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Barnet : Club Background

The roots of football in Barnet date back to 1882 when Woodville FC were formed. That club then became New Barnet FC in 1885 before forming as merely Barnet FC (Version 1) in 1888. They played in New Barnet before moving to Ravenscroft Park in Queens Road. Having been part of the North Middlesex League and the London League, that club folded in 1902. Although it used the Barnet name we know today, it isn't directly connected to the actual Barnet club that exists today, however did have an influence upon the club that was actually formed.

In parallel, Barnet Avenue FC (formed 1890) and Alston Works AFC (formed 1901) were separate clubs, but when the original Barnet club folded, the Avenue side renamed themselves as Barnet FC (Version 2) in 1904. Despite this, it was the Alston Works side that probably were the originators of the Barnet we know today. Alston were dental manufacturers and their works team played in Amber and Black - the modern day Barnet colours. When they won the London League in 1906-07, Alston Works chose that moment to move to a dedicated ground in Underhill. Five years later, they merged with Barnet FC (formerly Barnet Avenue) to become known as Barnet and Alston FC. After the end of World War I, when football resumed, they became known simply as Barnet FC (version 3) with the Underhill ground and the Amber and Black being maintained from the Alston side.

In 1912, Barnet had joined the Athenian League, staying there for 53 years, winning the league title seven times in the process. They won the FA Amateur Cup (a competition ultimately superceded by the FA Trophy) in 1945-46, beating Bishop Auckland at Stamford Bridge. During the following season they also staged a footballing first - a live televised football match between Barnet and Wealdstone that the BBC took on in what was ground-breaking television at that time. It almost worked, except that the BBC had to abandon the transmission in the final ten minutes as it was getting too dark for their cameras to pick up the ball!
Barnet's The Hive as viewed as you walk down the entrance road
Barnet's The Hive as viewed as you walk down the entrance road.
Photo 2016 Ciderspace

In 1965, Barnet turned semi-professional, joining the Southern League. Promotion as Champions of Division 1 in 1965-66 meant that they joined the Southern Premier League, and so for the first time they crossed paths with Yeovil Town on February 11th 1967 - the start of a long association between the two clubs that was only significantly broken when Yeovil Town entered the Football League in 2003.

By the 1970s, Barnet were becoming one of the bigger forces in non-league football, finishing runners up in the FA Trophy in 1971-72 and winning the Southern League Cup in the same season. They suffered a brief relegation in the mid-1970s but were immediately promoted in time for them to become one of the founder members of the Alliance Premier League (which became known as the Football Conference League and is now known as the National League). Just prior to that, a certain Barry Fry became their manager, in what would be a fifteen year association with the club, broken only by his 1985-86 spell with Maidstone United.

Under Fry - aided and abetted by controversial livewire Chairman Stan Flashman - he gave them three Conference runners-up slots. The third and final of those saw them finish runners up to Darlington in 1989-90, but during the following season Fry took them up as Conference Champions meaning that in 1991 Barnet became members of the Football League.
Barnet's The Hive as you reach the car park area
Barnet's The Hive as you reach the car park area.
Photo 2016 Ciderspace

Barnet's Football League experience was to be a turbulent one. On the pitch, scorelines such as 4-7 and 5-5 showed Fry's attacking style that saw goals galore at both ends. Off the pitch matters were exciting but in the wrong way. Flashman was a former ticket tout, who had no qualms in bending the rules in any way that he could. Financial issues concerning the club accounts and players wages were starting to show though, and right at the tail end of the 1992-93 season Barry Fry jumped ship to join Southend United. He'd done well to survive given that Flashman had reportedly sacked him eight (!) times during his reign as manager, only to reinstate him each time, but it seemed that Bazza had had enough despite leading them pretty much to promotion that season. His assistant Edwin Stein guided them over the finish line to take them up to Division Three to commence their one and only season at that level.

Stein also joined Fry at Southend over the summer, and it was easy to see why as off-the-field things unravelled. Their goalkeeper Gary Phillips became their manager and Barnet were put up for a motion of expulsion from the Football League at an EGM due to the non-payment of their players and other issues. The League tribunal nullified their players contracts, leaving that promotion-winning side in tatters and it was no surprise that Phillips - later joined by former England goalkeeper Ray Clemence - couldn't stop the inevitable drop.

