Interview : Sarah Lawler : 23/03/2012
Sarah Lawler Speaks To The BBC About Yeovil Town Ladies Aiming For Promotion
Sarah Lawler
Sarah Lawler
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Yeovil Town Ladies joint manager Sarah Lawler spoke to BBC Somerset presenter John Ford on Friday 23rd March 2012, with the Ladies team one point away from securing the South West Combination League title.

JF: The first thing I have to say to you, Sarah, is well done and congratulations.

SL: Thank you very much.

JF: Tell us and listeners how you've been doing this. What's the secret of your success?

SL: I just think the secret of our success has been that everyone has worked really hard and been committed to achieving the goal that we set at the start of the season, and that was to get promoted.

JF: You must be doing well, because you've got two managers!

SL: (laughs) Well it's Nigel Williams and myself, and we run the team together, just because we've got very complementary skills in terms of working with players, managing players, coaching and all the different things that you combine within the management role. We share the workload and players know that they can come to both of us with any issues if they want to.

JF: We've been speaking about (Yeovil Town men's first team's) attendances on BBC Somerset today, of Yeovil Town. What sort of numbers do you get? Are they important to running a club like yours financially?

SL: Absolutely. For us our attendances can be anything through 50 through the gate on a bad day, up to the highest gate that we ever had a couple of years ago where we had 400 for a game. On average this season it's been anything around 75 to a hundred. Actually getting people along to the game is really key, not just to show people that women can play football and that it's actually a really exciting game and that we can raise awareness on that side, but on the financial part we've got referees to pay, we've got kit and we've got all the things that cost us when we're travelling on the road to get to games that we need to fund-raise for ourselves. We're not professional, in terms of the fact that we're not paid as players or as managers. So for women's sport especially, it's really vital for us, because if we can raise that profile and people can come and support the game, it means an awful lot to us.

JF: Where do you play, Sarah?

SL: Well our home ground is Raleigh Grove at Sherborne Town Football Club, and they've been great. We've had a great partnership with them for the last couple of years. For us on Sunday (25th March) we've got a home game that kicks off at two o'clock. For us, it's an important game, because as you've spoken about earlier if we can get a point within that game then we can get promoted. But we want more than that. We want to get three points and we want to finish the season unbeaten as well.

JF: Yes, one game at a time as everyone says. But if you do get promoted then you're just one league away from the very highest peak of the women's game. What will that do for the club?

SL: I think it will be really important for the club. The nice thing about what we've got at Yeovil Town Ladies is that we're part of the Community Sports Trust at Yeovil Town Football Club. We've also got a massive youth section, with over 100 girls playing football, and a Reserve Ladies team as well. Hopefully, if anything, the promotion will bring success and media attention to the club, to make more people in and around the Yeovil area and throughout the South-West want to get involved in football and in sport and hopefully be part of our club that wants to go on and progress.

JF: Do you have any links to the Glovers?

SL: Yes, we do. Whether it be from the Green and Whites (Supporters Club) through to the VPs (Vice Presidents) to the players, and obviously the management, it's really lovely being part of the Community Sports Trust. We try to support some of the things that they are doing. Some of the girls are at the home games trying to support some of the projects that are happening in the club at the moment as well. So it's nice to have a Ladies team. Yes, it would be lovely to play at Huish Park, but you never know what the future might hold.

JF: Who are you playing - what time and where can people see you play next?

SL: We're going to be playing at two o'clock on Sunday. It's going to be at Sherborne Town Football Club. For adults it's two pounds to get in, so you don't have to part with much money at all. There are concessions for children and OAPs as well. So it's a cheap afternoon out, and you can come and watch a great game of football. So hopefully whether you're a Yeovil Town fan, or a fan of Women's sport, or you're just a fan of football, then you'll come out and watch us. Hopefully it will be a great day. We've got our fingers really crossed to go out and get that win and hopefully get promoted.

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