Ciderspace News Page : Club Bidder Theatens Withdrawal Over Delays In Yeovil Town Takeover Process
4 June 2019 : Club Bidder Theatens Withdrawal Over Delays In Yeovil Town Takeover Process
One of the three consortiums who are involved in the bidding process to buy Yeovil Town Football Club have raised concerns over the latest delays to the takeover process. It had been hoped that the club would select their preferred/exclusive party to buy Yeovil Town FC last Friday, but this decision was understood to be delayed until Tuesday. At lunchtime today, the club put out another holding statement indicating that they were still talking to their shortlisted parties, but that a decision on which consortium they would move forward with would now only be undertaken by the end of this week - a delay on the original process of a full week.

With the planned schedule now overrunning, one of those interested parties has contacted BBC Points West reporter Andy Howard to express their concerns over the delays and where that may leave their plans for the 2019-20 season, or even the takeover of the club itself. Their statement reads:

"We are on the point of withdrawing our offer for YTFC due to the continued delay and our inability to get a straight answer from the current owner. We are continually being given deadlines when a decision will be made and everytime it's pushed back. We also understand that players are being sold which is not professional or helpful for the club moving forward. Mindful of the time it will take to conduct due diligence and that, at least, a new manager needs appointing as a priority, our targeted completion date of 1st July looks increasingly unachievable. We are currently reviewing our position."

The club's final match of the 2018-19 season took place one month ago today, ending their stay in the Football League. Since that point, the club have allowed their entire first team coaching and backroom staff to depart the club. In addition, whilst they remain without a first team manager, no new players have been recruited to replace the nine players who were released at the end of last season. The first team have yet to arrange a single pre-season friendly despite training theoretically restarting in just 27 days time. The obvious concern from the prospective buyers - and this will be felt by the other two bidders - is that any delays to the takeover process will impact on the 2019-20 season and put the club into further jeopardy.

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