Interview : Colin Miles : 29/10/2003
Colin Pluck after the 4-1 win at Cambridge
Colin Pluck
Colin Pluck
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Martin Badger Baker talked to defender Colin Pluck October 29th 2003  four days after the 4-1 win over Cambridge.

MB: Last Saturday at Cambridge was probably our most one-sided game since weve come into the Football League wasnt it?

CP: It was by the scoreline. Obviously it was satisfying to finally score four goals. Weve been threatening to do that for some time as we did do last season. Fortunately, it happened at last on Saturday.

MB: Was that a bit of a relief because a lot of the recent games have been 1-0s and 2-1s. Weve still been winning but theyve been quite tight.

CP: Yes, it was nice for us to be able to set up a convincing win. But we dont care how we win as long as we do win. Obviously we want to keep clean sheets and play pretty football as we know we can. But at the end of the day were in the business of getting results. We started off well at the start of the season by getting two wins but since then weve had a test of character which weve been coming through. Weve shown a lot of people how good a squad weve got.

MB: You must be pleased with the start youve made as a lot of teams struggle to find their way into a new standard of league. We seem to have done that quite quickly.

CP: We have. Weve got good players and weve got a whole squad of good players. No matter who we put out there, they are good enough to play in this division and this level. I think that is being shown at the moment.

MB: We havent been entirely lucky with injuries at the back though have we?

CP: Yes just recently we lost Roy when he had a knock to his knee at Oxford. But I think youre going to get that over the course of a season. Weve had little injuries, but youre going to get injuries and suspensions. I think thats why it is so important to have a quality squad so that it doesnt affect you.

MB: Does it take time to settle in when youve got new players around you?

CP: Weve made one or two new signings this year but every signing weve made has come in and done well. Its just a matter of getting used to that person. We train every day and we know how each other plays. Its just that on the day sometimes you need that little bit of luck. We know were going to be working hard as everyone has 100 percent commitment. Its just our quality on the day and that little bit of luck that you need.

MB: Just lately youve been playing as a left-back. Does that make much of a difference in the sort of job that you have to do out on the field?

CP: No, not really. Its just a different position and a different challenge. I just want to be out there and giving my all. I dont care where I play as long as I am out there doing my bit for the team and that were winning. Thats all that matters.

MB: Weve had 16 games now so weve seen most of the big sides in the league with Hull being the obvious exception. Have any of those sides caught your eye?

CP: I think going into the season wed always circled Swansea, Huddersfield and Hull as being teams that were going to be up there. But I see it as being more of a case of being about how we play and what we do. We know weve got good players and as long as we play as well as we can, I always thought we could do well this year and go straight up. Weve certainly got the talent and the quality within the squad to go straight up again.

MB: We played Bournemouth in the LDV and now weve got Colchester coming up along with Wrexham. That must be good if youre trying to set new standards on top of the ones youve already set.

CP: Thats it. Thats why were in the game. We want to play in these big games and prove ourselves against good opposition and I think weve done that so far. Every time weve been set that kind of challenge weve come good, and hopefully we can do that again. Weve got some good games coming up and we need to keep performing and working hard in training and hopefully the results will come for us.

MB: And hows it feel to be back on Sky again the following Saturday?

CP: Its good. We want to put out a good performance. Weve had a fair bit of publicity about the way we play. Its a good game and its important for us to win it  thats the main thing. We want to make sure were in the draw for the next round. We fancy ourselves as a bit of a giantkilling club. But it will be a good game and well be shown nationwide and it will be a good chance for us to show everyone what we are all about.

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