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Exeter City : Club Background
Given Exeter City are one of our near neighbours it may seem remarkable how few times we have played them in our history. Evidence of the great divide between League and Non-League football. Even though the early rounds Proper of the F.A. Cup were regionalised for most of that competition's history we have only drawn Exeter out of the hat once - in 1934-35 - though we did play at St James Park as a neutral venue in a Fourth Qualifying Round second replay against Minehead in 1969. Until Reserve sides were excluded from the Southern League at the end of the Fifties our first team did meet their stiffs on a regular basis, but the only other genuine meeting on an equal footing we have found to date was in the Western Counties Floodlight League in the mid-Sixties. And even there, although the regulations stated clubs should put out full strength sides one suspects the League teams involved rarely if ever did.

The Adam Stansfield Stagecoach Stand - opened in 2018 and named after the former Glovers and Grecians striker
The Adam Stansfield Stagecoach Stand - opened in 2018 and named after the former Glovers and Grecians striker
Photo © 2018 Exeter City

The Grecians, along with Shrewsbury Town, were of course the clubs we and Doncaster Rovers replaced in the Football League in 2003, so we missed them again. Exeter were something of a joke around that period, in financial chaos, embarrassing associations with Uri Geller and Michael Jackson, and falling into the hands of John Russell and Mike Lewis. Both had previous of ruining other clubs, and eventually Russell received a prison term and Lewis a community service sentence for their fraudulent activities at St James Park.

However, back to the beginning. Exeter City were formed in 1904 out of two earlier clubs in the area, St Sidwell's United and Exeter United, and set up home at St James Park at the same time. They joined the East Devon League, and their first ever match was a 2-1 win against 110th Battery of the Royal Artillery (you don't get clubs like that today). Winning the East Devon League at something of a canter, the next season they moved up to the Plymouth & District League where they spent three years. In 1908 the club turned professional, and was elected into the Southern League to replace Tottenham Hotspur who had in turn moved into the Football League despite finishing seventh. Exeter's first season in the Southern League was a pretty impressive sixth, and they also racked up what still remains their record victory, a 14-0 demolition of our Weymouth friends (so worth mentioning) in an F.A. Cup First Qualifying Round. However that was as good as it got in the SL, and from then until football was suspended for the Great War the Grecians were generally a mediocre outfit treading water in the middle of the pack. It was during this period that they abandoned their green and white kit, deciding it was 'unlucky', and adopted the red and white striped shirts they wear today. In 1914 they made their famous tour of South America and are reputed to be the first ever opponents played by the newly formed Brazil national side.

Once football resumed in 1919-1920 they were back in the Southern League and back finishing mid-table. At the end of that season they were one of the twenty-two clubs invited to form Football League Division Three, finishing 19th. When Division Three South and Division Three North were set up for the following campaign it goes without saying Exeter found themselves in the former. The Grecians were to remain in Division Three South throughout its existence, a runners-up spot in 1932-33 being the only bright spot in four decades of mid-table finishes interspersed by six re-elections. Ahead of the Football League restructuring of 1958 they finished bottom and thus ended up in the new Fourth Division.

In 1963-64 Exeter, rather out of the blue since their previous three seasons had been fairly dire and required yet another re-election, finished 4th and so got promoted to the Third Division. They lasted two seasons before retreating into the basement for another eleven campaigns. The mid Seventies and into the early Eighties was the club's best spell to date. A runners-up spot in 1976-77 saw them then sustain Division Three status for seven seasons.

They were relegated to the Fourth Division again in 1984 and had the dubious honour of being one of the final clubs to be re-elected in 1986, after which that system was scrapped. Again somewhat out of the blue, after several seasons of stuggle, Exeter suddenly won the Fourth Division, the first title since that East Devon League one back in their founding season. Relegated in 1993-94 the next season saw them about to go out of the Football League when they finished 92nd, only to be saved at the eleventh hour when Conference Champions Macclesfield Town were deemed not to have a suitable ground. Year after year of lower mid-table followed until fate finally caught up with them in the season the Football League and the Conference agreed two up / two down for the first time and they inconveniently finished 23rd. This time there were no supposed ground issues to save them and the Grecians were back in Non-League.

