Interview : Steven Caulker : 08/08/2009
Steven Caulker Talks To The BBC After The 2-0 Win Over Tranmere
Steven Caulker
Steven Caulker
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On loan defender Steven Caulker spoke to BBC radio reporter Rob Scanlon after his side won 2-0 against Tranmere Rovers on August 8th 2009.

RS: Steven, well played today. You basically ensured that Alex McCarthy had very little to do today.

SC: Thanks for that. Yes, it was good to get going today and start, and I enjoyed it as well.

RS: You had a few things to deal with and with Ian Thomas-Moore up front, you had a player of impressive pedigree.

SC: Yes, they have quite a bit of pace up front and they keep playing it down the channels. It was a tiring game but it was good to get through it. It's the first one under the belt.

RS: So what is Stefan Stam like to play with?

SC: Excellent - he keeps moving forward as well as Terrell Forbes. There was plenty of talking which helps you through the game.

RS: You've got quite a few experienced campaigners alongside you - both left and right.

SC: Yes, without a doubt. To be honest, they've helped with every performance that I've had so far, with the talking and basically seeing me through each game.

RS: Nathan Jones is a bit of a fitness fanatic, so he is a good person to learn from.

SC: Yes, without a doubt. He gets us running through training. He got us pretty fit and it showed today.

RS: I hear Terry Skiverton didn't even watch the penalty because he was so nervous. Were you similar?

SC: I was a bit, to be fair, because we've had a bit of a rocky road when it comes to penalties. But it was a brilliant finish, so that's good.

RS: All of the debutants performed particularly well throughout the heart of the team, so that must be pleasing?

SC: Yes, everyone put in a great team performance today and it was a great goal from Dean. But it was a shame about his shoulder, but I thought everyone did really well including Ryan Mason and Sam Williams.

RS: Have you settled in so far and is it different from London?

SC: It's a lot different from London, but it's great. Everyone is friendly around here, and so it's really easy to settle in.

RS: Did you pass the initiation test?

SC: Yes, without a doubt!

RS: So it's an initial one month loan deal, with the potential to turn it into more. But all the signs are that you're happy?

SC: Yes, I'm really happy and I think it's going to be extended anyway. We've got talks over today and tomorrow. But I pretty much hope to be able to stay for as long as possible.

RS: All the instructions were given to you by Harry Redknapp. Obviously he rates you highly.

SC: Yes, he just told me to get out there and get some experience and to keep doing what I'm doing.

RS: And the supporters have really taken to you.

SC: Yeah, that's pleasing - very pleasing.

RS: Next up Norwich, who conceded seven today!

SC: I don't know if that's good news or bad news because they are going to come at us with a lot of force. But it will be a good game and I'm looking forward to it.

RS: You've got a rest for the next couple of days I suppose, because although it was your first game, it was a hot day and it was pretty energetic.

SC: Yes, everyone is a bit tired, so we'll have some ice baths and have a bit of a recovery tomorrow, so we can all be right for Tuesday.

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