Flashman also left the club and Barnet then spent seven more seasons back in fourth tier football before trouble struck again. John Still had been their manager until midway through the 2000-01 season when they had the bright idea of appointing the big name of Tony Cottee as their player-manager. He was to win just six matches in charge, before the Barnet board reversed their change, sacking Cottee and putting Still back in charge. By then it was too late - Barnet finished 24th and lost their Football League status after ten years at that level.

The other problem Barnet faced was their Underhill ground. Old, rambshackle and on a massive slope (those who made much of the old Yeovil Town Huish slope had never played at Underhill!) the ground was only borderline Football League standard, and each time the League tightened up on their ground regulations, Barnet slipped below that standard. They had plans to upgrade Underhill, but were involved in a political game of football as their local Borough Council flipped between Conservative and Labour majorities. With local residents objecting to Barnet's redevelopment plans, but Bees fans supporting them, the application bounced back-and-forth each time there was a local election, with Barnet frequently fobbing off the footballing authorities with the old classic "it will be sorted next year" line.

When Paul Fairclough led Barnet to the Conference title in 2004-05 - top scorer and former Glover Giuliano Grazioli finished with 29 goals - they managed to pass the Underhill ground and the club back into the Football League. That was to present them with eight more seasons of League football, nearly always at the wrong end of the table. Although they managed a peak of 12th during 2007-08, their finishes of 21st, 22nd and 22nd between 2009 and 2012 showed they were clinging on at the edge of a precipice - on all three occasions they needed a final day result to stop them getting relegated.

By 2012-13, their luck ran out. They'd appointed a high profile manager in Edgar Davids during October 2012 as the former Barcelona and Ajax midfielder took over the reins. However, just like the Cottee appointment just over ten years earlier, high profile doesn't always bring you success - Davids became the man that saw them relegated for a second time at the end of that campaign, finishing in 23rd place.

Barnet then spent two years back at Conference level before Martin Allen came in as manager in March 2014 - his fourth spell as their boss, having had some mixed times with the Bees. Whatever their fans might have thought of him when he returned again, they were singing his name by the end of the 2014-15 season when he gave them the Conference title and took them back to the Football League. As such, Barnet hold a unique position in football - the only club to win the Conference title three times.

Off the field, Barnet's stadium problems continued, with a dispute breaking out with Barnet Council over the lease on their Underhill stadium. In July 2012, Harrow Council gave permission for Barnet to set up a new training ground at The Hive Stadium - formerly the Prince Edwards Playing Fields. This had originally been earmarked as a new ground for Wealdstone FC, but when their investment partners folded, Barnet stepped in and took over the site. A year later they left Underhill, breaking their 106 year association with the site. They've been given a ten year lease on the site, effective from June 2015, which may mean that in the future they may face problems once again, but for the time being it will be their permanent home.

Barnet's 2017-18 season turned into a disaster. After Martin Allen left in December 2016, they became one of those clubs that lacked direction entirely in terms of their first team management set-up. They'd given the post to Rossi Eames, their Academy Coach, in the wake of Allen's departure, and he seemed to be quietly ticking along, which made their decision to take the job off him and install Kevin Nugent as a supposed permanent Head Coach in February 2017 look a little odd. Nugent lasted just two months, and they reinstalled Eames in a 'what was that last two months all about' move.

The chaos continued into the new season, with Eames removed again in November, to be replaced by Mark McGhee. The former Reading boss obtained just three wins in eleven games and then he was also turfed out. At this point, someone in the Barnet boardroom said "wouldn't it be a good idea if we appointed Graham Westley - the man who nearly relegated Newport County in the previous season?" - Westley ended up managing two wins in eleven games, and by then Barnet were in deep trouble. The Bees therefore did what they have always done - they called for Martin Allen to rescue them, but on this occasion his five wins in eight matches at the tail end of that season wasn't enough and Barnet dropped out of the Football League for the third time.

