Interview : Alex Fisher : 09/02/2019
Alex Fisher Speaks To The BBC After The 1-3 Defeat Against Grimsby Town
Alex Fisher
Alex Fisher
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Yeovil Town striker Alex Fisher spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Alex Winter after the 1-3 home defeat against Grimsby Town on Saturday 9th February 2019.

AW: A difficult afternoon. How are the lads in the dressing room feeling after that one?

AF: It's a tough one to take. It's two or three defeats in a row now, where we don't necessarily feel that we deserve it. But that's the way the results have gone. Football is relentless at this time of the year, so we've just got to pick ourselves up, and keep looking forward to the next game.

AW: You obviously left yourself with plenty to do from going two goals down, but there were moments during the second half where it just wouldn't fall for you, would it?

AF: That's right, yes. I had a chance in the first half as well, that the keeper didn't know anything about, and that could have changed the game. It was nice to get a goal at the end, but when it's a consolation, it doesn't really mean too much in the grand scheme of things. So as I say, we're in a situation now where we've really got to start picking up some points. It's been that case for a while, but it's even more so now.

AW: The visiting goalkeeper had a very good afternoon today.

AF: Yes, that's right. It was a frustrating afternoon, and we want to give our supporters something to cheer about. We weren't able to do it this afternoon.

AW: Darren said there were a few harsh words in the dressing room. Is that a natural response to such disappointment?

AF: Yes, there's got to be. If you don't show emotion, and you don't have emotion, then there's no point in playing. I know there was a lot of emotion at half time, and a lot of emotion after the game. Ultimately we've come away with nothing today, and there's no hiding from that. I'd like to say again, on behalf of the players and the staff, that we are really trying our hardest to rectify this whole situation. I know we owe the fans results, and we're trying our hardest as always to keep delivering. As I've said, football is relentless, but so are we, and so we will come back stronger.

AW: Just how frustrating for you is it playing up front? You won your headers today, and things weren't quite falling into place. You knew part of it was there but the whole picture wasn't quite coming together.

AF: Yes personally, as I say, it's nice to score a goal, but again it's a consolation and you want it to mean something. I've had my last four all disallowed, so it was actually nice to have one where the flag stayed down. But it was one of those where when you kind of wanted the rub of the green you didn't quite get it. But you can't keep using excuses - at the end of the day, we have to look at ourselves. Everyone has their own responsibilities and ultimately it is up to us to put this right, and of that I have complete faith.

AW: And you've got a really tough trip on Tuesday.

AF: Exactly. No looking behind us, always looking forwards. If any of the fans are making their way up to Oldham on Tuesday night, we'll be putting out the strongest performance that we can, and hopefully we'll soon start rewarding their loyalty to us and to the club, and put things right and ultimately get points on the board.

AW: And are the players up for the fight? Are you looking around the dressing room saying these lads are in this?

AF: Of course they are. If anyone is listening to this, and they want to know, then we are. Like wow! It would be insulting to think that anyone thinks otherwise. I personally will be giving my all, as will every single one in that changing room. And we are very aware of the situation that we're in, and that only makes us hungrier. It's not going to be the most successful season if you're finishing towards the bottom, but we certainly will be staying in this league - I can assure you of that - 100 percent.

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