Interview : Andy Williams : 24/05/2012
Andy Williams Speaks To The BBC After He Decided To Leave Yeovil Town
Andy Williams
Andy Williams
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Yeovil Town striker Andy Williams talks about his decision to leave the club after two years in an interview with BBC Bristol reporter Ed Hadwin, broadcast on BBC Somerset's 'Drive' programme on Thursday 24th May 2012.

AW: It took a lot of deliberating, if I'm honest. I'd obviously been in talks before the end of the season. So I was aware of the situation. I had a bit of interest in January from other people, so I was also aware of other peoples interests. They were all things to consider. But it was a really tough decision.

I had two great years at Yeovil. I took a bit of a gamble going there and leaving Bristol Rovers at the time. I took quite a big pay cut to go there, but I just felt that it was something that I needed to do, in order to play regularly and get my career back.

Thanks to Terry Skiverton, Nathan Jones and Darren Way in particular who were there for the whole two years, and obviously in the last few months Gary Johnson, I think I've managed to get back to where I wanted to be, come the end of the season, with the sort of season that I had. So I'm delighted with the two years, and that made it even tougher to make the decision to leave.

EH: It's difficult, isn't it, as you know the situation there and you're comfortable with it, and it obviously worked well for you in this last year. But there's that excitement of the new challenge, and it's a case of weighing up the different pros and cons, isn't it?

AW: Yes, exactly. I think a lot of people thought that I was the type of character that needed to be in a place where I was comfortable. But I think there's where a few people are mistaken. I'm quite an ambitious person and that's why I took the gamble in a way, to go to Yeovil when I did, and thankfully for me the gamble paid off. I'd like to think that wherever I go this summer that it will be a slight gamble, considering I know what I was getting at Yeovil, but that at the same time I'm an ambitious person, and I want to go to the best place to further my career.

EH: Obviously your future is still up in the air at the moment. Are you getting plenty of interest, and are you thinking it's going to get done soonish?

AW: I'd like to think so, although nothing has been sorted yet. It's a tricky one. I've been quite flattered with some of the interest that I've had, if I'm brutally honest. It's funny that almost every offer that I've been talking about - although I haven't definitely received any - that all the money that's been in question has been almost identical.

I did notice in the local press that there was a hugely misfigured number quoted. But as it turns out, the offer that Yeovil have made me has been pretty much matched by everyone. So it's not going to be a financial decision this summer; it's just going to be purely on football and family reasons, and what feels best for me personally, and more importantly for my career.

EH: So looking back at Yeovil, it was one of those ones where injuries during your first season probably didn't help you a great deal. But last year, I would imagine is probably the most enjoyment you've had in a season as a whole.

AW: Yes, in the first season I had a few little injuries but nothing major. But I started a lot of the season playing wide right, and then I got a period after Christmas that I played quite well in, when I was playing down the middle. I quite enjoyed that, but unfortunately injury cut my season short. I worked very hard in the off-season and pre-season to get myself back to trying to be as fit as, if not fitter than everyone else. I think that gave a good start to the season for me.

But unfortunately I had another bad injury which was the worst of my career so far, which put me out for three months of the season. But again, thankfully I came back strong, and certainly the last second half of the season in particular is probably the best that I've had in my career so far, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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