Ciderspace News Page : Yeovil Town Issue Another Statement On Ownership Situation
7 June 2019 : Yeovil Town Issue Another Statement On Ownership Situation
Yeovil Town have issued another statement concerning the ongoing discussions at Huish Park regarding a possible change in ownership. Unfortunately for those expecting a definitive statement on the club's ownership, it is another holding statement on the process of selecting from the current shortlist of bidders. The club's statement is as follows:

"As reported, the club has been carrying out discussions with a number of shortlisted parties to potentially buy the club. To be fair to all three consortiums we have today agreed to extend our deadline for selecting the successful offer and a decision will be made next week. A choice of possible first-team managers acceptable to all the parties has been identified, however, and final interviews for the post are happening early next week. This means a manager can be appointed before the ownership situation is clarified. An update on the ownership and first-team manager situation will be made by no later than Wednesday next week"

The club have been working from a list of three interested parties since the 2018-19 season ended, with former Director Andy Rossiter having gone public with his interest in buying the club on the same day that American Rob Couhig's bid was rejected by the Board of Directors. However, a full calendar month has passed since Couhig's interests were ended, and since that point a cycle of holding statements have been issued by the club, with it becoming very obvious in recent weeks that little visible progress was being made in terms of taking the process through to the next stage.

One twist in the above situation is that the club's tactics concerning the first team management recruitment has changed once again. On May 15th they promised an 'early appointment' for the manager, but by May 30th they stated that 'we expect the new manager to be confirmed when the ownership situation has been resolved'. Now today, that position has changed, with them stating 'a manager can be appointed before the ownership situation is clarified'. Of course, any prospective manager is likely to want to meet the potential new owners, to discuss the style of ownership they're likely to adopt, and what sort of playing budget will be on the table for him to play with, meaning that this latest approach may not be as straight-forward as implied.

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