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Stevenage Borough : Club Background

The Stevenage club that we know and errr ... love today is one with a fairly short history to it. Not as short as Milton Keynes Dons we grant you, but still only one that commenced in 1976. There are a number of football clubs in Stevenage that pre-date the current club, but are wholly unconnected with the current one.

A club called Stevenage were formed in 1894, soon becoming Stevenage Town. A merger with Stevenage Rangers in 1956 saw them revert to Stevenage, before going back to Stevenage Town in 1960. A year later, that club moved to Broadhall Way, but at the end of the 1967-68 season, they folded entirely. Out of the ashes, a new club Stevenage Athletic occupied Broadhall Way, but they too folded, resigning from the Southern League on August 13th 1976.

At this point it seemed as though Broadhall Way's use as a football ground was at an end. The land was sold off by the council, and the pitch dug up with alternative developments in mind by a local businessman. A new club called Stevenage was formed, playing on the King George V playing fields - merely a roped off pitch. Four years later though, they managed to get back into Broadhall Way, with the council owning the land again, and Stevenage became Stevenage Borough. Are you following all of these name changes, by the way?

The Main Stand at Broadhall Way
The Main Stand at Broadhall Way.
Photo © 2013 Ciderspace

This third version of football in Stevenage soon rose up the leagues. Chilten Youth League moved into United Counties Leage, then into the Isthmian League. The arrival of manager Paul Fairclough in 1990 would prove to be highly influential, and by 1994 they made it into the Conference (National) division - the moment at which their paths with Yeovil Town were to first cross.

It's fair to say the club's relationship with Stevenage at that time was somewhat tetchy. The 1994-95 season saw Yeovil Town in an utter mess on the field, and trying to recover from nearly going bust off the field. A 5-0 defeat at Broadhall Way ranks as one of the most embarrassing spectacles witnessed by Glovers in modern times, with the Hertfordshire club on a high after their previous season's promotion, whilst Yeovil Town were on their way to the Isthmian League. Former England defender Graham Roberts was in their defence that day, and a month later, he was to become Yeovil's manager.

At the same time, the Glovers drew Stevenage in the FA Trophy. They then refused to release Roberts from his playing contract at the club, leading to the farce where for the two ties, Roberts was sat in the Yeovil dugout whilst still on Stevenage's books as a player. Legend has it that Roberts - ever the diplomat - even entered the Stevenage dressing room before the match and asked Fairclough if he was playing. Boro won through after a replay, Roberts was forced to sit out his contract, and it seemed as though our four meetings with Stevenage that year would be our last.

If that season raised hackles in the Conference community towards the club of Stevenage, the 1995-96 season went further. They won the Conference League, but were denied promotion due to their ground improvements not being completed by the Football League's deadline of December 31st 1995, thus reprieving Torquay United. There had been a lot of sympathy for clubs like Kidderminster Harriers and Macclesfield Town when they were similarly refused - Macclesfield particularly given that Chester City - a Football League side - had been groundsharing with them!

Their Chairman Victor Green got plenty of sympathy from the national press for what was seen as an overly stringent rule, until it later transpired that during March 1996, Green had called up Torquay Chairman Mike Bateson and asked for a bung of £30,000 on the basis that they would otherwise sell star striker Barry Hayles to a rival club - something that would have given title rivals Woking a chance of securing the title - their Kingfield ground was up to scratch and would have seen the Gulls relegated. That this information transpired during Stevenage's attempt to sue the Football League for denying them promotion, was a bit of a bombshell - a subsequent FA hearing to discuss the bung allegations found Stevenage guilty, with their £25,000 suspended fine staggeringly lenient for what was being alleged, although they did ultimately have to pay £10,000 towards the costs of the hearing.

