Interview : Alefe Santos : 23/02/2019
Alefe Santos Speaks To The BBC After The 1-0 Win Against Cambridge United
Alefe Santos
Alefe Santos
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Yeovil Town midfielder Alefe Santos spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles in an interview for BBC Somerset, after his side had beaten Cambridge United 1-0 on Saturday 23rd February 2019.

CS: What is that winning feeling like after so long?

AS: Oh it was great. Obviously we've had some tough runs out there in the last few games. We should have won a couple of them but we haven't. This week we've been working on body language, and if you have body language then you take that confidence onto the pitch, and I think that's what we've done. You can tell at the end everyone was buzzing, because we've been wanting to get three points for the last month and we haven't. When you get that after working so hard as well, it's a great feeling.

CS: How tough was that battle out there today?

AS: Yes, we knew what they were going to be like. They've very up front, and they want to hit it direct. They hit him, and then he flicks it on to whoever. But we dealt with that, and this is what we've got to compete with every week in this league, but I think we're adapting to it.

CS: Obviously you're a young chap yourself, but Daniel Ojo has just joined us in the press conference room. Just a word for your colleague, making his Football League today.

AS: Yes, I'm always with him all the time, even when we're not training. I always say your chance is going to come, and you've just got to be patient. Obviously when you're a young player and you train with the first team, you obviously want to be playing. But the gaffer gave him his opportunity and I thought he did very well today.

CS: And your out ball today all afternoon was Alex Dobre. What's it like to have him in your side?

AS: Yes, he's a good player, and obviously he's direct, every time you give the ball to him. He just wants to run forward and run forward and that's what we need. He gets us up the pitch, and obviously that's where we're going to create goals.

CS: The other news this week was that the club was being taken over. Very positive news from the prospective new owners. Has that filtered through to the players and given everyone a lift this week?

AS: Yes, when something like that happens, everyone is buzzing. But what we've got to do is to keep winning games, and we've got twelve games left and we're capable of doing that. So we'll stay positive and take those three points into next week. All the teams around us are struggling as well, so this is the sort of time that we need to pick up points.

CS: There was a nice moment at the end as well, as there's obviously been ends of games where you've lost and the fans haven't been happy. There seemed a real togetherness between the players and the fans on the final whistle.

AS: Yes, every time we've played and we've been doing well we've conceded late goals. I don't know what it is but sometimes it's the mindset. Today everyone just started praising enough other and saying look we've got five minutes to go, so everyone stick by it. Obviously we did that today.

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