Interview : Dominic Blizzard : 19/11/2011
Dominic Blizzard Speaks To The BBC After The 2-2 Draw Against Exeter
Dominic Blizzard
Dominic Blizzard
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Yeovil Town midfielder Dominic Blizzard spoke to BBC Bristol reporter Andy Howard after his side drew against Exeter City on November 19th 2011.

AH: Dominic, how is the dressing room after that one?

DB: A little bit disappointed obviously. We got off to a great start, and we didn't make the most of it. We let them back into the game with two really sloppy goals. But I thought we fought really well in the second half and got ourselves back into it, and probably should have nicked it late on. I think we're happy in some respects, but very disappointed in others. It's upbeat still; we've got very good team spirit and the dressing room is great.

AH: As a player, when you go in front in a minute, what are you thinking as a player - especially for a team at the bottom of the league?

DB: I think that having got off to such a good start, we probably should have gone on and dominated the game. We just gave away a really sloppy goal straight away after we'd scored. We've got to be a lot more aware, especially at the back, of stopping those chances and those goals. As I've said, I felt we let them back into it far too easily, and we gave them the upper hand.

AH: Your boss has already told me that he had a bit of a shout at half time. Was it hair-dryer stuff?

DB: No not really. I don't think we were out of it, although it was probably what we deserved. We came out in the second half and we put on a better show. I thought we played at a higher tempo and got higher up the pitch, and caused them a lot more problems.

AH: Could you see the difference between a team in form, in Exeter, and a team maybe struggling for form in Yeovil today?

DB: Not really. I felt we were sloppy at times. I felt we were just as good as they were though, and I didn't see a difference at all. I think that they'd be happy to take the point at the end of the day. I think we're a hard team to beat now. It's only Huddersfield that came here and got a win a few games ago, and I think that teams know that they're going to be in for a hard game.

AH: And for you personally? Two (goals) in two (appearances) isn't it?

DB: Yes, that's always nice. It's always good to score, but I am disappointed personally with myself this afternoon.

AH: Why's that?

DB: I just didn't particularly play well. I thought I was very poor. I'm just happy to get the goal, and obviously happy with us getting the draw, which is the most important thing.

AH: Finally, are you a player that looks in the paper, or looks online at the league table? It looks a little bit better tonight; third from bottom, rather than bottom.

DB: Yes, we just want to win games - that's all. We go in during every game trying to win, wherever that takes us, and we're more than confident that we know we'll be looking up the table sooner rather than later.

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