Ciderspace News Page : Sarll Believes Yeovil Town Needs A New Mentality Shift To Turnaround Fortunes
20 June 2019 : Sarll Believes Yeovil Town Needs A New Mentality Shift To Turnaround Fortunes
New Yeovil Town first team manager Darren Sarll has said that the club needs a new mentality shift across all areas if it is to turn itself around, after relegation from the Football League. Having been unveiled as the club's manager yesterday, the former Stevenage boss has given some of his first thoughts in a club video where he has admitted that he is inheriting a team that has had a losing mentality over the last three years.

With the Glovers ending their sixteen year stay in the Football League at the end of the 2018-19 season, they need to ensure that their relegation into the National League is the last of three drops in five years. Sarll admitted the whole extended interview process, which is believed to have included talks with both current and future ownership structures, had been a thorough one, but now he had got here he hoped to get going, revealing that he has asked the current crop of contracted players to report to him on Monday:

"It's been a long time coming and it's been a very thorough process for myself, and a thorough process acted out by the club. It's an exciting day. I always thought this was a really smashing club and a really big club. I'm very proud and honoured to be chosen in leading it on its next journey. I think obviously with the timing, we're quite late in the day, with how long, how thorough and how detailed the process was from a candidate's point of view. But obviously I'm really pleased to be here, and Monday can't come quick enough."

Sarll arrives in a tricky situation, with there only being just over a week before pre-season training traditionally begins for most football clubs. With no backroom team to support him, and with only ten players certain to be contracted to the club for the 2019-20 season, he is significantly behind most other National League clubs. He admitted that May and June were normally that time when a lot of decisions were made and that the club would need to fasttrack some of those, but warned they still needed to be 'good' decisions rather than 'bad' ones:

"Obviously you do a lot of your recruitment in this time and you do a lot of your due diligence of the people you want to bring to your football club and the reason for why they can come and how they can get here. Obviously we're going to have to fasttrack that and we're going to have to make some big decisions and key decisions - not quickly and not naively but correctly. We still need to do that. I still think there will be a process and a period of time before we can start unveiling new players and making good decisions. Building football clubs is fairly simple in the bare nuts and bolts of it in that you've got to make really good decisions around players and people. If you make more good decisions than bad, then you usually end up with a successful team. Unfortunately if we make poor decisions, then being honest we end up with a bad team representing what is a smashing football club."

Sarll warned that there would need to be recognition amongst players and those associated with the club of what challenges the National League presented, and in terms of what himself and the potential new ownership were inheriting in terms of problems. However, he said that the club needed to restore a winning mentality to Huish Park. He believed there was room for himself to make the changes and additions that he needed to make for the 2019-20 season:

"There's room. We've got to work within a tight financial constraint. I'm well aware of that. That will never be used as an excuse. We need players who are ready to come here and play. We do need a massive mentality shift here. We don't just need a mentality shift in the changing room, we need a mentality shift in the Boardroom and we need a mentality shift in the Stands. There's only one way to get out of this situation and that is to fight. We'd all love it to be back in the Football League, but all need to understand the nature of what we are, and what the potential new owners are inheriting. We're inheriting a team that has lost largely over the last two or three years. To swing that mentality around into a winning mentality is going to need a real dose and injection of personality, courage and determination. We're going to need some really strong leaders and characters."

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