It took the club five seasons to get back out, and it was ex-Glover Paul Tisdale who did the trick, managing them to a losing Play-off Final against Morecambe in 2006-07 but returning to Wembley the following year to defeat Cambridge United. This then became back-to-back promotions when Exeter finished runners-up to Brentford to head from the Conference to League One in two years.

That almost looked like a step too far during the 2009-10 season when they hovered just above the relegation zone and almost went down on the final day - during the 'live' League One tables across that Saturday, they occupied the relegation zone with just eight minutes remaining. They survived, with midfielder Ryan Harley their hero, and the 2010-11 season saw them improve substantially upon that finishing a highly creditable 8th and for a while with an outside chance of the play-offs. That made their 2011-12 relegation something of a surprise - they had been more tipped to go in the other direction. Since then they've been stuck in League Two, and playing for the long-haul - they've gone big on youth development policies in the hope that they can gain success through the 'Crewe Alexandra model'. The 2016-17 season almost saw them do it - missing out on promotion through the play-offs after a 5th placed finish, despite an awful start to that season. Then came the 2017-18 season, and this time a 4th place, but another play-offs defeat.

As outsiders, we were a little bit surprised to find some Grecians fans starting to air frustrations at Paul Tisdale towards the end of that 2017-18 campaign. We'd have loved a 5th and a 4th place, even if both ended in disappointment. But with his contract running out at St James Park, ironically due to a decision made during the early part of the 2016-17 campaign to give notice on the 'rolling' nature of his deal there, Tisdale was free to look elsewhere, and he jumped ship for Milton Keynes Dons, perhaps feeling that he needed a club that could avoid the play-off lottery. His development squad manager Matt Taylor has replaced him, and once again Exeter look like a club heading for the play-offs, but probably not more than that - third time lucky?

Yeovil Town and Exeter City have the theoretical chance to develop some serious local rivalry, despite only first meeting in a 'proper' League (we'll ignore the Western Counties Floodlit League meetings here) environment during the 2009-10 season. Both clubs are of a relatively similar size and it's probably only the historical underachievement of the Glovers that has stopped the two clubs from meeting more often in the past. Sometimes though, rivalry doesn't develop, and at present if anything the two clubs are tightly bonded by the untimely death of Grecians striker Adam Stansfield during 2010 that shocked and united both sets of supporters. With the likes of Paul Tisdale and Terry Skiverton having lined up in the same Yeovil Town side back in their playing days (the 2018-19 meeting will be the first to feature neither of them!). Hence at present, this one is a rivalry of competitive but friendly respect and sometimes that is no bad thing.

The Big Bank Terrace - situated opposite the away end
The Big Bank Terrace - situated opposite the away end
Photo 2009 Ciderspace

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Exeter City : We've Met Before
Previous Results for Yeovil Town First Team vs Exeter City

08/12/1934HomeFAC2W4-1Page, Crewe(2), Smith
15/12/1965HomeWCFLW6-2Harding, Read, Taylor(3), Foley
19/07/2001AwayFrndW2-11243Alford 4, Belgrave 85
18/07/2006HomeFrndW2-01932Cohen 50, McCallum 90
18/08/2009AwayCCL1D1-16650Mason 72
23/01/2010HomeCCL1W2-16282Stam 6, Mason 41
31/08/2010HomeLDV1L1-32954Welsh 76
25/09/2010HomeNPL1L1-35886S Williams 57
19/03/2011AwayNPL1W3-25841S Williams 43, Bowditch 58, 64
19/11/2011HomeNPL1D2-25635Upson 2, Blizzard 65
02/01/2012AwayNPL1D1-15912A Williams 40
11/08/2012HomeFrndD2-2817Upson 30, Reid 90
23/07/2013HomeFrndW2-11180Upson 2, Madden 81
08/08/2015AwayFL2L2-35659Cornick 46, Dolan 63
25/03/2017AwayEFL2D3-35492Zoko 62, Harrison 70, Lacey 78
29/08/2017AwayCHTGW3-11509Surridge 46, Browne 75, Khan 78
23/12/2017HomeEFL2W3-14834Gray 41, Zoko 47, Surridge 88
06/10/2018HomeEFL2D2-24223Green 48, Fisher 61
26/12/2018AwayEFL2L1-25974James 53

Results Summary For Yeovil Town First Team vs Exeter City


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Exeter City Reserves : We've Met Before
Previous Results for Yeovil Town First Team vs Exeter City Reserves

