsall npower League One3737
31429/10/2016 Grimsby Town EFL League Two3733
31510/08/2010 Crystal Palace Carling Cup First Round3720
31629/04/2017 Stevenage Borough EFL League Two3716
31706/08/2016 Notts County EFL League Two3715
31822/01/2011 Rochdale npower League One3711
31917/03/2012 Walsall npower League One3705
32027/01/2009 Huddersfield Town Coca Cola League One3703
32108/01/2011 Brentford npower League One3688
32213/12/2008 Stockport County Coca Cola League One3687
32312/09/2015 AFC Wimbledon Skybet League Two3687
32415/10/2011 Carlisle United npower League One3673
32503/03/2015 Walsall Skybet League One3668
32604/01/2014 Leyton Orient FA Cup Third Round3667
32710/12/2011 Notts County npower League One3663
32812/02/2013 Preston North End npower League One3661
32901/01/1998 Cheltenham Town Nationwide Conference3657
33028/01/2017 Doncaster Rovers EFL League Two3627
33118/11/2017 Swindon Town EFL League Two3622
33205/03/2011 Huddersfield Town npower League One3620
33305/03/2002 Canvey Island FA Trophy 5th Round3616
33414/04/2012 Stevenage Borough npower League One3610
33516/08/1997 Stevenage Borough Nationwide Conference3602
33625/10/2014 Rochdale Skybet League One3601
33712/03/2016 Notts County Skybet League Two3588
33813/11/2010 Dagenham and Redbridge npower League One3586
33917/02/2001 Boston United Nationwide Conference3585
34008/11/2008 Stockport County FA Cup First Round3582
34115/11/2014 Fleetwood Town Skybet League One3577
34221/08/2010 Hartlepool United npower League One3537
34321/10/2008 Crewe Alexandra Coca Cola League One3536
34401/09/2012 Doncaster Rovers npower League One3535
34512/04/2011 Notts County npower League One3533
34612/09/2009 Stockport County Coca Cola League One3519
34701/01/2013 Leyton Orient npower League One3516
34816/09/2014 Crewe Alexandra Skybet League One3509
34901/12/2009 Walsall Coca Cola League One3508
35003/01/2011 Milton Keynes Dons npower League One3508
35113/01/2001 Bath City FA Trophy 3rd Round3507
35228/04/2018 Mansfield Town EFL League Two3500
35322/12/2012 Oldham Athletic npower League One3492
35429/10/2011 Huddersfield Town npower League One3486
35516/02/2010 Colchester United Coca Cola League One3469
35624/09/2016 Cheltenham Town EFL League Two3448
35722/11/2008 Tranmere Rovers Coca Cola League One3445
35818/02/2012 Colchester United npower League One3442
35923/01/2016 Crawley Town Skybet League Two3423
36014/04/2001 Leigh RMI Nationwide Conference3401
36124/11/2012 Carlisle United npower League One3394
36220/10/2012 Bury npower League One3386
36327/12/1993 Bath City GM Vauxhall Conference3371
36411/09/2010 Tranmere Rovers npower League One3364
36508/12/2012 Notts County npower League One3355
36615/10/2016 Newport County EFL League Two3353
36715/02/2011 Peterborough United npower League One3351
36816/04/2011 Oldham Athletic npower League One3350
36924/08/1993 Dagenham and Redbridge GM Vauxhall Conference3349
37001/01/1992 Bath City GM Vauxhall Conference3340
37112/03/2013 Crawley Town npower League One3338
37201/01/1991 Bath City GM Vauxhall Conference3335
37329/03/2011 Carlisle United npower League One3331
37426/02/2000 Kingstonian FA Trophy 5th Round3330
37514/04/2018 Wycombe Wanderers EFL League Two3307
37628/09/1996 Taunton Town FA Cup 2nd Qualifying Round3303
37718/08/2001 Northwich Victoria Nationwide Conference3290
37825/08/1997 Farnborough Town Nationwide Conference3286
37913/12/2011 Fleetwood Town FA Cup Second Round Replay3276
38022/04/1997 Oxford City ICIS League3275
38113/01/2009 Scunthorpe United Coca Cola League One3275
38216/08/2011 Milton Keynes Dons npower League One3274
38310/12/2016 Barnet EFL League Two3254
38413/08/2011 Oldham Athletic npower League One3237
38514/11/2015 Stevenage Borough Skybet League Two3230
38624/10/2015 Cambridge United Skybet League Two3224
38701/03/2016 Accrington Stanley Skybet League Two3207
38824/03/2001 Hayes Nationwide Conference3206
38910/10/2015 Dagenham and Redbridge Skybet League Two3204
39014/11/1998 West Auckland FA Cup First Round3203
39130/11/1999 Weymouth FA Trophy 2nd Round Replay3196
39215/03/1997 Boreham Wood ICIS League3195
39308/10/2016 Wycombe Wanderers EFL League Two3187
39417/04/2017 Crewe Alexandra EFL League Two3167
39529/09/1990 Kettering Town GM Vauxhall Conference3162
39612/12/2015 Barnet Skybet League Two3162
39705/09/2001 Woking Nationwide Conference3157
39829/01/2013 Milton Keynes Dons npower League One3152
39901/04/2017 Carlisle United EFL League Two3145
40013/09/2011 Wycombe Wanderers npower League One3134
40101/10/2011 Bury npower League One3127
40225/10/2011 Leyton Orient npower League One3121
40311/02/2017 Leyton Orient EFL League Two3120
40403/09/2016 Blackpool EFL League Two3108
40502/12/2000 Telford United Nationwide Conference3106
40601/09/1990 Boston United GM Vauxhall Conference3105
40710/11/2012 Hartlepool United npower League One3095
40814/09/1993 Welling United GM Vauxhall Conference3083
40926/09/2015 Hartlepool United Skybet League Two3078
41003/03/2001 Stevenage Borough Nationwide Conference3073
41115/09/1990 Stafford Rangers GM Vauxhall Conference3066
41230/03/2002 Stalybridge Celtic Nationwide Conference3064
41304/11/2003 Colchester United LDV Vans Trophy 2nd Round3052
41424/04/1993 Boston United GM Vauxhall Conference3049
41506/01/2018 Bradford City FA Cup Third Round3040
41603/01/2000 Forest Green Rovers Nationwide Conference3028
41705/09/2015 Morecambe Skybet League Two3024
41802/03/2002 Hereford United Nationwide Conference3022
41928/08/1993 Stalybridge Celtic GM Vauxhall Conference3012
42022/11/1997 Woking Nationwide Conference3005
42119/04/1997 Purfleet ICIS League3004
42206/10/2012 Colchester United npower League One3002

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