Interview : Andy Williams : 17/03/2012
Andy Williams Speaks To The BBC After The 2-1 Win Against Walsall
Andy Williams
Andy Williams
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Yeovil Town striker Andy Williams talked to BBC Bristol Sports Editor Geoff Twentyman immediately after he had scored two goals in the 2-1 win over Walsall on Saturday 17th March 2012.

GT: Good evening Andy!

AW: Hello, are you alright?

GT: Probably not as good as you! A massive result!

AW: Yes, a great result for us today. Obviously we made it hard for ourselves, after going 1-0 down in the first half. But I think anyone who was at the game can see that we were more than pressing to get the goal. It came in a bit of a lucky manner, but we went on to win the game, which was good.

GT: Clearly there was a real belief amongst the players, even when you go behind?

AW: Yes, I think were positive. Like I said, we were going well before we conceded the goal and we had some good chances, and we were a bit disappointed not to go in a few goals ahead, to be honest, rather than one goal down. But we came out fighting in the second half and created some good chances and scored ... well, a couple of lucky goals!

GT: We'll get to that in a moment. What did Gary say at half time?

AW: He was a bit disappointed with the lads really, but I think that deep down we knew we were playing quite well. We just weren't taking the chances. That changed in the second half and we converted a couple, which we needed to do, and we got the three points we wanted.

GT: We've got the goals here (via the studio audio) so stay listening. Pete Simson who is stood next to you is commentating ...

(commentary of both goals is played on air including "the flukiest goal that Andy Williams will ever score" for the first)

GT: Good moments?

AW: Yes definitely, it's nice to be living the moments there, but I think the commentary was a bit harsh on me! I think there were some decent goals in there!

GT: You're claiming them both, obviously?

AW: Yes definitely. The first one, 100 percent, although obviously it was a lucky way for it to come off my back. But it's hit me and gone in, which is nice. With the second one, I tried the bicycle kick, but it didn't quite come off, but the defender helped me out by taking it past the keeper.

GT: That's ten (goals) in ten (games). Do you feel you're going to score every time you go on the pitch right now?

AW: Yes, I was confident today. I was a bit disappointed early on. I had some good chances, and I think I could have scored a few more decent goals than what I actually did. But I'll take it the way they come; how they come doesn't really matter to me.

GT: So what's the big change? At (Bristol) Rovers you worked ever so hard, and got yourself in so many goalscoring positions, but didn't score. Now you're lethal in front of goal. What's the big difference?

AW: No a lot really; we were talking about it before the game. I've always been creating chances throughout my career, it's just that they're starting to go in now. I'm working very hard now with Terry (Skiverton), Nathan (Jones) and Darren (Way), the backroom staff here, and the gaffer has given me the opportunity to play up front and the confidence to go out there and finish my chances.

GT: When you say you're working with them - just be a bit more definitive. What are you working on? What's the process?

AW: I'm spending a lot more time after training and before games just practicing my finishing. With all of them there's the general conversation. They keep me relaxed; just keep me enjoying my football basically. It's a great place to be at the moment. It's great fun to be around the place, and anyone who comes here can see that all of the lads are enjoying their football.

GT: It's an amazing story; 12th now in the League table and ten points off the play-offs. Are the players starting to talk about the play-offs?

AW: Not at the moment. I think we're just happy to get out of the situation we were in. Now is our chance to start playing some good football, and winning games a little more, and hopefully a little bit more confident in showing people what we can do. If that continues and we do actually do that, then obviously with a few more wins we can start looking up the table. For the time being we've just got to concentrate on performance and keep getting the results that we've been doing.

GT: Who deserves the credit - the players or Gary Johnson?

AW: I think it's got to be both, really. Obviously the gaffer has given us the chance go out there on the pitch to do what we're doing, and then we're going out there and doing it. It's the same situation and it's got to go down to everyone. I don't think you can look past the backroom staff that had the opportunity before - with Gary (Johnson) taking over, he's given them the licence to go out to do the coaching stuff that they're good with. They're coming in the dressing room and they're mingling with the lads. It's just making it a great place to be, and I think that's showing on the pitch. Everyone is enjoying it, day to day, and on a match day as well.

GT: You've got fifteen (goals) now for this season. Can you get twenty?

AW: I'd love to get to twenty. Obviously fifteen at the start of the season was one of my targets and I've got there now. I've got to set a few more, and twenty has got to be the next thing for me, looking at it.

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