Interview : Chris Weale : 02/10/2004
Chris Weale after the 1-1 home draw with Northampton
Chris Weale
Chris Weale
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Chris Weale talked to the press on 2nd October 2004, after Yeovil were held to a 1-1 draw by Northampton Town.

Qu: You remain top of the league but were you disappointed with the result?

CW: I am personally disappointed because we went 1-0 up and all we needed was another goal and it would have been a comfortable victory. But obviously it wasnt and they got one back and it was 1-1 at the final whistle. We are still top so at the end of the day it wasnt too bad a result.

Qu: It seemed to be a different game in the second half. Northampton seemed to push harder, what do you think changed?

CW: I dont know really but we didnt create as many chances as we did in the first half. We played our game in the first half but they are a good side who were going to create chances.

Qu: You made a couple of great saves early in the second half, talk me through them.

CW: The first one was an overhead kick and I was pleased with that as I anticipated it well. You have got to expect the unexpected as you dont expect them to connect with an overhead kick and I stood my ground and saved it. The other save I made, I just threw myself at the ball as I thought he was going to score.

Qu: How pleasing is it for you being the undisputed number one keeper?

CW: I dont know that I am at the moment. I have just got to keep playing in every game and hopefully I will get picked for the next game. I have got to keep working hard in training and hopefully I will stay in goal. Steve Collis is a great keeper and he showed that last season when he came in and did really well. We push each other every day in training and it is great to have someone like Steve who is a great keeper as your number two as you are only as good as your number two.

Qu: Does it make it difficult when players, especially defenders, are swapping positions every game?

CW: Yes and no because obviously we work with everyone in training, so everyone knows everyones strengths and weaknesses and who every plays isnt difficult to play with because we are doing it every day in training.

[Transcript by George Murray]

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