17/03/1923HomeSLESD2-2Day, Hayward
24/03/1923AwaySLESW3-0Edwards, Wright(2)
15/09/1923AwaySLWDW3-1Hayward, Watts, Gregory
19/09/1925HomeWLD1D2-2Abbott, Gregory
02/01/1926HomeSLWDW4-2Scott, Edwards, Pidgeon, Gallon
30/01/1926AwayWLD1L3-5Scott(2), Edwards
11/09/1926HomeSLWDW5-1Hayward(3), Gallon, Pidgeon
28/12/1926AwayWLD1L3-5Lowes, Abbott, Radford
30/04/1927HomeWLD1W5-2Scott(2), Lowes(3)
17/12/1927HomeSLWDW3-1Scott, Lowes(2)
10/03/1928HomeWLD1L2-3Scott, Radford
05/09/1929HomeWLD1W3-1Whitehead(2), Bloxham
18/04/1930AwaySLWDW4-0Bloxham(2), Western(2)
21/04/1930HomeSLWDW5-1Bloxham, Parkin, Western, McDade(2)
24/01/1931HomeWLD1W12-0Edmunds(3), Jordan, Bloxham(2), Rankin(2), McNeil(3), Connaboy
23/09/1931AwayWLCSW4-3Dash(3), Pemberton
26/12/1931HomeWLD1W4-2Davin(2), Molloy, Millington
10/09/1932HomeSLWDW8-2Parkin, Anderson(2), McNeil(2), Miles, Rankin(2)
19/11/1932AwaySLWDD3-3Lewis, Anderson(2)
24/04/1933HomeWLD1L2-5Lewis, Hodder
03/03/1934HomeWLD1W2-1Coward, Slade
01/09/1934AwayWLD1W3-1Savage, McNeil, Own Goal
17/11/1934HomeWLD1W5-3Savage(2), Parle, McNeil(2)
02/02/1935HomeSLWDW5-1Taylor(3), Smith, Own Goal
25/12/1935AwaySLWDL3-5Halliday, Connor(2)
26/12/1935HomeSLWDW3-2Halliday(2), Park
03/09/1936HomeSLC1W4-1Smith(2), Halliday, Burgess
29/03/1937HomeSLD3-3McNeil, Halliday, Attley
18/04/1938HomeSLW3-2Wilkins(2), Appleby
07/12/1946AwaySLW3-2Hartburn(2), Mitcheson
19/02/1947AwaySLCGW5-1Mitcheson, Doyle(2), Hartburn, Gore
08/03/1947HomeSLCGW8-3Marshall, Hartburn(2), Doyle(2), Stock, Mitcheson(2)
07/04/1947HomeSLW7-1Marshall, Collins, Gore, Mitcheson, Doyle(2), K Hayward
11/09/1947HomeSLCGW5-1Swinfen(2), Marshall(2), Horlock
20/09/1947HomeSLW4-0Horlock, Douglas(3)
16/04/1949AwaySLW2-0Bryant, Coffey
08/04/1950HomeSLW2-0Philips, Wright
10/04/1950AwaySLW2-1Hamilton, Wright
12/04/1951HomeSLW2-1Rae, Wright
20/03/1952HomeSLW2-1Lowthorpe, Own Goal
27/12/1952AwaySLW3-1Lunn, Easton, Brown
04/04/1953HomeSLL3-4Lunn(2), Machin
19/12/1953HomeSLW5-0Edwards, Hindle, Clarke, Ryan, Lunn
16/10/1954AwaySLW3-2Reid(2), Ryan
02/12/1954HomeSLC1RW3-1Reid, Fraser(2)
05/03/1955HomeSLW3-1Reid, Clarke, McKay
08/09/1955HomeSLCPR1W4-3Reid(2), Fidler(2)
10/11/1956HomeSLW5-1McKay(2), Elder(2), Fidler
26/09/1957HomeSLD2-2McKay, Travis
23/11/1957AwaySLD3-3Alexander(2), Gemmell
27/09/1958HomeSLW6-1McConnon(2), McKay, Emmonds, Dennis, Phillips
04/11/1958AwaySLIZL2-4McConnon, O Donnell

Results Summary For Yeovil Town First Team vs Exeter City Reserves


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Exeter City : Club Statistics




