Interview : Bevis Mugabi : 20/10/2018
Bevis Mugabi Speaks To The BBC After The 0-0 Draw Against Tranmere Rovers
Bevis Mugabi
Bevis Mugabi
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Yeovil Town defender Bevis Mugabi spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after his side had drawn 0-0 against Tranmere Rovers on Saturday 20th October 2018.

CS: Bevis, a goalless draw, but I guess as a defender, it's good work done with a clean sheet.

BM: Definitely - we've been working a lot in training with defensive duties and I'm just happy to get the clean sheet. It's pleasing for us and the rest of the team.

CS: We've been speaking a lot about Gary Warren being back. He had a huge influence earlier in the season. Playing alongside him, just what does he bring to the team?

BM: Just his wealth of experience, with the amount of games that he's played and his confidence on the pitch. He's a guy that gives information to the players around him. It's a huge help to all of us. So having him back in the team and fit is good. It's all positives.

CS: You got the Man of the Match performance, voted for by the Sponsors. You must be pleased with that.

BM: Yes, I'm pleased obviously. It's nice when you get recognised when you do well. But at the end of the day it's about getting the three points, which we didn't do today. But I'm happy with the team performance, as obviously the boys dug deep today to get the clean sheet. Hopefully we'll get three points on Tuesday.

CS: Is there a feeling that you're building things gradually and that you're moving in the right direction?

BM: Definitely, we are moving in the right direction with the things that the gaffer is trying to implement within the team, and the tactics that he's bringing in to us. It's all a process and we'll be on the right track to achieving our goals and targets.

CS: I think the physio has been one of the busiest people here at Huish Park. How good is it to finally see some of your teammates out there?

BM: Definitely, it's good to see some of the boys that have been injured for a while. We've still got a few more to come back. It's only going to make the squad even stronger, and other teams are going to fear us even more when those players do come back, so it's all positives to take once again.

CS: You were playing so well earlier on in the season, with Notts County away and Newport away. How close are you to getting back to that sort of form, do you think?

BM: We were very close obviously today. To keep a clean sheet, it was just a bit unfortunate that we couldn't finish the game. But there wasn't that many clean-cut chances in the game. But we're very close to getting back to those highs. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a big score for us in winning again soon.

CS: Let's hope so on that one. For you personally, I think you've played a lot of your Yeovil career as a right-back. You came here as a centre-back from Southampton. How pleased are you to be getting a run of games in the centre of defence?

BM: I am. Obviously it's good to be versatile, but it's kind of good to nail down one position. I'm happy just to be playing at the end of the day. I can just give my all to the team, to the gaffer and all the staff.

CS: Do you think that in the long term that centre-back will be that position?

BM: I think so. I'm more suited to centre-half, rather than right-back. I can play right-back fairly well and I have done in the past. So I'll just have to wait and see what happens in the future.

CS: Just finally, all of your teammates were flying off last week to far-flung destinations, and I think even your media man was out in Argentina. You've played quite recently for Uganda - are you still hoping to get another call-up soon?

BM: Yes, hopefully if I perform well, then I don't see why I can't get another call-up. So I just have to keep performing well, and hopefully it will come in the near future.

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