Interview : Josh Morris : 24/03/2012
Josh Morris Speaks To The BBC After The 0-1 Defeat Against Hartlepool
Josh Morris
Josh Morris
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Yeovil Town's new loan signing Josh Morris spoke to BBC Bristol reporter Alistair Durden after the Glovers lost 0-1 at home to Hartlepool United on Saturday 24th March 2012.

AD: Josh, you've made your debut now. A disappointing result, I guess, but how was it out there today?

JM: It was a very disappointing result. It was a scrappy result, to be honest. We were unlucky to lose the goal, and we had a lot of chances. We should have finished the game in the first half, to be honest, but never mind. We've got to pick ourselves up and look forward to next week now.

AD: You could have had a goal inside the first minute.

JM: Yes, we could have done. We had a lot of chances in the first half and a few set pieces as well which went close, but weren't meant to be.

AD: I guess that's frustrating for you. You've come down to a club that's in excellent form, especially here. You arrive and it hasn't quite gone to plan today.

JM: No it hasn't today, but as I've said, there's lots to look forward to with next week now, if we get the three points on the board.

AD: So you literally arrived on Thursday, did you?

JM: Yes, I came down from Blackburn on the Thursday night. I got told late on up there, and so jumped in the car and came down.

AD: So how much time have you had with your team-mates?

JM: Nothing really. We just did the set pieces on Friday, but nothing else really - that's it.

AD: So how hard was it to just step in and play today?

JM: Yes, it's hard. It's completely different to what I've been used to recently. I've played a few times in the Premier League, but compared to this, it's completely different to the Reserves and stuff like that. So it's great experience for me, and I'm just hoping I can learn a lot whilst I'm here.

AD: I think you played in the game against Manchester United, didn't you - the famous turnaround?

JM: Yes, the 3-2 and even the 7-1 in the year before that, so those were mixed emotions, to say the least.

AD: Slightly different coming to play in front of 4,000 fans today, I should imagine.

JM: Yes, but it's a great experience and I wasn't getting games at Blackburn, so the manager has given me a great opportunity to come and play. If I can impress and keep my place, then that's what I'm looking to do.

AD: So tell us a little bit more about you then, and your football education, growing up and where you've played, and what you've done so far.

JM: Yes, I was at Preston until I was twelve, and then went to Blackburn at around the age of 12 or 13 and I've been there ever since. I've played all the way through the Academy leagues and then the Reserve league.

AD: Blackburn obviously think a fair bit of you, because I think you've signed a fairly long term contract there, haven't you?

JM: Yes, I signed for another two and a half years a few weeks ago, so that's good. So now I just need to get the game time in, and then I can press on.

AD: It's a long way from home, so why were you interested in coming here?

JM: It's first team football and that's what I needed. It doesn't matter with the distance in football; you can go all over the place. It's your opportunity to play first team football which I need at this time. So I'd welcome that opportunity with open arms.

AD: You've got another eight or so games to try to get that. What are your long term hopes after that?

JM: Again, try to play in all eight games and hopefully score a few goals as well. I just want to enjoy my time at Yeovil; I'm not even thinking about next year just yet. I'm just concentrating on these eight games.

AD: Yeovil are almost safe, and I think the manager believes you need about three or four more points. But is that a good situation to come in, so the players can play with a little more freedom.

JM: Yes, but I think we need to make sure that we get the three points first. We can't go sitting back, no matter where we are, because it changes around so quickly. So we need to be winning the games and getting the points on the board.

AD: What was the feeling like in the dressing room afterwards?

JM: Disappointed really. It was a scrappy goal to concede, and with the chances that we had, but we just didn't take them. Hopefully we will learn from that next week and take our chances.

AD: We've seen you like to take set pieces as well. Is that what you've done in the age groups at Preston and Blackburn?

JM: Yes, pretty much all the way through really. I was pretty unlucky in the first half. But I just like to get the balls into the box.

AD: And you almost teed one up for Jon Obika near the end as well.

JM: Yes I know. I put the ball in there, but it wasn't to be. Hopefully I can put one in next week, and we'll get the three points.

AD: So what is the plan this week? I think the manager said it's the first week in a while where you've not had a game. So for the lads here there might be a fair bit of work to do?

JM: Yes there will be. It will be a hard week, because of the defeat today, so we need to get back on the training ground on Monday and make sure we get three points on Saturday.

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