Highest League Attendance: Not Applicable
Lowest League Attendance: Not Applicable
Average League Attendance: Not Applicable


Games Without A Win: 0 Games Without A Home Win: 0
Games Without An Away Win: 0 Games Without Defeat: 0
Games Without A Home Defeat: 0 Games Without An Away Defeat: 0
Games Without A Draw: 0 Games Without A Score Draw: 0
Games Without A No-Score Draw: 0 Games Without Scoring: 0
Games Without Conceding: 0 Home Results Sequence:
Away Results Sequence: Overall Results Sequence:

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Exeter City : Club Information
St James Park
Stadium Way

(Click for map)

Telephone Number : 01392 411243
Fax : 01392 413959
Email: reception@exetercityfc.co.uk
Chairman : Julian Tagg
Club Secretary : Roger Conway
Safety Officer : Jim Eastment
Press Officer : Andy Gillard (Press), Peter Evans (Website)
Manager : Matt Taylor

Capacity : 9,036
Seated : 3,806
Covered Terrace : 4,030

Record Attendance : 20,984 v Sunderland, FAC 6th Round replay, 04/03/1931
Colours : shirt - red and white stripes; shorts - white; socks - white with red trim
Nickname : The Grecians

Ticket Prices :

St James Park has completed its redevelopment which means the Stagecoach stand and the away terrace is now open again, with the new constructions. Prices for the 2018-19 League Two fixture are as follows:

IP Office Main Stand (Seating):
Advance Tickets: Adults: 22.00; Over-65s and Students with ID: 19.00; Under-18s: 9.50.
On The Day Tickets: Adults: 23.00; Over-65s and Students with ID: 20.00; Under-18s: 10.00.

Marsh Kia St James Road Stand (Terracing):
Advance Tickets: Adults: 16.00; Over-65s and Students with ID: 13.00; Under-18s: 4.50.
On The Day Tickets: Adults: 17.00; Over-65s and Students with ID: 14.00; Under-18s: 5.00.

NOTE: Terrace tickets cannot be duplicated if they are lost.

Sales and collections will be from the Away Booth before approaching the turnstiles. This is situated close to the turnstiles in St James Road. It is attached to the main St James Centre building and set back from the road behind the red and white railings. Note there is an increase in ticket prices on match day as referenced above.

Entry for fans is through the dedicated away turnstiles in St James Road close to the Away Ticket Booth.

Disabled Info:
There are three pairs of tickets for away wheelchair fans in the away disabled bay of the Main Stand (by the away seats). Prices here are a maximum of the concession price for this stand (19 in advance) with the assistant free. Under 18s therefore pay 9.50 in advance. Fans should ring Exeter City directly on 01392 411243 (option 2 or 3) to book these. The Disability Liaison Officer at St James Park is Nick Saunders on either the above number or disability@exetercityfc.co.uk.

The new Stagecoach Adam Stansfield Stand also features a 'Changing Places' accessible room with hoist, shower and other features. Should any wheelchair bound or disabled visiting supporters wish to use this, please ask a steward for access.

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Exeter City : Directions To The Ground

The new St James Road Terrace - rebuilt in 2018 and now covered in two sections
The new St James Road Terrace - rebuilt in 2018 and now covered in two sections
Photo 2018 Ciderspace


Most Yeovil fans are going to know where Exeter is.

By Road

If approaching on the M5 exit at Junction 30, and then follow the signs for Middlemoor. Take the second exit at Middlemoor roundabout, signed Heavitree. Follow signs for City Centre, going through Heavitree for approximately two miles. Past the police station on your right, then at the bottom of the hill turn right at the roundabout into Western Way (signed Pinhoe and Broadclyst). At the next roundabout, take the second Exit into Old Tiverton Road and then second left into Stadium Way.

Approaching via the A303 / A30, go past Exeter Airport and under the M5 bridge (J29). Carry straight on at the next set of lights, past the Met Office on your right to the next roundabout. Straight across this roundabout to the next set of lights (T Junction). Turn right at these lights then follow directions for the City Centre and the subsequently the stadium as detailed above.


Parking at the stadium is limited and therefore reserved for staff, visiting directors and sponsors. Most of the streets around St James Park are reserved for residents and permit holders only. According to the Exeter end this is vigorously enforced. Penalty charges range from 50 to 70.

