Interview : Danny Schofield : 22/08/2009
Danny Schofield Talks to the BBC about the 3-3 draw against Leyton Orient
Danny Schofield
Danny Schofield
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Yeovil Town midfielder Danny Schofield spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Pete Simson after his side drew 3-3 at home to Leyton Orient on August 22nd 2009.

PS: Well played today Danny. With the greatest respect you didnt set the world alight on Tuesday but you seemed to be everywhere today so a weeks a long time in football isnt it?

DS: Yes, definitely. Against Exeter we didnt perform as a team, I didnt perform individually. So its always nice to get your next game when you have a game like that. Were obviously disappointed with the result. We maybe should have won the game. We conceded a few scrappy goals but as a whole I thought we performed well today.

PS: As a midfielder and one who likes to attack it must be good playing in games which are open where you get space to put crosses in and play killer passes?

DS: Yes, I think it suited my type of game today like you said. There was a lot of space to exploit and get into dangerous areas. I think going away from home weve got to be a bit more solid because were not going to get that time and space, its going to be more of a tactical game but today was a good game for me.

PS: Jon Obika and Gavin Tomlin made some great runs for you, getting in and about the channels. It must make life much easier for you being able to look up and be able to play those sorts of balls?

DS: Yes, they worked their socks off. Every time I got on the ball they were always an option which, as a midfielder, and as an attacking one, is really good for you. It makes your mind up early.

PS: And your goal with your wrong foot, are you pleased with that? It was nicely done, neatly curled into the corner, got your goalscoring chart off and running.

DS: Yes, I like to think Im both footed but it was a decent finish. I scored one similar against Tiverton in pre-season so its nice to get a goal early on in the season.

PS: You started scoring goals at the start of last season but then, of course, you had injuries and finished with that lower figure but this season are you looking to score more?

DS: Yes, definitely. As an attacking midfielder I always aim for ten but I only got four last season, which was a bit disappointing, so hopefully I can reach double figures and contribute to the team getting more points.

PS: Andros Townsend who was here last year- I think you were one of the players he skipped past for that goal. It was quite an effort wasnt it?

DS: Yes, it was a great goal. We knew all about Andros. I think initially hes got in front of me. I think maybe I should have fouled him and taken the yellow card or whatever but he was in his own half. He went to Craig and Craig maybe should have fouled him and then obviously went past Forbes but hes a good player and it was a great goal.

PS: Im sure the first fixture you would have noticed is coming up on Saturday. Its going to be a big game for you.

DS: Yeah itll be good to go back. Ive only ever played for Huddersfield and Yeovil in my professional career. The fans there were good to me and there are some great people there so it will be good to say hello to some familiar faces and I look forward to it.

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