Barnet's return to the National League saw them finish in 12th position, during a 2018-19 season that was initially under veteran John Still, but with him passing the reins over to his assistant Darren Currie over Christmas 2018. Currie is a former Barnet midfielder, who finished a lengthy playing career by playing for a number of lower league and non-league sides in the London area. Thus he's a logical fit and has made steady, if not spectacular progress during his half season in charge of the club.
Barnet's East Stand - the smaller of two side seated areas
Barnet's East Stand - the smaller of two side seated areas.
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Barnet : We've Met Before
Previous Results for Yeovil Town First Team vs Barnet

26/04/1967HomeSLW3-1Albury, Vowles, Harding
06/03/1968HomeSLW3-1Weller, Mitten(2)
04/05/1968AwaySLL1-4K Thompson
08/11/1969AwaySLD1-1K Thompson
24/02/1970HomeSLW5-3Plumb, Housley(3), Davies
09/10/1971HomeSLL2-32871Weller, Cotton
27/01/1973HomeSLW2-1Own Goal(2)
15/09/1973HomeSLW3-02336Walker, Cotton(2)
16/11/1974HomeSLW3-02103Housley, Brown(2)
16/02/1977HomeSLC4W2-11256Clancy, Hickton
21/11/1979HomeAPLW5-01175Williams, Finnigan, Green, Morrall, Housley
19/04/1980AwayAPLW3-0412Finnigan, Morrall, Williams
10/02/1981AwayAPLD4-4526Ward, Williams, Green(2)
24/10/1981HomeAPLW4-11279Griffiths, Payne, Ward, Green
02/10/1982AwayAPLD4-4573Ritchie, Williams(2), Bell
13/10/1982HomeAPLW4-2910Bell(3), Williams
28/03/1984HomeAPLL2-4716Finnigan, Gibson
09/03/1985HomeGOLAW2-11388Gold, Ritchie
15/04/1989HomeGMVCW2-12304Spencer, Whittingham
18/10/1989HomeGMVCW3-22337Blackman, Spencer, Sherwood
05/03/1990HomeBLT3W3-21252Dent(2), Spencer
01/12/1990HomeGMVCL1-42768Carroll 89
23/02/1991AwayGMVCL2-32262Wilson 56, 76
02/10/2001AwayConfW3-21583Crittenden 39, Johnson 56, Ramsay 82
16/04/2002HomeConfL1-22125Way 70
20/08/2002AwayConfL1-21668Johnson 76
06/12/2003HomeFAC2W5-15973Miles 9, G Williams 18, 27, Crittenden 74, Edwards 78
01/09/2015HomeLDV1W1-01203Own Goal 37
12/12/2015HomeFL2D2-23162Zoko 80, 86
30/04/2016AwayFL2W4-32379Dolan 55, N Smith 63, Zoko 76, Cornick 90
15/03/2017AwayEFL2D2-21525Whitfield 14, Shephard 90
21/10/2017AwayEFL2D1-11751Khan 81
13/02/2018HomeEFL2W2-02455Surridge 2, Zoko 90

Results Summary For Yeovil Town First Team vs Barnet


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Barnet : Club Statistics


21/09/2019Halifax TownAwayNATLL2-41941Akinola 16, Adams 19
24/09/2019Ebbsfleet UnitedAwayNATLL0-3805
28/09/2019Solihull MoorsHomeNATLD0-01052
01/10/2019AFC FyldeAwayNATLW4-0Santos 10, Akinola 51, Walker 56, Vilhete 66
05/10/2019Dagenham and RedbridgeAwayNATLD1-11556Walker 43
08/10/2019BromleyHomeNATLL1-21083Walker 10


Simeon Akinola600006
Josh Walker400004
Jack Taylor300003
Ephron Mason-Clark200002
Mauro Vilhete100001
Dan Sparkes100001
Shaquile Coulthirst100001
Callum Reynolds100001
Wesley Fonguck100001
Charlee Adams100001
Ricardo Santos100001


Highest League Attendance: 1666, vs Yeovil Town, 03/08/2019
Lowest League Attendance: 1052, vs Solihull Moors, 28/09/2019
Average League Attendance: 1230


Games Without A Win: 2 Games Without A Home Win: 2
Games Without An Away Win: 1 Games Without Defeat: 0
Games Without A Home Defeat: 0 Games Without An Away Defeat: 2
Games Without A Draw: 1 Games Without A Score Draw: 1
Games Without A No-Score Draw: 3 Games Without Scoring: 0
Games Without Conceding: 0 Home Results Sequence: DDWWDL
Away Results Sequence: DWLLWD Overall Results Sequence: LLDWDL

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Barnet : Club Information
The Hive Stadium
Camrose Avenue

(Click for map)

Telephone Number : 020-8381-3800
Fax :
Chairman : Anthony Kleanthous
Secretary : John Meir
Safety Officer : Andrew Wigley
Web Site / Programme Editor : Will Evans
Manager : Darren Currie

Capacity : 6,205
Seated : 5,334
Covered Terrace : 871

Record Attendance : 11,026 v Wycombe Wanderers, FA Amateur Cup 4th Round 195152 (Underhill)
Colours : Amber and Black
Nickname : The Bees

Ticket Prices :
Prices for Yeovil Town's 2019-20 visit are as follows:

Seated - North Stand (Stand '66):
Adults: 20.00; Aged 65/Over and Under-21s: 13.00; Under-17s: 5.00.