The nearest council car park is Belmont Road. It's open 24 hours, but is tiny so unless you arrive very early and are very very lucky....... More realistic is the multi-storey King William Street with 730 spaces. Although normally closed at 9.00 p.m don't panic if you've returned and it looks locked up: the entrance/exit off Leighton Terrace is kept open until 11.00 p.m. when City have evening matches. Other car parks within an easy walk are: Triangle (24 hours, 288 spaces) and Howell Road (24 hours, 322 spaces, EX4 4LZ). All the council car parks become free of charge after 6.00 p.m. but charge on Saturdays.

By Supporters Coaches

The Green and White Supporters Club are running coaches to the match for this 2018-19 League Two fixture as follows:

Coaches will depart from Huish Park at 9.30a.m. Cost of travel will be 11.00 for Adults, with no concessions available on this occasion. Non-GWSC members are welcomed and will pay two pounds extra.

To place your booking, send a text message to Paul Hadlow on 07736 044570. If you want to call him please only do so after 6.00p.m. You can also reach him at paulhadlow@outlook.com - Remember in all cases to ensure you make clear which match you are booking for, your full name (and any other names you are booking for) and a contact telephone number.

By Rail

BOXING DAY 2018: There will be no rail services running on the day of our 2018-19 season visit. The information below is provided only for generic purposes. The stadium is adjacent to St James Park Station. This station is two minutes (by rail) east of Exeter Central and served by a 'branch line' starting at Exeter St David's, going via Exeter Central and ending at Exmouth. Given the walk from St James Park Station to Exeter Central is only ten to fifteen minutes, you might decide it's not worth the hassle of dealing with changing trains. You can use Exeter St David's, but that station is a longer walk from the ground, 15 to 20 minutes, than Central.

South West Trains run roughly one train an hour for the majority of the day from Yeovil Junction to Exeter Central and Exeter St David's. Journey time is just under or just over the hour. The connection through to Exeter St James runs only once per hour so if you plan to make use of that then make sure you're aware of your connection times.

By Bus

The main Bus Station is only about five mintes walk away from the ground. St James Park Stadium is close enough to the city centre that buses probably won't be a concern, but should you want one the services running closest past the stadium are the B, E and F1/2. A bus route map can be found here.

By Taxi

A selection of Exeter taxi companies can be found here.

The IP Office Main Stand (formerly known as the Flybe Stand) - a relatively new stand situated side-on to the pitch
The IP Office Main Stand (formerly known as the Flybe Stand) - a relatively new stand situated side-on to the pitch
Photo 2009 Ciderspace

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Exeter City : Web Resources
Web Sites

Exeter City Official Site
Exeter's main club website, part of the Football League's chain of sites. Usual navigation problems with this format, although the Grecians seem to have put in a bit more thought to what fans actually want out of a website, rather than just corporate blandness.

Exeter City Supporters Trust
Very formal, and does exactly what it says on the tin. Probably excellent if you are a member. If you're not, you're not going to find anything of interest here.

Exeter City Unofficial Grecians
Mad franchise site. With a few exceptions that are excellent, I've never understood how the Mad franchise has kept going so long. Does anyone use them? With, for example, a 'Club History' that has managed to stretch to four sentences since 2001 this is not one of the exceptions.

Vital Exeter City
Advertising for an editor when reviewed, so just contains centrally generated Vital franchise material. No need to waste your time here.

Web Message Boards

Exe Web
Busy forum structured into ten categories of discussion. If you wish to see what Exeter fans are talking about this is the place to go.

Vital Exeter City Forum
Everyone uses Exe Web.

E-Mail Mailing Lists and Newsletters

Local Press

Exeter Express & Echo
Provides daily coverage of the club.

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Exeter City : Food & Drink
General :

St James Park is fairly central, so there's plenty of places to eat and drink close by and within five to ten minutes walk in the city centre.

Club Bar :

Exeter City's Social Club at the ground is normally open to away fans - it's known as The Park (but many know it as the Centre Spot) and is worth a visit given that it's one of the few clubs on the circuit to offer real ale (St Austell Tribute plus three changing ales) inside. There's also another area called The Park where away fans are welcome. You'll find it on the corner of the Main Stand and the Away Terrace. Inside the stadium food is the usual football ground fare.

