Interview : Craig Alcock : 03/04/2010
Craig Alcock Speaks To The BBC After The 0-0 Draw Against Southend United
Craig Alcock
Craig Alcock
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Yeovil Town's right-back Craig Alcock talked to BBC Bristol reporter Rob Scanlon after his side had gained a 0-0 draw at Southend United on April 3rd 2010.

RS: Craig, well played today. That could prove to be a very important point at the end of the season.

CA: Yes, definitely, I think it is important that we don't lose to teams like that and have them gaining ground on us. So yes, in that respect it is a good point for us.

RS: You've taken four points off Southend this season, but they're a tough nut to crack but you looked to be strong at times at the back.

CA: Definitely and I think that's the pleasing thing from today, to keep a clean sheet and that's really all we can do.

RS: Alex McCarthy had a quiet game.

CA: Yes, he did but he did what was asked of him when he was asked to. And to be fair, the boys in front of him like Smithy, Forbesy, Caulks and myself all did well and I think we put in a good shift today.

RS: How much work did you do on the long throws?

CA: A fair bit, to be fair, yesterday in training. We had our goalkeeping coach (Ben Roberts) trying to launch them in. So there were a lot of sore heads!

RS: You can here with a few players injured and only six subs, but it shows that you can grind out a result, which is vital if you're trying to stay in League One.

CA: Yes definitely, I think that shows the depth of the squad but also the character, and how much everyone is willing to pull together for each other and dig each other out of any holes.

RS: If I had offered you a point at the start of the game, would you have taken it?

CA: Yes I think we probably would have, with hindsight, but then again you always want to be greedy and get all three.

RS: Do you look at results as soon as you get back in the dressing room and check out how other teams are doing?

CA: Yes, I think you just do it at this time of the season where it's squeaky bum time.

RS: It puts you in a nice position ahead of Monday which is a game that everyone must be looking forward to.

CA: Yes, it's a big game, but again it's important that we don't lose. We can't afford to let teams below us gain ground, because it's going to be the same situation as last year where it becomes a battle in the last few games of the season.

RS: I would imagine that mentally, it was quite fatiguing last season when you were going into every game thinking that it was a must-win, and it went right down to the wire.

CA: Yes definitely but at the end of the day that's our own fault from earlier on in the season when we should have killed teams off but maybe didn't. But you learn from your mistakes and hopefully this year will be different.

RS: You've played against Leeds a couple of times and as Terry Skiverton said in his press conference, the aggregate is about 8-0, so you'll be looking to get one over on them.

CA: Yes, it would be nice to score against them, to be fair! Although every time we've played them we've done well against them until obviously the point when they've scored and the floodgates have opened a bit. But it's a big game and a good opportunity for us.

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