Now with a very definite 'reputation' on the back of that hearing - many Conference supporters, particularly Woking fans, had nicknamed them as Cheatenage or the DCBs (Dirty Cheating Barstewards, or least something like that?!) Stevenage were now one of the Conference's bigger sides, although they struggled to repeat that season's success. A couple of good FA Cup runs on consecutive seasons saw Yeovil and Stevenage raise hackles once again, though this time the boot was on the other foot. On the day of an FA Cup replay against Newcastle United, Glovers boss Graham Roberts was reported to have faxed St James Park telling them "Go out and do the business (against Stevenage) - we are not all assholes in the Conference". A copy of the fax was 'accidentally' left in the Stevenage dressing room and later made public. Just as Roberts started his Yeovil career with a row with Stevenage, so it ended with another row - he was suspended by the Yeovil board, and a few days later left Huish Park.

Back at Broadhall Way, Stevenage were operating on diminishing returns, in terms of their force as a Conference club. Finishes of 15th, 6th, 10th, 7th, and 11th suggested their time had gone. The 2001-02 season did of course see them reach an FA Trophy Final at Villa Park. Carl Alford and Adam Stansfield ensured the silverware went down the M5 into Somerset for the first time. By this time, the much loathed Victor Green had left the building, selling out to Phil Wallace shortly after the two Newcastle ties, with Green somehow claiming the club was broke despite the FA Cup money being banked.

The 2002-03 season of course saw Yeovil Town promoted to the Football League, and so ended our relationship with Stevenage Borough. Not long after that, a certain Graham Westley became their manager. Westley had been last seen by Yeovil fans with his hands clamped around the railings at Dorchester Town's Avenue Stadium as stewards tried to remove him from the area after he had been sent off in a Conference match whilst Farnborough Town's manager. Westley managed to unclamp himself from Cherrywood Road, heading around the M25, where he managed a number of OKish seasons as the DCBs manager, finishing 12th, 8th, 5th and 6th, before eventually being released at the end of his contract.

In came Mark Stimson, but he didn't last long, jumping ship to Gillingham and taking a number of players with him. The experienced Peter Taylor came in with a big fanfare, but again he resigned at the end of the season after missing out on the play-offs. And so Wallace recruited Westley for a second time, and this time it clicked - play-off semi-final losers in 2008-09, but FA Trophy winners. Like the Glovers, the Trophy win gave them the platform they needed - the following season, they won the Conference league with two games remaining and this time there was no need for a legal challenge or indeed any other dealings to stop them.

Twelve months later, they won through to the League Two play-offs, beating Torquay United in the final and thus achieving back-to-back promotions and their first ever season at League One level. However, Westley was only to last six more months in the job, jumping ship on a supposed career path move, as he joined Preston North End. As League One rivals, it would therefore have been slightly embarrassing to see his replacement Gary Smith guide Stevenage to the play-offs, whilst Preston floundered in mid-table. However, it wasn't long before things moved full circle again. Smith's form at Broadhall Way nosedived, though not as badly as Westley's did at Preston. Both were fired within a month of each other, and so in March 2013 Westley returned, to take up the reins for a third time.

The impression was that this time Stevenage fans were not quite so warmed to the idea of Westley coming back again - perhaps down to his style of football, or perhaps due to the 'too soon' manner that he had returned after his Preston experience went wrong. They were relegated in bottom position, albeit with their new/old manager only being responsible for the final six weeks of that. He did guide them into a 2014-15 play-off position, losing to Southend United in the semi-finals, but there was a fairly open vibe that his contract wasn't going to be renewed and former England striker Teddy Sheringham was brought in as the man to replace him over the summer of 2015.

A lesson here needs to be learned by Football League Chairmen - the likes of John Barnes, Tony Adams and Teddy Sheringham may be hugely talented England legends but they are not always great managers - his tenure lasted 33 games, with just seven wins, and his position was taken by former Stevenage youth team manager Darren Sarll in February 2016. Sarll managed finishes of 18th (2015-16 season) and 10th (2016-17 season). He bowed out during the 2017-18 campaign with Dino Maamria returning to Broadhall Way - he was Graham Westley's assistant boss, but we won't hold that against him. His partial season saw them finish in 16th place. This year they're a little higher than that, although are still struggling to break that glass ceiling, by getting into the top seven and staying there.

