Interview : Reuben Reid : 06/08/2012
Reuben Reid Speaks To The BBC As Part Of The Build-Up To The 2012-13 Season
Reuben Reid
Reuben Reid
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Yeovil Town striker Reuben Reid spoke to BBC Bristol reporter Ed Hadwin as part of the build-up to the 2012-13 season, in an interview that took place on Monday 6th August 2012.

RR: As I've said before to a lot of people, I'm happy because I'm back down my way and I'm close to home. I'm just in a really good routine at the moment. Obviously everyone has made me feel welcome at the club. The lads have been first class with me with everything. It's just been a nice transition to a new club.

EH: I think that sometimes fans don't think about the personal of players, and actually being happy and satisfied and comfortable in life can make a big difference?

RR: Yes, of course. When you're happy, that's the only time when you're probably going to play your best football. And obviously, I get home every day now and I see my family. Even just sleeping in your own bed is a massive thing. So when you come into work, you're wanting to do well and you're wanting to train hard. Your body is in a state when you can't when you're travelling up and down all the time.

EH: It's nice to get the goals as well just to start you off, and give you that little boost in confidence going into the season.

RR: Yes, without a doubt. Obviously in my position, its my job to put the ball in the net. So when you're scoring and the team is doing well, and you're a part of that, it's a great feeling.

EH: Do you feel it's a big season for you, because people have talked about you for a long time. It would be great to deliver and have a great season, wouldn't it?

RR: Yes, there's a few factors in why I haven't really kicked on. I had a good opportunity to go to West Brom. But then I didn't really apply myself in the way that I should have done. But I'm just grateful that there's this opportunity now. The only thing that can really stop me from fulfilling my potential is really on the physical side. If I can stay injury free and play 50 games, then I can't see why this is not going to be a successful season for myself personally. And if that turns out to be the case then I'll be helping Yeovil as a team as well.

EH: Absolutely and we had Andy Williams here last year who was not known for scoring a lot of goals. He found a place on the pitch that suited him nicely, and look what he did.

RR: That's what it is. Like you said, he fitted in perfectly, and I think that when I spoke to the gaffer when I signed, I know he's had successful teams before, and that the strikers in his team have a lot of joy. I'm already seeing now that the three of us are reaping the benefits of how he's trying to play the game. It's direct and we're getting a lot of chances. With no disrespect to the teams I've played with before in the last three or so seasons, I've not really been getting that type of service and the balls that show what I want to do in the areas that I want to be in. So that can only be good for me.

EH: Yeovil are one of the teams that come the start of the season all the national papers are going to say that they will be struggling at the wrong end of the table, and yet they're still here, and they've been in this division for a long time now. I think there's the potential and the players feel there's a lot of potential to pull off a few shocks this year?

RR: Well, I'd like that, and everyone is believing that! But we don't want to be saying that too soon. Whatever happens in the friendlies is completely different. But I think we've got in our minds that we need to hit the ground running, and pick points up early. Let's face it, if we play consistently, then there's no reason why we shouldn't go on and have a successful season, because the talent is here.

EH: Just finally, it's still a week away, but are you excited about that first game? It's a bit odd that it's a cup game and not in League One, but it must just be starting to tingle now.

RR: Yes, it's very strange for me that we're not going to be starting in the League. If I'm honest, I'm not really a fan of that. But to be fair, my mentality is like any football game - it's competitive. So of course it's going to be another football game. We want to go out, score, and win. So I can't wait, really - I can't wait!

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