Interview : Ronnie Bull : 30/09/2003
Ronnie Bull after the 2-0 victory over Boston United
Ronnie Bull
Ronnie Bull
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Radio Bristols Phil Tottle talked to left-back Ronnie Bull after Yeovils 2-0 win over Boston United on September 30th 2003

PT: The gaffer was saying that hed said to the lads before the game that this was a must win game. You certainly all responded very well.

RB: I think we had to bounce back from Saturday because we werent the same team that wed been in the last few weeks when we had kept four clean sheets. We played really well and we were solid. On Saturday we werent and I could see the gaffers disappointment when we were in on Sunday as we had to train hard to get the result tonight. That was definitely a must-win game as if we had lost tonight, it would have probably left us six-to-nine points out of it. All the big boys won again, so were playing a chasing game.

PT: From your own point of view, you got in the cross for the second goal. I believe hes been encouraging you to do that.

RB: Yes, hes been encouraging that. He has said that he wants to get his full-backs more forward, but I was surprised when Locky got on the end of it. Hes the other full-back and when I looked up and played it, I couldnt believe it because the right-back was forward and the left-back! It was a great finish, but it was good because I got an assist, so I was happy.

PT: Are you enjoying your time at Yeovil?

RB: Oh yes definitely. When it first came about I didnt know anything about the club but I just said thanks to the manager for coming to get me. I owe it to him to play as well as I can as well as for myself.

PT: Cheltenham at the moment is your last game, but youd obviously like to stay.

RB: Definitely. But I dont know whats happening at Millwall yet and no-one has said anything here. But I just want to get on with my football instead of worrying am I goingback to Millwall or am I staying. Im so happy to be here and playing. I just want to push on with the boys because they seem like a good side.

PT: The side have acquitted well to life in Division Three.

RB: Yes, when I first heard about it, the gaffer said come here and have a look. When I got here I couldnt believe the set-up and I just said this is it. You can see the boys do want to push on. They dont want to say now were in the Football League lets just stay in the Football League and just fight to just stay in Division Three. They dont want that; they want to move on to the next level.

PT: Its important to have got three points tonight, not only because of needing to bounce back from Saturday but youve now got two very important away games at Cheltenham and Oxford.

RB: I remember going to Cheltenham with Millwall Reserves last year and that was a hard game. It was only late on that we won it; I think in the last minute. Theyve got a good set-up as well and they are a good side. Oxford beat Millwall in the cup this season and I was there. I didnt play but I was watching but Oxford did play really well at Millwalls ground and deserved to beat Millwall.

PT: Cheltenham are going to be really smarting. Theyve lost their last two games and were beaten 5-2 tonight.

RB: I didnt know that. But they will want to bounce back like we have tonight. Because if they have been beaten 5-2 I know their manager is not going to be very happy. If we had lost tonight we would have had two hard away games to try and get six points out of, or maybe a draw, especially at Oxford. But I know we cant take Cheltenham lightly because they will definitely want to bounce back after a 5-2.

PT: Was there much of a difference when you came down. Was the set-up very different to Millwall?

RB: The boys here are very fit in training. I noticed that a lot because I hadnt played a lot of football. I noticed that the boys are a lot fitter. The standard is a bit different. They take more time in Division One to build up play, but here the boys are on the ball all the time and I think thats good. I came here more relaxed, but the gaffer was there telling me get forward, get forward and telling me to get tight to people, but I prefer that style as it keeps me on my toes. Lately Ive been using all of the games to try and get up to full fitness and thats why the gaffer has taken me off in a couple of games because Ive been cramping up and feeling very tired. Hopefully now Ive turned that corner and Ive got my run of games. But the standard is excellent here.

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