As a final footnote, Stevenage Borough's promotion to the Football League brought them another name change. Taking us back to the origins of football in the town of Stevenage, we have seen (1) Stevenage (2) Stevenage Town (3) Stevenage Rangers (4) Stevenage (5) Stevenage Town (6) Stevenage Athletic (7) Stevenage (8) Stevenage Borough play under the various clubs that have existed. In the summer of 2010, Stevenage Borough became plain old Stevenage again. So having dropped the 'Borough' part in their name, their fans voted to choose a nickname for this newly named club. They chose 'The Boro', thus effectively restoring the Borough that had just been removed. If you're confused, just call them the DCBs for old-time's sake. We're sure they won't mind.

The East Terrace at Broadhall Way
The East Terrace at Broadhall Way.
Photo © 2013 Ciderspace

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Stevenage Borough : We've Met Before
Previous Results for Yeovil Town First Team vs Stevenage Borough

16/08/1997HomeConfW2-13602Pickard, Patmore
01/12/1997AwaySPLW3-0812Patmore, Pickard, Calderhead
14/09/1998AwayConfD1-12483Patmore 66
01/05/1999HomeConfL1-32936Stott 52
15/01/2000HomeFAT3W2-12604Foster 7, 51
04/04/2000HomeConfD2-21455Skiverton 43, Steele 44
03/03/2001HomeConfD1-13073Patmore 75
25/11/2001HomeConfW2-12486Broad 23, Alford 39
18/04/2002AwayConfW3-21275Giles 12, Kumbur 26, 45
12/05/2002AwayFATFW2-018809Alford 12, Stansfield 66
14/09/2002AwayConfD2-21879Skiverton 58, Demba 65
21/12/2002HomeConfW2-14940Jackson 26, Miles 45
06/11/2012HomeNPL1L1-32900Madden 6
13/04/2013AwayNPL1W2-03516Foley 53, Hayter 81
14/11/2015HomeFL2D2-23230Cornick 52, Jeffers 58
05/12/2015HomeFAC2W1-02264Tozer 86
12/11/2016AwayEFL2D2-22457Hedges 48, Whitfield 90
29/04/2017HomeEFL2D1-13716Akpa Akpro 43
28/10/2017HomeEFL2W3-02439Surridge 24, 40, Olomola 27
17/02/2018AwayEFL2L1-42355Seager 76
25/08/2018HomeEFL2W2-02635Fisher 24, D'Almeida 42

Results Summary For Yeovil Town First Team vs Stevenage Borough


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Stevenage Borough : Club Statistics




Highest League Attendance: Not Applicable
Lowest League Attendance: Not Applicable
Average League Attendance: Not Applicable


Games Without A Win: 0 Games Without A Home Win: 0
Games Without An Away Win: 0 Games Without Defeat: 0
Games Without A Home Defeat: 0 Games Without An Away Defeat: 0
Games Without A Draw: 0 Games Without A Score Draw: 0
Games Without A No-Score Draw: 0 Games Without Scoring: 0
Games Without Conceding: 0 Home Results Sequence:
Away Results Sequence: Overall Results Sequence:

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Stevenage Borough : Club Information
Broadhall Way,
(Click for map)

Telephone Number : 01438 223223
Fax : 01438 743666
Chairman : Phil Wallace
Secretary : Roger Austin
Safety Officer :
Web Site / Press / Programme : Mark Venables and Mitchell Jones
Manager : Dino Maamria

Capacity : 7,100 (currently reduced due to the North Terrace being rebuilt)
Seated : 3,412
Covered Terrace : North Terrace was only partially covered but this is being replaced

Record Attendance : 8,040 v Newcastle United, FA Cup 4th Round, January 25th 1998.
Colours : Red and White
Nickname : The Boro

Ticket Prices :

Yeovil Town supporters will be housed in the South Stand - an all-seated 1,390 capacity covered stand, situated behind one of the goals. This is a relatively new construction, having been built during 2001. Its current signage dubs it as the Matrix Stand. Enter through Gates 17-19.

