Interview : Bevis Mugabi : 16/02/2019
Bevis Mugabi Speaks To The BBC After The 3-0 Defeat Against Forest Green Rovers
Bevis Mugabi
Bevis Mugabi
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Yeovil Town defender Bevis Mugabi spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after his side lost 3-0 at Forest Green Rovers

CS: Bevis, a disappointing afternoon. I guess the lads now just want to get on to the next game.

BM: Definitely, of course. We're on a bad run of form. And of course, we just want to get back to the training ground and keep working hard, and hopefully the results will come, in the coming weeks.

CS: Is that the key now, just getting back to basics?

BM: Of course. We just need to get back to basics, and do what we do best, and just grinding out a result from somewhere. That's what it's all about - just getting three points on the board from anywhere.

CS: How can you as a group try to keep the spirits high? How can you enter training this week and try to keep each other going? It would be easy to be down, but you've got to lift yourselves.

BM: Of course. We just have to try to take the positives out of the game, and go back to the training ground, and keep working day-in, day-out and just stay together as one, and keep fighting as a team.

CS: Two massive home games now. Home to Cambridge and home to Morecambe. If you're going to turn it around, it's got to be at home, hasn't it?

BM: Definitely, especially with the next two games. They're 100 percent winnable. We just have to keep on working, and as I've said if we stay together then the results will come.

CS: It is young players like you that are having to step forward. Gary Warren is obviously out. As a young player, does it get to you at times like this?

BM: I've played quite a few games, so I think I'm experienced enough to deal with this type of situation. So for me personally, it's about trying to keep the boys together, and keep us all fighting together as one, and just hope that we can get the results.

CS: It's a difficult situation when you come out, and the fans have got a banner calling for your manager to go. How as players do you cope with that as well?

BM: Of course we can hear it and we've see it. We believe in the manager, and the manager definitely believes in us, and it's just us fighting together as one. I've said a couple of times, I know it's difficult at times, especially for the younger players that are new to it, but we just have to keep our heads together and stay calm, first and foremost, and keep together and stay positive.

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