Interview : Shaun MacDonald : 23/04/2011
Shaun MacDonald Speaks To The BBC After The 2-2 Draw Against Bournemouth
Shaun MacDonald
Shaun MacDonald
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Yeovil Town midfielder Shaun MacDonald spoke to BBC Bristol reporter Ed Hadwin after the 2-2 draw against AFC Bournemouth on April 23rd 2011.

EH: Shaun, what a finish that was!

SM: Yes, it was a great delivery from Deano (Bowditch) and it was just extra special to come back from being two goals down and to get back into the game with 10 men and get a last minute goal, which was very pleasing.

EH: Was it one of those ones that you watched onto your head? Did you know it was coming to you?

SM: I just tried to lose my man really. I just tried to get clear of my man and luckily enough the ball was right on my head and I couldn't really miss. So yes, I'm very happy with that.

EH: You've had a good few moments recently - a hat-trick a few weeks ago, and then to score an equaliser deep into injury time with ten men must feel pretty good as well.

SM: Yes, definitely - I've got some good memories of this loan so far. But I'm not settled there; I want to keep pushing on now. Everyone as a team and the manager and the staff and everyone connected with the club wants to push on and keep going upwards.

EH: Do you think that was a fair result based on what happened over the 90 minutes?

SM: I think we created quite a few chances in the first half, in which I thought we could have gone one or two up, but then again the same applies to them - they created one or two chances themselves. But I think that once we went down to 10 men and were 2-0 down, I think a lot of people were writing us off. It just goes to show how together we are, and the team spirit that is in the camp.

EH: Do you feel a sense of injustice about some of the decisions, before you got back into the game?

SM: Yes, a lot of people have got different opinions, I suppose, but the referee has played his game, and we've just got to respect the officials who are refereeing the game.

EH: That penalty must have been difficult to take as I think a lot of people didn't see what happened. It was a very borderline decision, wasn't it?

SM: Yes, I thought Smudger was the one who tackled him - Nathan Smith - but he seemed to book Virgs (Adam Virgo). So I'm not really too sure what it was given for. But we've just battled on, and we've got to be happy with the result that we've got.

EH: It does show you a little bit about the fight in the team, doesn't it, in that not that many would have come back with six minutes to go, at 2-0 down and down to ten men.

SM: Yes, we stuck together, we kept battling and we've managed to get back into the game which is a very pleasing moment. Bournemouth are not an easy team to play against and I definitely think they are good enough to go up if they reach the play-offs. So we've got to take a lot of positives from that.

EH: You ended up playing virtually everywhere bar goalkeeper today!

SM: Yes, once we went down to ten men it was always going to be a bit like that. Hopefully that will give the fans and the club a little bit of a positive to go into the game on Monday now.

EH: We're getting to that stage of the season where players start to sort out what they're going to be doing next year. Are you any further down the line of knowing where you might be?

SM: I've been asked this question before. I think I've just got to go back in the summer, have a chat with Swansea, and go from there really. I'm not even too sure myself.

EH: As you alluded to, two days is a quick turnaround and there's going to be a lot of tired legs for a lot of players on Monday, I think.

SM: Yes, I know. I think we've got to take the positives out of that game now, put that in the back of our heads, recover, keep taking fluids on, and try to get as good as we can for Monday's game.

EH: And a very difficult test again - rather like Bournemouth, Peterborough are one of those teams who would hope to get out of this division this year.

SM: Yes, definitely, although I think no game in this league is an easy game anyway. But with all of those clubs who are up there fighting to go up, we've got to go there in the right frame of mind and we've got to be professional and try to get a result.

EH: There must be a real sense of positivity in that dressing room now, to come back from that situation. You must be feeling pretty good about life.

SM: Yes, definitely. Like I said, I think a lot of people were writing us off, when we went down to 10 men and were 2-0 down, but it just goes to show how together we are and how we will work until the final whistle.

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