Tickets for the 2018-19 League Two fixture are available in advance from the Huish Park Ticket Office at the following prices:

Adults: £22.00; Concessions: £20.00; Under-18s: £15.00; Under-12s: £10.00.. .

Concessions are for supporters aged Over-60, Students, registered unemployed, Ambulant disabled and members of the Armed forces/emergency services. Proof of entitlement is required in all cases.

The Matchday Surcharge has been abolished for the 2018-19 season. If you buy on the day, you can purchase either from their Ticket Office or on the turnstiles.

Disabled Info:

Ambulant and wheelchair supporters must be able to provide proof of entitlement. Wheelchair disabled supporters must call 01438 223223 to purchase tickets and make arrangements. The only designated disabled facilities that Stevenage have are situated at the opposite end of the ground, as part of their North Terrace - there are 12 spaces for both home and away supporters situated at the rear of the terrace.

The disabled wheelchair section can be accessed from the rear of the North Stand where there are no steps. The bus stop on the westbound carriageway of Broadhall Way, outside the North Terrace, is a designated drop-off point for disabled fans.

NOTE: Stevenage's North Terrace was closed for demolition and reconstruction midway through the 2017-18 season. Stevenage haven't made it clear where they'll house disabled fans whilst this is happening - their club website still refers to the North Terrace, and doesn't recognise that this has been unavailable for the last year or two.

Ambulant disabled fans (medium-high rate disability allowance) can purchase tickets for the South Stand at the Concessionary Rate (or at the under-18 or under-12 rate if you are younger) with an assistant admitted free of charge.

Visually impaired fans can hire one of the two available DAB digital radios from the club shop. These are available for a £10 deposit (refundable on return) with earphones provided with live commentary from the game from BBC 3 Counties Radio. Alternatively if you've got your own portable DAB headset, take that with you and tune in.

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Stevenage Borough : Directions To The Ground

The North Terrace at Broadhall Way - this was demolished during the 2017-18 season and will be rebuilt
The North Terrace at Broadhall Way - this was demolished during the 2017-18 season and will be rebuilt.
Photo © 2013 Ciderspace


Dead easy to get to by car, the ground is on the south side of the town centre, just off the A1(M) motorway right in the middle of a whole load of industrial estates. Nice! By rail the ground is a bit more of a hike, but is certainly walkable, provided you can work your way through the maze of subways that will greet you on your way.

By Road

A1(M) J7. Follow signposts at sliproad. Head across first 2 roundabouts, and Broadhall Way is on the right. Loads of parking all over the place. There's a huge car park available on the opposite side of the A602 from the ground. The away end (Broadhall Way is segregated) is at the other end of the stadium from this.


There is a large car park opposite the stadium on the opposite side of the roundabout where the ground is situated called the Fairlands Valley car park and it is free of charge. It houses up to 500 cars and you'll see signposts for it as you come into the ground from Junction 7 of the A1(M). The downside is that at the end of the game there's only one exit out onto the road network which means it isn't the quickest way to get out of town after the match. There is a signposted underpass to help you cross the A602 to the opposite side. Stevenage ask fans not to cross the dual carriageway directly - but the more athletic ones will inevitably do so - obviously take care if you choose to ignore the underpass signposting!

For evening fixtures, you can use the Roaring Meg Retail Park (with the exception of the South section which covers Wickes/The Range) - do not use this for Saturday fixtures or you'll get a parking ticket. Do not use the Wickes/The Range car park at any time as they also impose parking tickets - you're talking a £100 fine if you overstay their normal 'shopper' short stay times. Do not be tempted to use the grass verges around the A602, or the police or local council will happily take your car away and park it in a pound somewhere. There is some residential parking around, but you've got to get well away from the A602 and the cluster of the retail park roundabouts to do it.

Broadhall Way - Overhead Map - Rotate 90 degrees clockwise to view as a proper North/South view
Broadhall Way - Overhead Map - Rotate 90 degrees clockwise to view as a proper North/South view
Overhead Map © 2016 Stevenage FC.

