Interview : Michael McIndoe : 02/10/2002
Michael McIndoe after the 4-2 win at Leigh put the Glovers top
Michael McIndoe
Michael McIndoe
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Martin Badger Baker talked to midfielder Michael McIndoe four days after the 4-2 victory over Leigh RMI.

MB: What are your feelings on the 4-2 win up at Leigh on Saturday?

MM: It wasnt a great performance  I didnt think we played anywhere near our best and never got out of second gear. But it was good to go up there and still score four goals away from home  thats good in any game and its a good sign when you know youre not at your best but you are still winning games. We played really well last week at home and scored four goals. On Saturday we played badly in places but still scored four goals! And of course its good to see that we went top of the table.

MB: Another good factor was that we coped with going from the high of being back home at Huish Park, being live on Sky TV and having a big crowd to a game that had the atmosphere of a training match yet we still go through it.

MM: Yes, and you dont want to be playing up at Leigh in January or February. The pitch wasnt great but it can get a lot worse as weve seen the last two times weve been up there. Its good that were carving out those results  were going well away from home and in our home games this season and thats why were top of the league at the moment. We didnt play well, but we still looked dangerous and we still looked like scoring goals. We did concede two goals though, which is bad for us because in some games if you concede two goals you dont win the game. So if we can tighten up on a few individual errors, well be looking very good.

MB: You got another goal up there  what do you remember of that one?

MM: Yes, it wasnt a great goal on my behalf, although I got a good ball in from Carl Alford, I think, that left me one-on-one with one of their lads, and all I was trying to do was to create half a yard of space to get a shot in. I was aiming to go across the keeper, but in leaning back I felt myself falling over and it landed in the top corner. But we needed to make ourselves a little more dangerous than wed looked in the first half  to try and get more balls into the box and to make a few more runs and I felt we did that.

MB: Youve also scored a couple of direct free kicks this season  I gather youve been putting in a bit of practice in that area?

MM: Yes, myself, Darren and Lee work on them sometimes  usually a couple of times a week when we get a chance to do something different. At the moment weve stuck to what weve been doing because they seem to be going quiet well. Every time we get a set play around the box we feel as if we are going to score. Weve scored 26 goals and probably 20 of them have come from set plays.

MB: Were now on top of the league but that creates its own challenges because we know from two years ago that everyone wants to shoot the team at the top of the league down.

MM: Yes, the difference is that in the last couple of years weve not been as strong as we feel now. Theres now almost an arrogance and a confidence about the lads that wasnt there before. The lads almost want the pressure and want to succeed and do well. Theres no thoughts in our heads suggesting that we shouldnt be top as we feel that theres only a couple of games where weve probably not played too well. If a team wants to knock us off the top, they need to be playing as well as us, scoring as many goals as us and have the togetherness and team spirit that weve got. And if another team can match us on that then they will deserve to be top. We dont want to shout our mouths off and say to teams come and take us off the top  we just want to keep our heads down and get on with it and try and create ourselves a gap.

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