Interview : Shaun MacDonald : 03/04/2010
Shaun MacDonald Speaks To The BBC After The 0-0 Draw Against Southend United
Shaun MacDonald
Shaun MacDonald
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Yeovil Town's on loan central midfielder Shaun MacDonald talked to BBC Bristol reporter Rob Scanlon after his side had gained a 0-0 draw at Southend United on April 3rd 2010.

RS: Shaun, well played today. That puts you five points off the 50 mark, so very nearly safe and approaching the finishing line now.

SM: Yes, obviously we had to come here and not get a defeat. We battled and we battled. It keeps them away from us, as they could have caught us up with three points, but we maintained it (at seven points).

RS: It was a narrow pitch with lots of bodies in midfield and not playing with much width really. So it was very congested.

SM: We were always going to come here and find it a battle and find it difficult to break them down. But they've had a lot of throw-ins and a lot of set pieces and we've dealt with it brilliantly. So we've got to take that as a positive out of the game.

RS: They were quite physical in midfield, weren't they? McCormack is known for a tasty challenge or two and they had one or two others like that, so you had to stand up to them.

SM: Yes, like I said we knew it was going to be a battle today, and I think that defensively especially, we have done brilliantly.

RS: It gives you such a boost ahead of Monday in that you got a point out of the three-game radius which Terry Skiverton goes on about and obviously you've got Leeds on Monday who are on the back of a terrible run.

SM: Yes exactly, we've just got to hopefully win that game. We'll be going in trying to win. It's a home game for us and we've been playing pretty well apart from the Bristol Rovers game. So we've got to put that game to the back of our head and go out there and try and get a few points.

RS: It will be a bit strange having had two weeks off to then go into the game with two games within 48 hours.

SM: Yes, exactly and it's less than 48 hours I think. We're doing everything to recover and we'll be going into that game trying to at least pick up a point, and that means dealing with our bodies properly in the changing room afterwards.

RS: It actually looked quite warm out there when the sun came out.

SM: Yes, it was a pretty warm day. But like I've said, we've got to recover properly and try and get points to get us back up the table again.

RS: Part of your recovery is watching the Wales derby (Cardiff vs Swansea on Sky), is that right?

SM: Yes, of course! That will get me going now so I'm up for the game on Monday!

RS: Leeds - have you played against them before?

SM: Yes, I played against them away and they were brilliant when we played them away, especially in the second half. But in the first half we gave them a really good game. So we've got to take the positives out of all of the good results that we've got and have a go at Leeds on Monday.

RS: It would be nice to spoil their party as it was all being set up on TV as being their promotion party. But it doesn't look like it's going that way at the moment.

SM: No exactly, and I think they lost 3-0 today. But Leeds are Leeds and they are a massive club and they've got to pick up points as well, so it's going to be an equally tough game as anything else we've played this year.

RS: Finally in terms of your future, any news on that or any dialogue with Swansea?

SM: No, to be honest with you I've heard nothing. I'm just trying to play football to be honest, and try and help Yeovil get up that table and help them stay clear of that relegation zone and that's what I'll continue to do.

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