Interview : Craig Alcock : 17/03/2011
Craig Alcock Speaks To The BBC As Part Of The Build-Up To Exeter
Craig Alcock
Craig Alcock
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Yeovil Town's right-back Craig Alcock spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles on March 17th 2011, in an interview for BBC Somerset as part of the build up to the Exeter away game.

CS: Terry Skiverton and Nathan Jones have signed new contracts. That's good news for stability and for all the players.

CA: Yes, it helps everyone in knowing that there are people in place at the club trying to build things for the long term. It's good for stability and it's good for the players to be relaxed in knowing that the gaffer is here.

CS: You're obviously a long term servant of the club as Terry and Nathan both are. So you can see how much the club means to them.

CA: Yes, that shows day-in, day-out in the work that they do with us and in the message that they try to send across, because at the end of the day they do have the club's best interests at heart.

CS: For you personally, having been out for a good few weeks if not months, you then came back and then you got a septic toe, but you've been on as a sub recently. Are you all feeling okay now?

CA: Fingers crossed, I'm all right now. It's been a long season in terms of injuries and I think it's been about three and a half months, but it's nice to be back now and actually be enjoying training again, which is good.

CS: And after the long term problem that was related to your back, how frustrating was it to get this toe injury that ruled you out for another week or so?

CA: Yes, it was just one thing after another but because I'd never been injured before this season, hopefully that is everything bad all come at once and that after this season it will all be okay.

CS: Luke Ayling is suspended for two games and that opens up the right-back slot. I would imagine that is the spot in the team that you are eyeing for this weekend's game against Exeter.

CA: Yes, not just for this weekend but hopefully for the rest of the season as well. It's an unfortunate way to get in, but at the same time it was through my injury that he (Luke Ayling) got in. That's just football at the end of the day, and it's part of it.

CS: You've had a couple of substitute appearances recently, so has that been a nice way to ease your way back?

CA: Yes, I think it's been good just to do a little bit here and there. But it's nice to just get some football in and it's nice to be back on the pitch.

CS: It's Exeter away at the weekend and Exeter have beaten you twice already this season, so a feeling that it's about time you got a good result against them.

CA: Yes, on the basis of that I think we do owe them one. I think that last year we put in a decent enough performance and came away with a draw (at St James Park) and hopefully this time we can go one better.

CS: Have you been impressed with how well they've done since they won promotion? They seem to play the ball around in the right way. Like Yeovil they have a lot of young players but they've been getting a lot of good results this season.

CA: Yes, I think it's like anything in that some results have gone their way. They've obviously got some good experienced players there and a good mix with players like Jamie Cureton and a few others they've got like Ryan Harley. Things just seem to be going very well for them.

CS: You mentioned Jamie Cureton and he's been the man in form in the last couple of weeks. I'm sure that as you were growing up you can remember seeing Jamie Cureton scoring goals.

CA: Yes, I think at the end of the day, something with quality like that never leaves you, no matter how old you are. We've got Alex Russell who is a prime example for that as well, so it's a lesson for everyone.

CS: Are the players aware that you need to get a win as soon as possible? Obviously with the draw against Walsall, you would have hoped to have won that one, and the teams below you are just starting to close in a little bit.

CA: Yes, I think it's important for us at the end of the day. It's not time for us to press the panic button yet but at the same time we do need to start getting results and we're more than capable of doing it. It's just a case of putting in the performance and getting what we deserve out of the game.

CS: Saturday has a bit of a derby feel about it and there should be plenty of fans there from both clubs, I imagine.

CA: Yes, it's definitely one to look forward to and one that really we should relish. It's an opportunity. It's time for us to build a little bit of momentum going into the last 10 games of the season and hopefully we can get a positive result and kick on.

CS: Is there a feeling that in the team as a whole that you need to be more clinical, as there were so many missed chances on Saturday? In recent games you've played well but you just haven't got the results that your performances have merited.

CA: Yes, but at the end of the day we're a team. If we miss chances, then we win together or we lose together. So if we're not putting them in at one end then we've got to do our best to stop them at the other end. You can't have it both ways, but hopefully it will all come together and we'll click.

CS: The side clearly need to start scoring more goals and you've clocked up with a few crucial ones in your career. Are you hoping to get on the end of some set pieces?

CA: Yes, it would be definitely a nice start! It would be a good way to repay the gaffer and our physio who have helped me so much. So I'll definitely be looking forward to that.

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