Tickets will NOT be on sale from Huish Park. All tickets will be sold from the Barnet end, at their Hive Stadium. You can prebook tickets by purchasing online via the Hive Stadium online web portal. This allows you to purchase E-tickets which have a barcode on them. You'll need to right-click and download them and then have access to a printer to be able to print them off prior to travelling to the game. If you go in via their main portal page, you must click the "Change to Away" link to make the 'Stand Sixty-Six A' area clickable, as its default is to only make home seats visible. Or the direct link for the 2019-20 match is here.

If printing things off is difficult for you, then you can still purchase on the day from the Away Ticket Office. Both cash and cards are accepted.

Yeovil Town fans are due to be housed in what is now dubbed as Stand '66 but is in reality the new name for Barnet's North Stand - the newest area at the Hive Stadium, which is situated behind one of the goals and holds up to 1,924 people. It is an all-seater covered stand with unrestricted views in all seats.

Disabled Info:
Wheelchair and Ambulant Disabled supporters must call The Hive Stadium directly on 0208 381 3800 option 1 then option 1. Alternatively email for further information. They have 28 Wheelchair bays in the West Stand - photos imply there may be some disabled facilities in the North Stand, but their club website does not confirm this - they may not have caught up with the new developments yet, so check where you're going to be, if this is important to you.

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Barnet : Directions To The Ground
Barnet's North Stand - now open for away supporters
Barnet's North Stand - now open for away supporters


Don't go to Barnet! Their new stadium is situated in North-West London, east of Harrow and west of Edgware, relatively close to the foot of the M1.

By Road

For most Yeovil Town fans, you'll be coming in via the A303, then the M3 then heading clockwise around the M25 past Heathrow. Exactly what you do at that point probably depends on how busy the M25 is. If it's running well then the 'From the North' directions are probably easier to follow. However, if you want to get off early then the 'From the West' directions cut the mileage slightly at the expense of a little bit more London road navigation.

From the North: Take the M25/M1 junction towards London. Then exit at Junction 4 of the M1 on to the A41 toward Harrow/Edgware. At the roundabout take the 3rd exit onto the A410. At the next roundabout turn left on to the A5. After 300 metres turn right at the traffic lights, entering Camrose Avenue. Continue along Camrose Avenue and The Hive will be on your right just after the width restriction.

From the West: Take the M25/M40 junction towards London. Follow the M40 as it becomes the A40 (Western Avenue) until you reach the Hanger Lane junction. Use the left-hand lane to filter off the A40, then at the Hanger Lane roundabout take the 2nd exit onto A406 North Circular Road towards Wembley. Follow this road for several miles until you reach the Staples Corner roundabout which signposts you for the M1. Rather than get on the M1, take the 1st exit left at the roundabout underneath the North Circular that takes you northbound onto the A5 (Edgware Road). Follow the A5 for 3 miles. Turn left into Camrose Avenue. Continue along Camrose Avenue and The Hive will be on your right just after the width restriction. NOTE: Online maps suggest that you can reach the stadium via a road coming off Whitchurch Lane. This is a pedestrian-only path. You have to come in via Camrose Avenue.


The Hive offers on-site parking for up to 500 vehicles on a first-come, first-served basis at a cost of 5.00 on matchdays (and 1 on non-matchdays). Entry is via Camrose Avenue. Needless to say, this is London and so if you don't want Barnet's car park then pay careful attention to signage. Camrose Avenue itself gets coned off on match days so don't expect to park there.

An alternative is to park at Canons Park Tube Station which has 150 spaces with 2.00 Saturday parking charges.
Barnet's West Stand
Barnet's West Stand.
Photo 2016 Ciderspace

By Rail

The nearest London Underground station is Canons Park which is on the Jubilee Line - about a ten minute walk. As you come out of the station turn left. You will need to cross the road at some stage before you reach some metal railings that act as an entrance to playing fields. Walk through there and you will reach the North Terrace end of the ground.

