Interview : James Hayter : 21/08/2012
James Hayter Speaks To The BBC After The 3-1 Win Over Brentford
James Hayter
James Hayter
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Yeovil Town striker James Hayter spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after he scored two goals in the 3-1 win over Brentford on Tuesday 21st August 2012.

JH: It's nice to get off the mark and get a couple of goals, and most importantly to get three points.

CS: Those goals tonight show what you're all about - reacting inside the penalty area.

JH: Yes, I think I've done that in all of my career. The ball sort of fell loose on both of them really. I'm just there to put it away. So I'm more than happy, and we're just delighted to come away with the three points. Brentford is a tough place to come for us, and so it's a really good win for us.

CS: What did you make of the performance overall? They equalised and then they have a penalty, and that seemed to be a crucial moment.

JH: Yes, it was massive. Marek has been brilliant in the goal, ever since I've been here. He made one unbelievable save in the first half as well, from a long way out, so he's done really well. I think that sort of galvanised us really, because Brentford really came out and pushed us during the first ten minutes of the second half, we weren't really too happy with the way that we played. But after he's made the save, and we reacted, we took the game to them a bit more and we opened them up a few times, and we actually could have nicked a few more in the end.

CS: Again it seemed like the substitutes had a great effect upon the game. They did last Tuesday against Colchester. These young lads bring so much pace and the opposition don't like it, do they?

JH: Yes, I think they're going to be massive throughout the season, whether they're starting or coming from the bench. You can see how much it means to them. They're all part of a group, and they've come on and made a difference in every game so far. Obviously with the pace that they've got, they're going to frighten defenders. Especially in the last fifteen or twenty minutes, the last thing defenders are going to want is someone running at them with the pace that they've got. Like I've said, they've made a difference in the last couple of games, and almost won us the game today.

CS: When the second and third goals went in, we saw everyone rush across to the bench, and all the substitutes were up. Does that just sum up the spirit in this camp?

JH: Yes, we've got a small squad, but we've got a really tight-knit squad, and that's going to be really massive for us all season. If you find yourself out of the team, you're still going to be part of the squad, so it's going to take everyone in a team effort to do whatever we want. We're all tight-knit, and we've got a real big togetherness here.

CS: This manager likes to get inside players minds. He said quite publicly that he doesn't want any shrinking violets here, and he wanted to see what players were like away from home. It's probably directed more at the younger players than the senior ones, but do the players listen to things like that and see the challenges laid down by the manager?

JH: Yes, well I think he always wants to challenge you. Like he's said 'no shrinking violets' - he wants you to go out and express yourself and show what you can do. Apart from the ten minutes after half time, I thought we did that tonight. We put in a really good performance, and we deserved the win in the end.

CS: You've got another away game straight away in Scunthorpe, and so you'll be looking for a similar performance up there on Saturday.

JH: Yes, definitely. It's another tough place to go. They haven't had the greatest start to their season, but we'll be going there obviously full of confidence, and we've got to be looking to stamp our game on them, and hopefully look to come away with something again.

CS: You've scored an awful lot of goals in your career, but our stat man tells us it was 2007 since you last scored twice in a game. So it's a fair time since you scored a brace.

JH: Yes, it has been a while. I'm just happy to be here. I'm happy to play games. I didn't really play as many games as I'd have liked last year. I'm just delighted to get the goals, and hopefully that can continue throughout the season.

CS: As a striker you must be pleased that you're starting to catch up Richard Hinds. He looked like he was running away with the leading goalscorer!

JH: Yes, I was a bit worried after the game on Saturday - I was thinking crikey he's on three already, and it's going to take a while to catch up! But hopefully I can do that sooner, rather than later.

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