Interview : Jonathan Obika : 09/04/2011
Jonathan Obika Speaks To The BBC After The 3-1 Defeat At Hartlepool
Jonathan Obika
Jonathan Obika
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Yeovil Town striker Jonathan Obika spoke to BBC Bristol reporter Ed Hadwin after his side had lost 3-1 against Hartlepool United on April 9th 2011.

EH: Jon, it looked like it was going to be a really good afternoon early on, didn't it?

JO: Yes, we started really well, but we couldn't come back after we conceded two goals. So we're very disappointed about it, but we'll kick on, on Tuesday.

EH: Let's start with the positives then. That was some goal.

JO: Yes, obviously it was one of the best goals that I've scored. But I'm still on a downer because of the result.

EH: Was it something where you had that in mind just as soon as the throw-in came to you?

JO: Yes, I just thought I'd hit it, and thankfully it just went into the top corner.

EH: Did you know straight away that it was one of those, because it had a long way to go?

JO: Yes, definitely - I knew I'd hit it, and I'd hit it well. So it was all about looking on and seeing if it had gone in.

EH: I guess from then on it was a bit of a hard game, because there wasn't an awful lot of possession for you, so you had to work pretty hard.

JO: Yes, it was tough and I don't think we played particularly well. But we can't dwell on this game, and look back at what we've done well and what we haven't done well. We have to kick on.

EH: When you look back on the last three, four or five games, you've been playing some really good stuff, and that just didn't turn up today.

JO: Yes of course. We've been playing very well but today didn't quite go for us.

EH: I guess psychologically, you ought not to focus on that, because you've got some big games to come.

JO: Yes of course. We've set ourselves targets and we know that we're still on our way to those targets. So we just have to be strong from there.

EH: This week you have two home games, starting against a team that is in all sorts of trouble, which is Notts County. That's looking pretty big.

JO: Yes definitely. We've got two home games. The crowd are with us as well, and so that's a positive thing.

EH: The good thing is that you're not right down in it. It's not a case of you've got to win otherwise you're in deep deep trouble. You've got a bit of breathing space.

JO: Yes, but you know that all of the players want to win every game. So on Tuesday we know we'll look to put in a good performance and get the win.

EH: Footballers are obviously used to a long journey, but it is a long old trek back after a defeat like that, isn't it?

JO: Yes, it's not the best journey, because it took us about seven hours to get up here. So it was a bit of a downer that we lost, but we'll kick on from this.

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