Interview : Chris Weale : 22/11/2003
Chris Weale after the 0-0 draw at Hull City
Chris Weale
Chris Weale
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Goalkeeper Chris Weale talked to the press immediately after the 1-1 draw at Hull City on November 22nd 2003.

Qu: You had plenty to do in the second half at Hull.

CW: Thats what its all about and thats what Im paid to do. I made two good saves so Im quite pleased about that, but it was a whole team effort today and a great result. We would have liked to have won at Hull and gone top, but wed have to see it as a good solid performance.

Qu: You counted two saves  I think there were a few more than that!

CW: Yes, but Id say there were a few routine saves and two good saves and thats what Im there to do.

Qu: Which were the two you were most satisfied with?

CW: The ball that got put into the back post and he headed it and I just got a tip over the bar. The other was from a corner that went to the edge of the box and I just got a hand up on it. Bodies were in the way and I couldnt really see so I was pleased with that save.

Qu: There was a bit more pressure on your goal in the second half.

CW: Yes, we expected that obviously because we were playing away at Hull and they were top of the league so youd expect that. But we did well and were solid.

Qu: The mentality clearly from the start was to try and get the win.

CW: Yes, thats what we came here to do. We came to play our football and weve shown that we can play our football here and you could say that it was a good performance that we got a 0-0.

Qu: Everyone is talking about you saves so would you concede that they had the better chances?

CW: Yes, maybe they had the better chances although Id say that it was about 50:50 possession in the game.

Qu: Youve come here and got a point and went to teams like Doncaster and Mansfield and got three points  youre proving to be hard to beat.

CW: Definitely, thats been our whole aim all season. Hopefully we can get into that top three and get promoted to the Second Division. Were proving every Saturday and Tuesday that we play games that we can more than compete with the teams in this league along with the cup competitions weve been playing against Division Two sides. Weve been playing well against them as well. So its looking good for the future.

Qu: When you walked out at this huge stadium I would imagine its not what the lads were used to.

CW: Its almost like a Premiership football ground, so its nice to be able to play at this kind of a stadium. Its great for us and imagine if we could get that kind of an atmosphere at Huish Park every week  it would be phenomenal!

Qu: Did it feel any different stood between the sticks?

CW: Obviously it felt a bit different. The high balls that come at you dont really go out into the air  they stay in view of the stadium, so you have to be careful of that as a goalkeeper. But other than that you just stay focused on your play.

Qu: Youre building up some good momentum and its been a good adaption to the Football League so far.

CW: Yes, without a doubt. Defensively weve kept nine clean sheets and obviously were looking to further that.

Qu: It must be great to have all these guys hurling their bodies in front of you to stop the ball.

CW: Without a doubt. Maybe thats why I havent had as much to do this season because defensively weve been phenomenal and theyve been chucking themselves in front of balls and getting deflections and pushing the ball away from goal. So I havent had as many shots to deal with. But obviously when you havent had that much to do it requires a different kind of focus.

Qu: How has it improved since say Macclesfield when you were letting in a few soft goals?

CW: Weve changed our formation since Macclesfield and weve looked a lot more solid. Its working for us.

Qu: Have you set yourself any personal targets?

CW: Peter Schmichel kept 25 clean sheets in 42 games when he first won the Premiership. If you can reach that, youre not doing bad! Jon Sheffield is back helping with the coaching and he said if you can keep 20 clean sheets youll get in the playoffs at least. Twenty would be good, and Ive kept nine in 19 games so Id hope to maintain that. Jon is in there on Mondays and Thursdays at the club now. When he was at Plymouth he kept one in three clean sheets across 250 games for them and thats a phenomenal record. If I got anywhere near that kind of a record that would be good.

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