Interview : Dean Bowditch : 19/03/2011
Dean Bowditch Speaks To The BBC After The 3-2 Win Over Exeter
Dean Bowditch
Dean Bowditch
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Yeovil Town striker Dean Bowditch spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles in an interview for BBC Somerset after he had scored two goals in a 3-2 win over Exeter City on March 19th 2011.

CS: Dean, a fantastic second half. Two goals from you and a 3-2 victory. You must be thrilled.

DB: I'm absolutely buzzing. I think at half time there was a bit of moaning, where we kind of threw away a great comeback. We'd done well and Sammy (Williams) had scored a great goal. It's unfortunate what's happened to him, but we'd got back into the game and we'd done really really well. Then they go and get just a sloppy goal. It was sloppy defending. (Jamie) Cureton has not even made an intelligent run but it's got through to him somehow. So we were really disappointed at half time. But to come together like that and win the way that we did - and we had other chances as well. (Jonathan) Obika had a great chance as well. So we're just buzzing now - buzzing because we got the three points and buzzing because we know we can kick on from here.

CS: I think there's been a lot of talk of you not scoring enough goals. You're scoring ones in games and perhaps not twos and threes. But you answered your critics today.

DB: Yes, I think so. I want to show more goals. I should have had a hat-trick today also as I should have scored one in the first half. I'm always getting chances every week, but I'm not taking my chances. Today we did, so we've proved today that we can take our chances. I've proved today that I can get a couple of goals in a game. Maybe I can do it in every game between now and the rest of the season!

CS: A brave header for the first - you must have seen the keeper coming towards you.

DB: I was just saying to the boys afterwards, when Welshy clipped it in and I started running - I always thought this is on my head, and all I had to do was to hit the target. I kind of saw the keeper, but I thought he was never going to get there, so I thought that as long as I hit the target, then it was going in. Luckily, I just guided it in.

CS: With the second one, strikers love them - a tap-in from two yards.

DB: The number of times this season when the ball has gone behind me or in front of me and it hasn't quite got there. It was one of those really close ones and it just fell nicely for me. I knew the defender wasn't going to get back to me. I didn't need to smash it. I just tapped it in. So that was absolutely brilliant and all strikers will tell you those are the best goals to score.

CS: You've got 10 goals for the season which matches what you got last season. So you can only go on now and beat your tally from last season.

DB: Yes, I think we've got 10 games left, and I've set myself a little target at the start of the season and I think it is still reachable. If I can play like that today and get a little bit of luck as well, hopefully I can get my ratio up to where I want it to be and keep on for my targets.

CS: I think when you look at the table tonight, you realise how crucial that win has been. Teams around you in Walsall, Dagenham and Redbridge, Tranmere and Bristol Rovers have all won today.

DB: They all won as well? Shock! That just sums it up really, doesn't it? That just sums up how important our result is. If we had lost or even have drawn, they'd have really caught us up or overtaken us, so that makes today even more pleasing.

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