By Supporters Coaches

The Green and White Supporters Club are running coaches to the match for this 2018-19 season fixture as follows:

Coaches will depart from from Huish Park at 8.45a.m. Cost of travel will be £25.00 with concessions available at £23.00. Non-GWSC members are welcomed and will pay two pounds extra.

To place your booking, send a text message to Paul Hadlow on 07736 044570. If you want to call him please only do so after 6.00p.m. You can also reach him at Remember in all cases to ensure you make clear which match you are booking for, your full name (and any other names you are booking for) and a contact telephone number.

By Rail

Broadhall Way is a mile from Stevenage Station. Bus No.4 every 15 mins from town centre goes past the ground and takes around five minutes. Check the National Rail Enquiries site for details of services.

By Bus

The No.4 bus travels past the ground from the town centre. The Bus Station is directly along the bridge from the Railway Station, and through the Arts & Leisure Centre.

There is also a shuttle bus service run by Arriva that will cost you a £1.50 return, travelling directly from both the Railway Station and Bus Station to the ground. The bus departs from Stop K at the railway station. Turn left out of the ticket barriers and head towards the town. Take the first stairs on the left before the bridge over the dual carriageway and Stop K is at the bottom on the right. Services commence approx two hours before kick-off on a Saturday (80 mins on a midweek home game) and continue 90 minutes after the final whistle (60 mins on a midweek home game). The drop off point is behind the north terrace at the opposite end from the away supporters enclosure in the South Stand.

By Taxi

A selection of Stevenage taxi companies can be found here. Expect to pay about £5.00 (2015-16 prices) from the railway station. Turn left out of the ticket barriers and head towards the town. Take the first stairs on the left before the bridge over the dual carriageway and the station taxi rank is on the left.

The South Stand at Broadhall Way - for Away supporters
The South Stand at Broadhall Way - for Away supporters.
Photo © 2013 Ciderspace

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Stevenage Borough : Web Resources
Web Sites

Boro Guide
Decent independent website that came into being just before we left the Conference in 2002. Good to see a site that isn't wrecked by ads and pop-ups. No news content, but plenty of 'static' information about Stevenage in its various guises, so is well worth a visit.

Stevenage Official Site
As a consequence of Stevenage (Borough)'s name change when they went into the Football League, they also changed the URL for their official site and discontinued the old domain, which makes for broken links a-plenty around the internet from sites that linked to them. They've also gone with PTV since joining the League. As a result, a lot of the content that used to be on their old site has disappeared entirely - they've built back up some of the static information over the years, but archive stuff is gone forever.

Stevenage Supporters Association
Does what it says on the tin - this is Stevenage's official supporters association.

Vital Stevenage
From the Vital network chain. Appears to be only manned by Vital staff rather than any Stevenage people, so largely pointless.

Web Message Boards

Boro Chat Forum
Nice and simple message board. You can read without registering, but if you want to post you'll need to create an account.

E-Mail Mailing Lists and Newsletters

Local Press

Stevenage Comet
On-line dedicated section for their main local newspaper, The Comet.

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Stevenage Borough : Food & Drink

The Broadhall Suite - aka Stevenage's club bar
The Broadhall Suite - aka Stevenage's club bar.
Photo © 2013 Ciderspace

General :

The area around Broadhall Way is a little bit of a soulless concrete jungle. All roundabouts and underpasses, and altogether a bit grey and grim. As a result of this, there's not too many pubs immediately adjacent to the ground. There is a nearby retail park that houses Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Burger King as well as a Harvester, which has a licenced bar but where they'll doubtless expect you to eat at the same time. Otherwise you're talking around a 15 minute walk into the town centre, or longer if you want to visit the Old Town area - about the only part of Stevenage that didn't look as though it was manufactured from pre-fabricated grey concrete slabs.

NOTE: The Our Mutual Friend pub is undergoing a refurbishment during January/February 2019. Some local knowledge suggests it will eventually reopen, but as a Sports Bar. However, for our 2018-19 visit this one will not be available to us.

