Interview : Lee Johnson : 28/12/2004
Lee Johnson after he had scored in the 5-3 win at Cambridge United
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson
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Qu: Lee, another dull game!

LJ: It was a great game and a really good one for the neutral and obviously our supporters. We went 2-0 down even though we probably could have been 4-0 up at half time but it shows great character from the lads. We did it in the Conference when we went 2-0 down at Halifax and it was quite similar to that one. We've dug deep and we've just kept penetrating and kept going and we've ended up scoring five goals in 45 minutes.

Qu: You played well in the first half - it was just the shooting that was off-target.

LJ: I think that it was just that our final ball and our final shot was not quite on. But their keeper has made a couple of great saves. But that's the way it goes sometimes. If you keep on carving them out, you're going to put it away eventually with the strikers that we've got.

Qu: When you were 2-0 down who were the players that were trying to keep the team going?

LJ: I think everyone was. Not once did we believe that we were out of the game even at 2-0 down because we were cutting through them very easily. So we knew that with the quality that we've got that we were always going to score goals.

Qu: It was key to strike back so quickly but then having got one, you were level within sixty seconds.

LJ: Definitely and it was a great goal by Darren (Way) because he was brave to get in there and score the goal. Then I scored the third which was very good because I'm on eight now! We've just got to keep the run going.

Qu: You won the first penalty - what happened?

LJ: He just took me out. You can see by my arm there that I've got a big lump on my arm and I'm going to have to have that X-rayed tomorrow. I just got in front of him, touched the ball and he's cut right through me. It was definitely a penalty.

Qu: So was that his boot on your arm?

LJ: Yes that was his studs! I know I am small but that was still very high!

Qu: So you've got to get that checked out?

LJ: Yes I have. It's a bit sore at the moment but I'll have it x-rayed tomorrow just to clear anything up. Hopefully it will be alright.

Qu: On another day how many do you think that you might have scored?

LJ: On another day I think we could have scored eight or nine. I don't want to put a dampner on Cambridge but in the lat couple of games we've really been carving teams open. It's important that we now take that to Swansea and just make ourselves more solid at the back. I think we can go on a good run. We've got five wins on the spin now and I think our record since I've been here is six wins on the spin so we've got to make sure we equal that at Swansea.

Qu: I understand the manager gave a bit of a rollicking at half time and threatened to change things quickly if things didn't alter?

LJ: Yes he did. I think he was just a bit frustrated. As a player I felt we were always going to score. I felt we did alright in the first half but he just wanted that extra 10 percent and he probably got it from us in the second half.

Qu: At 5-3 it was a hugely entertaining game but it's the three points that matters in the end isn't it?

LJ: Yes definitely. We've just got to keep plugging away. Southend lost so that puts a little gap between the automatic places and the playoff places. We've got to keep our run going and make sure that everyone stays fit and healthy and to make sure we keep playing the football we are producing.

Qu: Swansea are in great form. Will you have to be tighter at the back?

LJ: I think we will because obviously Swansea have got a lot of dangerous players. But I think that when we are on the ball we are the best team in the league, so we've got to make sure that we have more possession than them and make sure that we carve out more chances than they do.

Qu: It's obviously going to be billed as a big game even though there are 20-odd games left to go.

LJ: Yes, it is a big game - of course it is a big game because it's a top of the table clash. But at the end of the day, win lose or draw, we will put the effort in and keep going throughout the remainder of the 22 games.

Qu: So what was that goal celebration all about?

LJ: Lets just say that a certain player does a naked dance before his lovemaking. I'll leave it to you to guess which player!

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