Ciderspace News Page : Priestnall Seeing Yeovil Town As Massive Opportunity But Says No McCrory Involvement
29 June 2019 : Priestnall Seeing Yeovil Town As Massive Opportunity But Says No McCrory Involvement
Prospective Yeovil Town co-owner Scott Priestnall has said he does not expect there to be any additions to his consortium, in terms of numbers, as their deal progresses into a full takeover at Huish Park. Priestnall was named alongside Errol Pope as the club's preferred bidder, with the duo having worked together in a takeover of rugby union side Worcester Warriors last year. During that bid, they worked with former Swindon Town owner Jed McCrory, whose name had been on the rumourmill earlier this month.

Despite having worked with McCrory in three previous ventures, Priestnall has said his friend is not involved in the Yeovil Town set-up and has told a club interview that he does not expect any other parties to be involved beyond himself and Pope:

"We don't expect there to be. Obviously the plan is that it is myself and it is Errol (Pope). We're very committed and we don't expect anyone else to come in on the immediate. This is a question I've already had from the Glovers Trust with their Chairman Stuart (Burrell). Jed (McCrory) has already made it publically aware that he's not involved in this takeover. He's doing a great job up in Stratford. He's a very good friend of mine and I believe he's got a very good record in football. But certainly Jed is not involved in this takeover at this moment."

Priestnall has also discussed in that interview what made him move to buy Yeovil Town. Stating that he does have some family living in the area, he said the geographical area was attractive to him, but added that he saw the club as a 'massive opportunity' and is even setting a goal to gain promotion from the National League in the club's first season back at that level:

"From a footballing point of view, I think there's a massive opportunity here. That's what really attracted me to the opportunity. Errol and I have looked at other clubs over the last six to twelve months and nothing has been quite right for us. But I think where the club is at the moment is not where the current owner or the fans want them to be. I just feel there's a real opportunity and a real time to make this a successful club and bring back that winning mentality. At this level we can do that, and we can have a real good push into promotion. What a challenge - the club has had three or four seasons of not being winners, which is a real shame from the glory days of getting to the Championship. I think our goal has got to be to get back up in this first season, and I think that Darren and the players he's bringing into the club and the players that Darren has retained and the additions that we're going to make in the rest of this window, is there to try to make that objective."

Previous reports have been that Priestnall's group have now completed due diligence of the club's books, and are now drafting the legal documentation in the hope that the takeover can be completed within the next two or three weeks.

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