You can also get off at Queensbury which is one stop south of Canons Park. Here it's a slightly longer walk, but if you're coming from Waterloo or Central London it means you're on the tube for one less stop. From Queensbury, you need to exit on the East side (right hand side) of the station and then at the roundabout turn left and walk up Turner Road for its full length. You'll then meet Camrose Avenue, so turn right there and the ground is on your left.

For most Yeovil Town supporters heading to the game, this means that you can reach the ground by heading up to London Waterloo on the train, and then taking the Jubilee Line northbound as far as Canons Park or Queensbury. Check the National Rail Enquiries site for details of services.

By Bus

The 340, 186 and 79 run from Edgware Station to Canons Park. The 288 and 688 run from Edgware Station to Camrose Avenue. The 114 stops at Turner Road, close to Queensbury Station.

By Taxi

A selection of Edgware taxi companies can be found here.
Looking into The Hive from the South-West corner
Looking into The Hive from the South-West corner.
Photo 2016 Ciderspace

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Barnet : Web Resources
Web Sites

Barnet Football Club Supporters' Association
Well put together site for the - guess who? - BFC Supporters Association. Updated regularly with news and views, plus a history of the club and info on the Supporters Association.

Official Barnet FC Website
PTV site, register to access.

Web Message Boards

Only Barnet
Bulletin board style busy Barnet board, split into multiple sections.

E-Mail Mailing Lists and Newsletters

Local Press

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Barnet : Food & Drink
General :

The Hive bar on the east side of the ground - home fans only
The Hive bar on the east side of the ground - home fans only. The Jubilee Bar is on the opposite side and admits away fans.
Photo 2016 Ciderspace

Probably because the ground is situated halfway between Edgware and Harrow, you're basically in the middle of nowhere as far as pubs are concerned. Thankfully there is a club bar. There are Cold baguettes served by entrance to the club bar, and burgers. But unless you choose the club bar, you've got very limited options without hopping on a tube.

Club Bar :

Because of the move to the North Stand, we're not sure if away fan access to the Jubilee Bar is still maintained. In the North Stand there is a new bar called Bar 66 which is situated by the North Stand (which is also renamed as Stand '66). Beer is expensive at up to 4.00 a pint, although this is London so to be expected. You'll have it served in plastic glasses as well. In addition, there are two other bars called the Hive Bar and Grazioli's (named after the former Yeovil Town and Barnet player) - these are for home fans only.

Local Pubs :

You'd think that if you picked any spot in London that you'd be safely assured of a glittering array of local bars and pints galore. Not in Camrose Avenue it appears. You'll find that many of our recommendations involve starting off a few tube stops away and then doing the last leg at about half an hour before kick-off. For those coming in by train, you may prefer to use the London Waterloo area as your watering holes, given that gives you a natural break on your journey. Other guides may recommend The Man In The Moon - a Wetherspoon pub in Stanmore - that one shut down in February 2016, and you will find zero pubs left at that tube stop.

Moranos: Irish bar located close to Canons Park tube station, north of the stadium. No real ale. As far as we can tell, they don't do food either. They do show live sports games on the screens though. Opening hours are 12.00 noon until 11.30p.m. except for Fridays and Saturdays when they're open until 2.00a.m. Incredibly this is the only pub within realistic walking distance to the ground.
Moranos, 12 Station Parade, Canons Park, Edgware, London, HA8 6RW. Tel: 020-8951-5353. Website: Click Here. Map: Click Here.

Likelihood the Natives Will Understand You :

Put on your best Bazza Fry accent, call everyone a geezer, and drop all letter H's and no-one will even notice that you're not from these parts.

Top-Tip :

Unless you're happy to take a pint at the ground, drink in central London or around the Waterloo area. The choice of pubs in the Camrose Avenue area is sparse to say the least!
This was how the North Stand/Terrace looked in April 2016 as Barnet built their new stand
This was how the North Stand/Terrace looked in April 2016 as Barnet built their new stand.
Photo 2016 Ciderspace

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Barnet : Local Amenities
Local Guesthouses and Hotels

Go to A1 Tourism's Online Guide to find Guest Houses/Hotels in the town and surrounding areas.

Other Points Of Interest

[No responsibilty is taken for any inaccuracies. This page is entirely the product of bias and prejudice.]

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