Local Pubs :

When I first knew Exeter there was at least one pub that only served cider, and there weren't many that didn't have a barrel of the real stuff somewhere on the premises. Those days are long gone, but there are still a reasonable number of outlets around the city where a decent pint can be found, amongst them: Double Locks (Gray's Devon Farmhouse) - sadly, although one of the best pubs, at three and a half miles from the ground, too far to get a write up; First'n'Last (Thatchers Heritage and Taunton Traditional); Old Firehouse (Winkleigh Sam's Dry and Thatchers). If beer is your preference over cider, there are plenty of small local breweries in Devon, and one in Exeter itself: The Exeter Brewery.

NOTE: The Well House Tavern which was on our guide has been taken off as it's closed due to a serious fire. Meanwhile the Wells Tavern which had been previously taken off our guide, is now back on it under a new name of St Anne's Well - that's the nearest pub to the ground.

BOXING DAY 2018: Note that many pubs in Boxing Day may have altered opening times, in particular some may only open in the evenings. Given you're looking at a 1.00p.m. kick-off, you may find some of the outlets below are not open before the game. Our advance is to either call in advance, or choose one of the 'chain' pubs that tend to keep standard opening hours if you are trying to meet people before the game. Privately owned pubs are the most likely to decide to have a lie-in on Boxing Day.

Beer Cellar: Craft beer bar located very close to the Guildhall Shopping Centre, right in the centre of the city. If you want obscure beers then this is the place to be. Expect 9 keg lines, 6 cask hand pulls and 50+ bottled beers. Opening hours: 11:00a.m. midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. They shut at 10.00p.m. on other days of the week.
Beer Cellar, 2 South Street, Exeter, Devon, EX1 1DZ. Tel: 01392-757570. Website: Click Here. Map: Click Here.

Bowling Green: Standard old style boozer with the advantage of being five or six minutes walk from the stadium (a bit further for the away end). Expect to see Sharp's Atlantic, Sharp's Doom Bar and St Austell Proper Job plus one guest beer. They also have a beer garden, juke box, pool table and do food. Live music on a Saturday night. Opening hours are noon until midnight, with an extra hour later on a Friday and Saturday, but closing an hour early on a Sunday.
Bowling Green, 29-30, Blackboy Road, Exeter, Devon, EX4 6ST. Tel: 01392 422527. Website: Click Here. Map: Click Here.

Great Western Hotel: As Brunel did nothing on a small scale this is not a little place. Has two bars on different levels. Only 150 yards from Exeter St David's Station it is most useful for those alighting there. It's then about 20 minutes walk to the stadium. Opening is 10.00 a.m. to midnight seven days a week. There are up to eight real ales on at a time, with Dartmoor Jail Ale and RCH PG Steam regulars. No food except for the hotel breakfast - there is a chinese restaurant next door. They also have 35 en-suite hotel rooms - reviews suggest that these are fairly basic affairs. Disabled, child and dog friendly, although their accommodation is not suitable for disabled people. Has an outside smoking area.
Great Western Hotel, St David's Station Approach, Exeter, Devon, EX4 4NU. Tel: 01392 274039. Website: Click Here. Map: Click Here.

Imperial: Huge Wetherspoon - one of four in the city - close by Exeter St David's Railway Station, which makes it a 20 minute walk from St James Park, converted from the old Imperial Hotel in 1996. Has the usual strengths and weaknesses of that chain. Wide range of ales, with more effort than some in the stable make to source local beers. The majority of Wetherspoon pubs do a real cider these days, and this one's no exception. It will probably be Weston's, which is what the chain mostly dispenses though you do see other varieties occasionally. Large beer garden, and a number of distinct drinking areas inside. Standard Wetherspoon menu served all day. Opening is 9.00 a.m. - midnight Sunday to Thursday, 9.00 a.m. - 1.00 a.m. Friday and Saturday.
Imperial, New North Road, Exeter, Devon, EX4 4AH. Tel: 01392 434050. Website: Click Here. Map: Click Here.

