Interview : Stephen Collis : 23/04/2005
Steve Collis after the 1-1 draw against Wycombe Wanderers
Stephen Collis
Stephen Collis
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George Murray spoke exclusively to Yeovil keeper Steve Collis on 23 April 2005 after the shotstopper helped his side earn a valuable point at home against Wycombe.

GM: Steve, a point gained at a critical time in the season or two dropped?

SC: Looking at the other results it was a point gained. I think going back to the top of the table is always good and that is where we like to be so it was definitely a point gained.

GM: There appeared to be some confusion with you and your defence within the opening couple of minutes of the game, what happened there?

SC: I called for the ball, that was all, and it was probably my mistake. I thought it would skip through but it held up a little bit and luckily enough nothing came of it.

GM: You got a touch to that free-kick that which they scored from, how close were you from keeping that out?

SC: I did get quite a good touch to it but unfortunately it went in. But it was a great strike by Lee to get us back into the game.

GM: We peppered their goal in the second half, you must have felt rather helpless in goal?

SC: A little bit. On another day we might have won 4-1. We did create a number of chances, which is a positive thing. It may have been in recent weeks that that we havent created as many but it is nice to get back to creating those opportunities and I think the crowd went home reasonably happy today with what they saw.

GM: They could have snatched an undeserved winner at the death had you not got a touch to Nathan Tysons shot.

SC: What happened was I was going for the cross and my leg gave way in the sand in the goalmouth and I managed to scramble back and luckily I got a touch on his shot to send it wide.

GM: What is the mood like in the dressing room after todays game?

SC: Its brilliant especially as we went back to the top of the league today. It is where we want to be and so everyone is happy and we go into next weeks game (against Southend) full of confidence.

GM: Have you been happy generally with your game since coming in for the rested Chris Weale?

SC: Over the last four games, which I have been playing consecutively, yes I have been quite pleased with the way that it has gone. After such a long time it is nice to be playing again really.

GM: You have only played a dozen of so games in League Two, how have you found the step up?

SC: Obviously I played last year, which gave me some confidence to go through to this year, but our squad is a little stronger this time round.

GM: You must be pleased that Gary has extended his deal at the club? It shows his ambitions and where he wants to take this club.

SC: Definitely, I think that this has been a big boost for the club. The gaffer has put the club on the map and it is all down to his good work really. Obviously all the lads are delighted that he signed a new deal.

GM: How did the players react?

SC: I think that we were all pleased that he had signed. I think it keeps the continuity of the club and I think we are all being pushed in the right direction.

GM: I know that you and Chris Weale help each other in training, is anyone else training you two?

SC: Jon Sheffield comes up on Mondays and Thursdays and we work in the afternoon with him, which is really good. I think it helps Chris and myself a great deal. It definitely helps with him coming up and he gives us his expert opinion and trains us well, which can only be a good thing. I would also like to mention Stuart Housley who works with us on more of a daily basis. He sort of gets us ready before we train.

GM: Your relationship with Chris hasnt changed at all in recent weeks I hope.

SC: No definitely not as we get on well and I think it is well known that we get on well. I think that that is the way it should be.

[Transcript by George Murray.]

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