Interview : Jonathan Obika : 24/03/2011
Jonathan Obika Speaks To The BBC After He Arrived For A Third Loan Spell
Jonathan Obika
Jonathan Obika
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Yeovil Town's on loan striker Jonathan Obika spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Pete Simson on Thursday 24th March 2011, after he had arrived back at Huish Park for a third spell. Jon starts off talking about his move to Yeovil being his fourth loan deal of the 2010-11 season, having played for Crystal Palace, Peterborough United and Swindon Town.

JO: It's been good in that you're seeing different players, different ways of how teams play. I've taken a lot out of that. I was at Crystal Palace under George Burley and Dougie Freedman and they were good coaches. But now I'm here, I'm looking forward to it.

PS: This season in League One, you've been at Swindon briefly, and at Peterborough as well. So you've certainly done the rounds!

JO: Yes, I've done the rounds. It's been unfortunate that managers have gone and that it's been a bit stop-start. But now I'm here, I'm really looking to kick on.

PS: It's great that you're putting a positive spin on it and you're looking at it in a positive way, in that you're learning under different coaches. A lot of players get down about being in different places at different times and not having a run in a certain side, don't they?

JO: Yes of course they will, when the season doesn't go as well as you expected, people can put their heads down. But when you know your common goal is to reach the top, what you've got to do is to kick on and play well.

PS: That's the ultimate goal for you isn't it? You're a Tottenham player. They're one of the top clubs, and that's the aim for you, isn't it?

JO: Yes, of course - my ambition is to play for Tottenham. But wherever I go, I'll have to put in good performances and impress to do that.

PS: That must be hard, as obviously you're a young player learning your trade, whilst the club that you're at have been getting better and better under Harry Redknapp. Now they're one of the top teams in Europe at the moment.

JO: Of course, yes. They've been off to a flying start. They were a bit from last season, but especially on this season. It's good as sometimes I can train with them and you can take a lot of positive things from them. So I'm definitely learning on each step of the way.

PS: You've scored once this season (for Peterborough) so far. But obviously you've been brought here, and the Yeovil fans will know that you're capable of scoring goals. But you'll expect to score more goals between here and the end of the season.

JO: Yes, of course. As a striker you're definitely expected to score goals. I do believe I have that in my armour, so I'm definitely looking to kick on and score some goals.

PS: The manager Terry Skiverton has been very nice about you in what he said. He said you hadn't been given the opportunities that he thought that you might do at the other clubs and that he's been tracking you all season as well. So that must give you a lot of confidence.

JO: Yes, definitely. The two spells that I've had here have given me great confidence. Him and Jonesy know that this season I haven't had a consistent run, and hopefully by me playing well and playing my game, I can get that consistent run.

PS: Just finally Jon, was there ever a tinge of regret when you scored that equaliser here (at Huish Park) for Millwall?

JO: Of course, it was a big game for me because I loved my time here. So to come back here so quickly, was fantastic, and I enjoyed the game. But I'm back here now.

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