Interview : Steve Thompson : 04/12/2007
Steve Thompson talks to BBC Somerset about the 2-1 win over Bournemouth
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson
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Yeovil Town assistant manager Steve Thompson talked to BBC Somerset's Drew Savage after he watched his side win 2-1 against AFC Bournemouth on December 4th 2007.

DS: A high octane game, with plenty of excitement and plenty of incident. We'll start with the opening Yeovil Town goal. Has that gone down as an own goal by Alex Pearce now?

ST: I think it was an own goal, yes. It was a great delivery and a great cross from Zoltan for the corner. We had a player (Terry Skiverton) right behind the defender, but he headed it first and it flew in. It was nice to get a good start. It was a good start and that was very important, especially when you see the end result and how they came back in the second half.

DS: There was some fantastic fluent passing, particularly from Marcus Stewart on his comeback.

ST: Yes, for the first 25 minutes we were really pleased with the way it went. We were 1-0 up and we were playing well. Bournemouth came into the game a little bit during the final 15 minutes of the first half but we managed at that time to score a second as well which is something that we haven't always done. But we knew it wasn't over. We'd had quite a strong wind behind us. We were 2-0 up but we knew we'd have to battle. But we were hoping that the second half would be a little bit better than it actually was.

DS: How difficult was the wind in that second half? It looked like the ball was being blown back at some points.

ST: Yes, it was quite strong in the first half, but it even seemed to pick up during the second half. But sometimes you've got to deal with that. If I was to be a bit negative about the second half, then it was that our clearances were not good enough and didn't travel far enough and we didn't pick out people with our longer balls. It's difficult against the wind but certainly we didn't help ourselves with some of our clearances.

DS: The sending off and the penalty potentially became a turning moment. How did you see it?

ST: Well, I think everyone says it was a definite handball. But sometimes you just react, and Nathan has probably reacted to the ball flying at him and he's off and that's it. There was always the chance that they might miss the penalty but unfortunately they didn't and from there on in it was really tough.

DS: There was an interesting tactical battle as well. Towards the end you brought on Lloyd Owusu to go with two up front. Was that just to make the ball stick?

ST: Well yes it was coming back so much, and Stewie has had a lot of time out as well. So we thought we'd get Lloyd's fresher legs on and hope that him and James could hold the ball up well for us. But it was tough and it was tough for everyone. The boys battled on and they dug in well. We'd liked to have played a better second half, but we've won the game at the end of the day and it was a very tough one. Anyone can beat anyone in this league as has been shown in terms of how close the table is. It's an important three points and we're pleased with the win obviously.

DS: It must be a very happy dressing room that you've come from.

ST: I think the boys are so tired and relieved that it will take them a while to get happy, but I'm sure they will be happy when they think about it. I think they were relieved and they were just slightly disappointed with their second half performance. It wasn't easy with 10 men but needed to do a little better in the second half. But we've got a win.

DS: Paul Warne got the man of the match from the sponsors and immediately after that he seemed to be everywhere for the final five minutes.

ST: Yes, he made some eye-catching tackles, that's for sure, where he has slid in and come away with the ball. That is always a good thing when people are trying to win the ball back like that.

DS: Who else stood out for you?

ST: I thought in the first half Stewie came back and did very well. I thought James Walker held the ball up very well and that is very important. I said to him today that consistency is the hallmark of a really good player and if you take his last four games, he has been very consistent and he has scored three goals and played well in all of those four games. If he can maintain that consistency then obviously that will be great for us.

DS: Lloyd Owusu when he came on did everything you needed him to.

ST: Yes, he came on and battled away up front. They all want to play and they all want to start, but sometimes you have to make decisions. At the end of the game we've won 2-1 so the decision has been right to go with Stewie and James tonight. But no-one can take away Lloyd Owusu's contribution this season - he's by far and away our top goalscorer and people need to remember that as well.

DS: You've got home to Hartlepool on Saturday and a chance to pick up those back to back wins that you've been looking for, for a long time.

ST: Yes that is important and we've not quite managed to do that this season, have we? Hartlepool have had a great result tonight. They beat Tranmere 3-1. So they will come here in good heart. But it is a home game for us and we've got to look to win and rise up from 10th, which is where we are at the moment.

DS: I think word is going to get about now that there is no shortage of entertainment here at Huish Park.

ST: There's been a few goals in the last few games. The Gillingham gam was 2-1 and this game was a 2-1 and there could have been more goals in both of those games. We knew that we needed to get more goals and we're starting to get a couple now in games. We could have had a couple at Millwall as well. We are looking more likely to score at the moment, particularly in the last four or five games and that is something that is important.

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