Interview : Shaun MacDonald : 26/03/2011
Shaun MacDonald Speaks To The BBC After The 5-1 Win Over Leyton Orient
Shaun MacDonald
Shaun MacDonald
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Yeovil Town's on loan midfielder Shaun MacDonald spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Pete Simson after he had scored a hat-trick in a 5-1 win over Leyton Orient on March 26th 2011.

PS: Well played Shaun and congratulations. You must be delighted with how you affected the game today.

SM: Yes, that's what I've come back for. I came to play games here and the gaffer, Darren Way and Nathan Jones were on the phone, and so I took the opportunity to come here and play more games.

PS: How many hat-tricks have you scored in your career?

SM: That's my first one, so I just grabbed the ball straight away and I got all of the lads to sign it, so it will be a good memory.

PS: If you don't mind me talking through some of your goals, the first two especially were brilliant footballing goals. With the first one, you just saw the space open up in front of you?

SM: Yes, I just remember the ball coming to me and I just thought why not hit it, and I did, and luckily enough for me it went in off the post.

PS: The second one was a fine finish, but you owe a lot to some fine build-up play from Oli Johnson.

SM: Yes, obviously although I've scored a hat-trick, that's down to all the lads and not just me. We haven't won the game through me, we've won it through all the lads. It was a good second goal through link-up play with Oli Johnson, like you've said.

PS: There were some talking points in terms of decisions in this game. What were your views on the sending off which obviously allowed you a lot of space to play in the first half, and of course the penalty which you slotted away. What did you think of those two decisions?

SM: I think we've seen a lot of those decisions where people have got red cards. These days you can't go into some tackles with your studs showing and things like that. All in all, I think the referee has had a great game today. I know we've won the game 5-1 and it's easy for me to say that, but he's had a home game where all of the fans were on his back and he had some difficult decisions to make. But I thought he did very well overall.

PS: It sets you up very nicely. You'll be fully aware of your position in the league and the games that you've got with the teams around you. There's a lot of home games coming up. How important is it that you get to that 50 points mark as quickly as possible?

SM: I think that's our aim. We've been aiming to get to safety as quickly as possible. We know how much of a big week it is for us with a Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday. But we're not holding back. We've gone on a decent run and we just need to go for it this week and get past the 50 point mark as quickly as possible.

PS: The Yeovil fans will love seeing you back here Shaun. You're like a cricketer in a sense, who plays for one club in the summer and another one in the winter! You keep coming back to Yeovil, so are you happy to be back at the club again - I know it's hard for you, because I know Swansea is your home town club, but in essence Yeovil are your second club now aren't they?

SM: Yes, I know I'm from Swansea, but if I'm not playing football then I'm getting to the age where I need to be. I think I've proved to people today that playing football and doing what I did on the pitch today is what I'd rather be doing rather than sitting in the stand every weekend back home.

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