Interview : Sam Foley : 09/06/2012
Sam Foley Speaks To The BBC After He Signed For The Glovers
Sam Foley
Sam Foley
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Yeovil Town midfielder/striker Sam Foley spoke to BBC Somerset presenter Howard Bentham in an interview broadcast on his show on Saturday 9th June 2012.

SF: Obviously the manager there has made it quite clear to me what his ambitions are for the season. It would be a silly decision, having been offered the chance to do that and to link up with the rest of the team. I think it will be a successful time for myself and the club, so that's a big reason for it, and obviously I'm looking forward to League football. I've been playing non-league for the last four seasons, so I can't wait for it.

HB: It's a bit of a jump, isn't it, from where you were to where you are going in League One? Is that something that's daunting, or is it a challenge, or is it frightening or are you just plain excited about it?

SF: I'm just excited. Like I've said, to play League football is a dream of mine, and it's a dream of pretty much most footballers that I've ever known. I wouldn't say it's daunting or scary. I wouldn't think I'm going to be out of my depth by any means. I can't wait to get started and get out there on the pitch and prove myself.

HB: Were you aware of the interest from Yeovil before?

SF: It came in a bit quick and all of a sudden, to be fair. I had a few offers from a couple of League clubs, and I was working with a few managers to see what was going to be the best for me. Yeovil came through at the eleventh hour and offered me a deal. Being probably the highest ranked side, as I didn't get a League One offer, I was going to jump at that. Obviously Gary Johnson has had successful teams at this level before.

HB: How much are you looking forward to working for Gary, because he's one of football's characters, isn't he?

SF: Yes, I met him a couple of weeks ago, before we agreed for me to come down there, and I struck it off really well with him. I think that as a person, I'm going to get on with him quite well. The first impressions have been good of one and other. I can't wait, as he seems a very nice bloke.

HB: We can't wait to see you on the park, either. Tell the fans what sort of player are Yeovil getting in you?

SF: I don't know - I always want to give 100 percent, and I'm always going to try my hardest. I like to think that I've got a little bit of flair and a bit of vision, so I'm more of a creative player. I've got that never die attitude, and coming into the game late, I think I have to grasp every opportunity to be the best player I can be.

HB: What about the squad themselves? Have you met any of the Yeovil squad, or do you know any of them from the past?

SF: No, I don't actually. I did play with Andy Williams, going back to when I was about 14 or 15 (years old), so when I was a little kid. But I think he's moved on now.

HB: Yes he has.

SF: So I might have to wait another ten years to meet him then!

HB: Are you expecting a special welcome from the team-mates, because there is a bit of a tradition there with new signings?

SF: Yes, I think in my time, as I was at Newport for quite a few years, and I saw a lot of players come and go, a lot of them were singing on away nights. So I'm going to have to think of a song, to get ready to sing for my team-mates!

HB: Well, having been around Newport, and in and around Wales, your singing voice should be all right, shouldn't it?

SF: Well I wouldn't go that far! (laughs) Don't put me on the spot as I know we're on the radio!

HB: Sam, tell us a little bit about you. Where do you come from originally?

SF: I was born in St Albans, which is north of London, to Irish parents. Then at the age of seven, I moved to Worcestershire, and I've been there ever since.

HB: So you're kind of regional, which is good, and I can tell that from your accent. Irish parentage then - so does that mean that there's a bit of a double-edged sword for the Euros (European Championship 2012) then? Who are your rooting for?

SF: Oh, I'm rooting for the Irish!

HB: Just before we spoke and we set up this interview, you said that you were catching up on the rugby, and said please don't tell me the score. So you like your rugby, do you?

SF: Yes, I've just paused it, two minutes in. I could hear my mum earlier screaming at the TV, so I don't know if that's good or bad.

HB: Did you play rugby when you were at school?

SF: Yes, I played at fly-half for my County when I was about sixteen.

HB: So what was the deciding factor to choose football, rather than rugby or any other sport?

SF: I don't know. In my head, I feel like I could probably play international rugby for Ireland! But I don't think I probably had the capability. I remember getting a little injury when I was playing rugby, and it sort of knocked me back from football. That was at quite an important age, as I think I was about 16 or 17, and I couldn't really afford to be injured for my football, as I loved playing it so much. But I love watching rugby, and I love playing football, and that's probably the difference between the two.

HB: You mentioned your mum just now, in reference to the rugby. What does she and the rest of your family make of your move to Yeovil. They must be chuffed to bits with you.

SF: Yes, everyone is really chuffed. With the whole family, I've been getting messages from Ireland and all over, congratulating me. I've worked quite hard at the football, and most lads sacrifice quite a lot, and then they get their rewards.

HB: So are you going to live in Yeovil, or near Yeovil?

SF: Yes, I'm going to be relocating to the area.

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