Club Bar :

Rather like Stevenage the football club, their club bar has undergone a number of rebranding exercises over the years. Once called Stripes, it is now the Broadhall Suite Bar, and is situated behind the South Stand, so quite close to the away end. They open to away supporters for the large majority of their fixtures, so that should include ourselves. The bar opens at 12.00 noon on weekends, and at 5.00p.m. for evening fixtures. They have Sky Sports News, Sky Sports and BT Sport on screens. It's a large purpose built building, with rows and rows of shiny taps full of fizz. They serve food as well. There are three separate bar areas, although whether all three are open to the 'ordinary' supporter we're not sure. Convenient if you want something cold and fizzy before you empty into the away end.

Local Pubs :

Marquis of Lorne: Because of Stevenage being one of these 'new towns', it's High Street is actually not in what is the current town centre. It's situated in the Old Town area, which is a world away from the grey concrete of the more modern constructions. This is probably the best pub in that area.
Marquis of Lorne, 132 High Street, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 3DB. Website: Click Here. Map: Click Here.

Our Mutual Friend: CLOSED: As of January/February 2019 this pub is CLOSED and so is unavailable for our 2018-19 visit. Some suggestions it will reopen in a completely different format. Nearest decent pub to the ground and the only entry Stevenage has in the Good Beer Guide. We just missed it during our Conference days as it opened in 2002 and has managed to spend every year since getting the nod from CAMRA. Situated about a 10 minute walk from the ground, it does six or seven real ales, plus real cider and real perry. There is a big screen TV, but they note that they do not have a Sky subscription, so no live Premier League stuff. Food is lunchtimes Monday - Friday only, so that's not going to help football fans. Opens at 11.30a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, otherwise 12.00 noon, and is open all day.
Our Mutual Friend, Broadwater Crescent, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG2 8EH. Tel: 01438 312282. Email: Website: Click Here. Map: Click Here.

Roaring Meg: More of a family restaurant than a drinking establishment, we've included it because of its proximity to the ground. This is a Harvester chain establishment, situated in the Retail Park opposite the ground, you'll get a menu that you can probably predict without reading it. Opens at 11.00a.m. with food served from 12.00 noon.
Roaring Meg, Roaring Meg Retail Park, London Road, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 1XN. Tel: 01438 743391. Website: Click Here. Map: Click Here.

Standard Bearer: Local Wetherspoon outlet situated close to the Bus Station in the town square, and thus may be convenient for those coming in via rail or other public transport. As usual with their chain pubs, expect relatively cheap prices and generally a reasonable standard of real ales.
Standard Bearer, Unit 1 The Plaza, Dane Street, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 1PF. Tel: 01438 731450. Website: Click Here. Map: Click Here.

Standing Order: A second Wetherspoon pub in Stevenage. This one is in the Old Town area, and thus handy if you're also doing the Marquis of Lorne. However, this does mean that it's a little further from the ground than the other Wetherspoon branch, The Standing Order, which is in the more modern town centre area. Usual Wetherspoon pros and cons apply.
Standing Order, 33 High Street, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 3AU. Tel: 01438 316972. Website: Click Here. Map: Click Here.

Likelihood the Natives Will Understand You :

High, especially if you perfect the Mockney whine the natives seem to be is that so fond of. For additional credibility, wear an Arsenal or Tottenham shirt around town - and there was me thinking Stevenage was in Hertfordshire!

Top-Tip :

Drink in London and get the last possible fast train. Leave on the first possible fast train and drink in London. You’ll thank us!

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Stevenage Borough : Local Amenities
Local Guesthouses and Hotels

There are none. Nope not one. You'll thank us for saving you from yourself if you've ever, even briefly, entertained in a moment of madness the notion of staying in Stevenage.

Oh look, if you must, go to A1 Tourism's Online Guide to find Guest Houses/Hotels in the town and surrounding areas. But preferably the surrounding areas.

Other Points Of Interest

Timmy Mallet originally comes from Stevenage. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

[No responsibilty is taken for any inaccuracies. This page is entirely the product of bias and prejudice.]

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