Interview : Terrell Forbes : 24/10/2009
Terrell Forbes Speaks To The BBC After The 2-1 Win Over Bristol Rovers
Terrell Forbes
Terrell Forbes
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Yeovil Town defender Terrell Forbes spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Pete Simson after he'd scored his first ever career goal in a 2-1 win over Bristol Rovers on October 24th 2009.

PS: Terrell, where to start is easy, I guess! Your first ever career goal and how long have you been in football?

TF: Funnily enough it's taken me 368 appearances to score, and it's popped off my knee and to be honest I didn't want to wash my knee in the shower! That's how good it felt!

PS: Which knee was it, left or right?

TF: My left knee. It felt so good and I am so happy. I want to dedicate it to my little boy, who is nine months old. My Nanny T has been waiting 368 games for this and I'm just grateful.

PS: Nanny T is your mother?

TF: My grandmother.

PS: So a special moment for her as she'll be able to watch it on the TV tonight.

TF: Yes, she'll be over the moon.

PS: You mentioned your child as well. It's been an interesting last 12 months for you.You weren't sure about where you were going to be in the summer and you've had to work really hard. I guess this must cap off what has been a pretty tough time for you.

TF: Yes, it's good. I give all my respect to the gaffer for taking me and giving me a chance again, and to Nathan Jones as well. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be scoring a goal in today's derby. It's been one of those days where God's looking after me and looking down on me.

PS: You went to celebrate with Terry Skiverton of course, who you played with for so many years. It must have been really nice that you could go and celebrate the goal with him.

TF: Yes, it was quality. I didn't know what to do. I dropped my shoulder, went to the left, I ran round the goal, went to the first set of fans, went to the second set of fans and then I thought I've got to go to the gaffer because if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be playing.

PS: You described each other (Forbes and Skiverton) as the Danny Glover and Mel Gibson of League One.

TF: Yes, it was good and I'm grateful and I'm happy.

PS: In the wider scheme of things, it's continued an excellent run where you're unbeaten in six and you're climbing up the table. Things are looking on the up aren't they?

TF: Yes we're looking really good. We can go to Leeds with no pressure right now. We've been keeping a lot of clean sheets and you've got to give credit to the young Tottenham boy, Steve Caulker, because he's been a monster. I'm nine years older than him and yet he's my insurance. He's round me, and I'm trying to get round him. We've got young (Ryan) Mason here and he's quality along with Jon Obika, plus Shaun MacDonald, JP Kalala. And of course there's Andy Welsh for putting that ball in. It was like a dream ball for me.

PS: That's now Terry Skiverton's first away game of the season. Do you think you can go away now and build on that with more confidence?

TF: Yes, we can go home and chill out tonight. When we win, everyone buys the papers, so I'll be buying the News of the World tomorrow. When we lose, no-one buys a paper.

PS: Well played today and as you say you can go to Leeds with nothing to lose and you're looking forward to that now.

TF: Yes, I'm looking forward to it. We've got a good base there. We've got Nathan Jones training us hard and everyone is listening and taking everything in. The gaffer is on the side and steps in and tells us what to do. We're a good base and we're a good unit. We are a solid squad.

PS: This will go down in the annals of history for you. If you want I can clip out the commentary and email it to you.

TF: That would be nice. Thanks a lot!

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