Interview : Chris Weale : 07/05/2005
Chris Weale after Yeovil had won the League Two championship
Chris Weale
Chris Weale
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George Murray spoke exclusively to goalkeeper Chris Weale on after his side achieved promotion to League Two after beating Lincoln City 3-0 at Huish Park

GM: It must have been nice for you to have got about ten minutes of football at the end of the game?

CW: It was because the gaffer said to me on Friday that he would bring me on if we were two or three nil up and it was nice to get on. He said that I had been a vital member of the team all season so it was great to get on.

GM: Have you been thinking about next season as to who will be number one keeper?

CW: I will leave that to the gaffer to decide. He hasnt said anything but obviously we have got to enjoy the summer and look back on our season at the good points and the bad points. I am only worried about improving my game and if that is good enough then the gaffer will pick me but if it is not then he will pick Steve and I will just have to keep working hard.

GM: I hope that there are no hard feelings between you two!

CW: No not at all because we work hard with each other everyday and we are friends on and off the pitch. You do pick up different things from being on the bench, which you can put into your game but obviously you would rather be out there.

GM: You must be pleased with your performance as a whole this season?

CW: Yeah I have especially as I got into the PFA Team of the Year and that is a great thing as it is voted for by your fellow professionals. If you are playing against them week in week out, you are always thinking what are the opposition think of you so it is nice for them to vote for you.

GM: You must have been slightly disappointed with your game against Notts County?

CW: I had one bad game against them on the Tuesday and I know why I didnt play as good as I should have done but out of thirty-six games you are going to have a bad game. Obviously I would like to play in every game but you cant. It was one of those games that you have and you have got to learn from them. You play from when you are a little boy and as a keeper you know the score- you are going to concede bad goals whatever happens. However good you are you are probably going to concede the worst goal possible in front of possibly 40,000 people. It is how you bounce back from that.

GM: It is fortunate for you that you havent had too many bad games in your career though.

CW: Exactly. I try and do things so professionally and sometimes too much. That is why I would say that my consistency is probably up there with some of the best people. I think sometimes you can look for perfection too much and that drags you down sometimes. When it does happen you start itching and thinking well why didnt it but you have just got to relax and enjoy playing.

GM: The crowd has backed you throughout this season, which must help to keep your confidence high?

CW: It is good because obviously it would be even worse if the crowd was having a go at you but they were so supportive because everyone goes through a period like that.

GM: I expect that you will appreciate a decent break from football over the summer?

CW: I am trying to go away as soon as possible because it is nice to take it in for a few days and forget about it. Then come back and enjoy being in League One. The town is buzzing and it is great to be part of it.

GM: Would it be ridiculous to say that in a fifteen months you could be playing against West Ham in the Championship, the side who you obviously trained with for a couple of weeks.

CW: Obviously that is what you want to happen and you look at Hull who went up last year and they are now in the Championship and we want to emulate what Hull have done as we have got the team to do so. The gaffer has been unbelievable since he arrived here five years ago and he will continue to improve the team and keep on pushing Yeovil forwards.

[Interview by George Murray]

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