Old Firehouse: Close by Exeter Central Railway Station and the main Bus Station and about ten minutes walk from St James Park. Opening hours are from midday every day, closing at 1.00a.m. on Sunday nights, at 3.00a.m. on Thurs/Fri/Sat and 2.00a.m. on other nights. The pub spreads across three floors and food is served lunch times and in the evening. Very reasonably priced as it goes for the student market in term time. There are two house real ales, Sharp's Doom Bar and Wychwood Hobgoblin, and two changing guests, usually from local West Country breweries. Live music features on Saturday and Sunday nights. Beer garden for smokers and others.
Old Firehouse, 50, New North Road, Exeter, Devon, EX4 4EP. Tel: 01392 277279. Email: theoldfirehouse@btconnect.com. Website: Click Here. Map: Click Here.

Samuel Jones: Situated down on the Exeter Quayside, and therefore one of the further pubs to reach, but handy if you come in via Exeter St Thomas station, or are wanting to visit the Cathedral. They do a variety of local beers from St Austell, and have also created something called the Small Batch Beer Club - a collaboration with various local brewers where they take on various seasonal and one-off ales - as the name suggests it's 'small batches' and therefore rotates from week to week. Food is also served - expect to pay 10-12 for a main course, but the menu is very much aimed at the 'gastro' end of the pub market. Opening hours are a standard 8.30a.m. until 11.00p.m. - they serve breakfasts and coffee up until the alcoholic bar opens at 11.00a.m.
Samuel Jones, 37 Commercial Road, Exeter, Devon, EX2 4AE. Tel: 01392-345345. Email: samueljones@staustellbrewery.co.uk. Website: Click Here. Map: Click Here.

St Anne's Well: Closest pub to the stadium, in fact right by it. This pub was the Brook Green Tavern and then became the Wells Tavern. They re-opened under the new name in early 2016, and is managed by Punch Taverns. Despite its proximity to the ground, they actively welcome away supporters. They do free wifi, Sky Sports, pool and darts. They have a food menu with both lunchtime and evening meals. Expect to see Sharp's Doombar and Old Rosie cider, along with two changing real ales. Opening hours 12 noon until 11.00p.m.
St Anne's Well, 31, Well Street, Exeter, Devon, EX4 6QL. Tel: 01392 435442. Email: stanneswell@outlook.com. Website: Click Here. Map: Click Here.

Victoria Inn: Other side of St James Park from the city centre, across the railway line. Underwent a change of management around 2010 which seemed to up the standard. The landlord at that time, Ben, posted a number of messages on the Green Room welcoming Yeovil fans to sample his hospitality. Does real ale and good cheap food. Around five minutes from the ground. Well used by home fans, but no issues. Expect to see Sharp's Doom Bar, Otter Ale and three changing beers. Opening times are 12.00 noon until midnight on a Saturday. They are closed all day on Sundays, whilst on other days of the week they only open at 4.00p.m. Food served until 9.00p.m. NOTE: This pub is very geared towards the University crowd, and thus is currently adopting a policy of closing entirely during the summer holiday period - in practice around six weeks for the second half of July and the whole of August, so if you're ever visiting Exeter over the summer pay attention to opening times.
Victoria Inn, 36, Victoria Street, Exeter, Devon, EX4 6JQ. Tel: 01392 477740. Website: Click Here. Map: Click Here.

Likelihood the Natives Will Understand You :

Tis proper West Countree m' luvver.

Top-Tip :

Make a day of it. Exeter's not a bad city. Not exactly cosmopolitan on a World scale, but in West Country terms it's big and sophisticated enough to have abandoned witch trials and smocks while being small enough that most things are accessible with a stroll.

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Exeter City : Local Amenities
Local Guesthouses and Hotels

Go to A1 Tourism's Online Guide to find Guest Houses/Hotels in the town and surrounding areas.

Other Points Of Interest

Exeter is what I term a proper city. In other words it's a city because it has a cathedral, not just because of its size or through lobbying the government to give it 'city' status. It has also, at least partially, avoided being gutted by property developers so older parts of the city do remain and give it some character. In term time there are a lot of students, so bear it in mind that the closer you try to park to the University halls, the more clogged up the streets will be by cars.

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This was the original Stagecoach Family Stand at St James Park - it was knocked down during the 2017-18 season and replaced by a new stand
This was the original Stagecoach Family Stand at St James Park - it was knocked down during the 2017-18 season and replaced by a new stand
Photo 2009 Ciderspace

This was the original St James Road Terrace, but it was demolished and replaced during the 2017-18 season
This was the original St James Road Terrace, but it was demolished and replaced during the 2017-18 season
Photo 2009 Ciderspace

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