Interview : Paul Terry : 08/01/2005
Paul Terry after the 3-0 win over Rotherham United in the FA Cup
Paul Terry
Paul Terry
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Right-back and midfielder Paul Terry spoke to the press after Yeovil had beaten Rotherham United 3-0 on January 8th 2005.

Qu: Well done and a comfortable victory in the end.

PT: It was in the end. It was a difficult first half and we weren't too pleased with our performance. We upped it in the second half and got the penalty and I just think we went on from there. They had to come at us a little bit which allowed us to get in behind them and we exploited it.

Qu: Tell me about the run and how you managed to get free in the box.

PT: I can't remember who played it forward. Someone played it into Jevo (Phil Jevons) and I just made a run off him and he's put me in perfectly. I had one touch at my feet and I was just about to score myself when the defender took my legs away. But it doesn't matter who scores as long as we win the game.

Qu: So had the game been 2-0 with a few minutes to go, might you have been given the opportunity to take the penalty?

PT: No, definitely not. You know what Phil Jevons is like. He wants every goal he can get and he's deserved it so far. He's the penalty taker no matter what happens. As long as he's on the pitch he'll be taking them.

Qu: You are versatile, even though you'd only ever played centre-midfield before you came to Yeovil Town but you look a natural at right-back.

PT: I don't know about a natural but it's just nice to be playing in the team. Obviously I'd like to be playing in central midfield every week but with the job Darren and Lee are doing in there it's going to be difficult to displace them. So for me to be in the starting eleven is just great for me. Hopefully I can do a job at right-back or wherever the gaffer wants me to play.

Qu: Does it matter that Rotherham are bottom of their division?

PT: No not at all. They are a Championship side and they are there for a reason. As everyone knows, the FA Cup can produce anything. We went out there, especially in the second half, trying to be a bit more positive, took the game to them and got the rewards I think.

Qu: You will get some headlines but you won't get masses of them, partly because a lot of people thought you had a good chance today.

PT: I don't know. I said before the game that Rotherham were probably the favourites and I still think they were. They are the Championship side. But it doesn't matter. We're in the hat for the Fourth Round and that's what we came here to achieve and that's what we got.

Qu: I don't need to ask you who you'd like in the next round because it's fairly obvious that you'd love Chelsea and a chance to play against your brother John.

PT: I'd possibly also like West Ham away as they are the team I support. You never know what sort of a side Chelsea would put out. You'd love a big tie but we'll just have to wait and see what happens. The league is the main thing for us this season and these are just bonuses. We've got to keep focussed on the league as that's our main aim. So it doesn't really matter who we get. A big side would be nice but we'll just wait and see.

Qu: I know you speak to him (John Terry) before and after each game. Did he play today because they conceded the first goal in that game.

PT: No he never played today. He got rested, so it isn't his fault today! He told me yesterday he wasn't going to be playing. But it doesn't matter - they won 3-1 - so they are in the hat and we are in the hat and let's see what happens.

Qu: It's been an amazing turn-around for you because it was only a month or two ago that you thought you might have got a bad injury in training.

PT: Yes, that's right. I thought it was a bad injury in training. I went over on my ankle. Luckily enough I didn't damage any major ligaments or tendons. I just strained them all and I was only out for about two and a half weeks. Luckily enough I got straight back into the team and I feel I was very fortunate in that. I just seem to have gone on from there.

Qu: It seems to have given you a new lease of life. You've scored quite a few goals and today you got the penalty.

PT: Yes, it's just one of those things. You get these spurts in your career and during the season. I just seem to be on one of those runs at the moment. It's nice to score the goals but as long as we keep on winning it doesn't matter who scores them.

Qu: A lot of people see a right-back as a defensive position but you obviously don't see it that way!

PT: No not really. To be fair the gaffer doesn't put any reins on me. He knows that I try and get forward if I can. Obviously there are times when I've got to stay in and help out the rest of the back four. But if it's on I like to get down the right hand side and try and create things.

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