Interview : Ivan Sproule : 22/11/2010
Ivan Sproule Speaks To The BBC After Signing On Loan For Yeovil
Ivan Sproule
Ivan Sproule
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Yeovil Town loan winger Ivan Sproule spoke to BBC Bristol reporter Richard Hoskin about his arrival from Bristol City on November 22nd 2010.

RH: Ivan, welcome to Yeovil Town. You must be looking forward to some regular first team football.

IS: That's the reason why I'm here. They're a team that like to get the ball down and play, and the one thing I have been lacking in recent weeks is first team action. My wife is pregnant and due around the end of December, so it was going to have to be a move that was close to Bristol, and Yeovil suited me. So hopefully it can work well for both parties.

RH: When did you first realise that Yeovil were interested in signing you on loan?

IS: There was a phone call made, and the gaffer at Bristol just said it might suit you, because obviously it's somewhere where you can go and train during the day and then be back at home. That's the factor at the moment until January. So I'm very pleased to be here. Hopefully I can give the club something that can rise them up the table.

RH: You last started a Bristol City game against Ipswich, which was at the end of August. Has it been a frustrating couple of months?

IS: It's been very frustrating. I started the season pretty brightly at Bristol. I think I got Man of the Match in two home games, but of course that was under Steve Coppell. I was looking forward to a good season at Bristol, but obviously that's football for you. It doesn't always work out the way that you planned. It's just another chapter in my career. I'm only soley concentrating now on playing football for Yeovil, and making sure that I give 100 percent for them.

RH: What do you hope to achieve in the next month then?

IS: I think it's going to be the four games that I'm here for. So I want to give 100 percent in those four games, and do well for myself and do well for this club. I'll get a bit of match sharpness, and hopefully my career can be sorted out, whether or not it's in January, then come next summer.

RH: Terry Skiverton, without giving your name away on Saturday sounded very excited about your arrival. You've come here as perhaps one of the star players, because you've played well in the Scottish League, you've played in the Championship. What will League One be like?

IS: Not disrespecting it, but I don't know much of it. But from seeing the lads in training this (Monday) morning they look sharp. The difference in all the leagues is pretty low. You can see it whenever they play each other in the cups. Obviously Yeovil are at the wrong end of the table at the moment, but I don't shy away from a challenge and that's why I've come here. I think they've got a good bunch of players and I think the position is a bit false. So hopefully during the time of my loan spell, they can move up the table a little bit.

RH: Have you made a good impression on the training ground this morning?

IS: It was sharp this morning and it was lively. Obviously Gavin Williams was there, so he was a friendly face and it kind of broke the ice. But the lads were more than welcoming, and I really enjoyed my first morning of training. Obviously I know there's something at the end of it, which is a game tomorrow night (at Bournemouth).

RH: I know you're only thinking about the next month, but you wouldn't rule out a future with Bristol City?

IS: As I've said, I don't think my future is going to be at Bristol City, by the summer. But as I've said, I've had a fantastic time at Bristol City and they are a fantastic club with fantastic supporters, but everything has to come to an end and it looks as though my career there is coming to an end. But I'm still a signed player there and if called upon, I would give 100 percent for them again. But at the moment, I have to concentrate on playing for Yeovil.

RH: I remember your goal at Leicester last season and your goal against Southampton. You can do the spectacular. Are you hoping to do that in the next month?

IS: As I've said, I've played with good sides at Bristol City and I've had some terrific moments. Ideally I'd like to score a few goals, but most importantly it will be about Yeovil and getting those wins for them. Hopefully if we can get those wins, then maybe one or two good moments can come from me as well.

RH: You're looking forward to Bournemouth, where hopefully you can make your debut there?

IS: Yes, they're flying at the moment. Bournemouth are going really well. They've surprised a lot of people this season, because there are a lot of good sides in League One. So we know we've got our work cut out there tomorrow (Tuesday) night, but I'm looking forward to getting involved and as I've said, getting out there and playing football, and to hopefully put in a good performance and a good debut for Yeovil.

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